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Too late for Waldorf?

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Hi, I posted this on the Waldorf board as well, but thought I would try the homeschool board for advice too.


I have two kids - they just turned 10 and 12, and we have homeschooled from the beginning. I've recently been reading a LOT about Waldorf methods, and would love to incorporate some of it into our homeschooling, but are my kids way too old for this? Any advice would be welcome!





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I'm not super familiar with Waldorf, but I'd say go for it! If you are drawn to it, and it will fit with what you're currently doing, why not get an eclectic mix going on! If you're being drawn to Waldorf, then start incorporating and learning more. I just read a book called "Simplicity Parenting" that was written by a Waldorf educator. You might check it out. It had a lot of information on incorporating what is basically a Waldorf philosophy into your lifestyle and that might be something interesting to you too. 

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I vote YES! Are you familiar with some of the Waldorf curriculum web sites? (eg Christopherus?) That may give you a better feel for the main lessons and the expectations of the grades.


I think that transitioning from one thing to another can always present challenges, but as Momsteader said, if your inclination is to pursue - go for it! The benefits would be great! Many aspects of the anthroposophy may be a bit different from what you have used previously, but you may also just fall into the rhythms perfectly! I would venture to guess that you may be already utilizing or incorporating some Waldorf-inspired aspects if you are drawn to it in the first place. As I'm sure you already know, a great advantage to homeschooling is catering your education to your children. So, while your kids may not have started knitting in 1st grade - there isn't anyone around that would know any differently! winky.gif You can use what you feel fits your family best.

I also agree that Simplicity Parenting is a great book! :o) Good luck with whatever you decide!!

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I agree. I still homeschool my 13 year old n a relaxed Waldorf/unschool fashion. Every single day I'm reminded of how valuable our time together is to his future. And Waldorf is so much more than knitting and restricting media. The whole mindset I believe helps the kids through the minefield of teenage angst. My eldest is in high school now, but even we still supplement at home. If anything, the kids need your adapting to their needs as they grow into their true selves.
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