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Sibling doula for ATL birth

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Hey, y'all, 


I am due in Dec and plan to birth in ATL. I will driving up 2 hrs to try for a vbac.gif. (YAY!)  


My DH and and soon-to-be 4yr old DS will be with me at the birth.  DH and I are interested in finding a sibling doula for DS. It would be great to find someone who would be flexible enough to also support me during the birth during those times that DH might need to focus on DS's needs.


Any recommendations?


Thanks in advance!

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Bumping for input. Anyone in the area have a recommendation to make?

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I am still looking for a sibling doula to support my DS! 


Basically, we are interested in finding an experienced babysitter who is comfortable being in the room during labor and delivery.   


Any and all suggestions are welcome!

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Have you checked with any of the doula training places? it sounds like something an apprentice doula would be willing to do. Also, the homebirth midwives have large contact lists generally, and I bet they could put it out there and find someone for you. Are you seeing Dr. Tate by any chance? 

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 Some places to post on Facebook would be the Atlanta Birth Center page, and Georiga Friends of Midwives.  

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