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Is there something wrong with me?

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I dilated to a 1 around 32 weeks and was put on bedrest with muscle relaxers.  As of 38 weeks I was a 3, and as of yesterday I was a 5.  So, I'm actively dilating... staying at a 80% or so effacement.  Ever since being off of bed rest I've had sex regularly (which is what put me on bedrest to begin with), and afterward I get contractions until about 5 or 6 o'clock at night.  These contractions would not return until I had sex again.  For the past four or five days, though, I've begun to get cramping at night accompanied by gobs of mucus plug.  Saturday morning it was streaked with red, Sunday it was streaked with brown.  Then, last night I was having nausea-type contractions and when doing my nightly bathroom breaks would wipe away red-tinged mucusy discharge.  It's still happening this morning.  Am I having stalled labor?  Is this normal labor for some women?  My baby is ROT, sometimes ROA.


I really would appreciate an educated answer from a midwife or someone who's been through this.  I'm in a state where at-home midwifery is illegal, so I have to go to a hospital.  This same hospital sent me home against policy (I'm 5cm), because I'm not in active labor.  Will I ever go into labor?  I know it sounds kind of silly, but for some reason I feel like there's something wrong with my body. Any educated answer would really help me.  I feel like I'll never go into labor, just dilate... and then have to be induced.

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The first part of labor is dilation, so if your body is doing its job without taking your breath away, that's a good thing! Some women dilate completely without feeling like they're in official "labor", so don't worry that your body is broken or stalled. Instead, consider yourself lucky as you're getting signs that the time is coming! You will notice a shift when your body changes to more of a moving down/pushing kind of effort. smile.gif
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I completely understand!  I've never gone before 40 weeks (first was induced, next two were castor oil babies (though it was s, then my 4th happened spontaneously a few days after my EDD), but I am always 5ish cm by the time I start labor, and with #3 I was 6cm!!  Always very effaced as well, baby engaged (for weeks before), tons of mucus plug and bloody show...all that fun stuff that would mean a "normal" woman would be in labor but I have to sit it out for a month or more that way!  It does make the wait harder, that's for sure.  

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You are not in labor. Your labor is not stalled. This is a normal pattern (although many women with this pattern are talked into an induction, believing something is wrong with them, so we don't usually know many women this has happened to.) With my first, I was 5cm before I got induced and not in labor at all. I had a similar pattern to yours - weeks of contractions with a little bit of progress at a time. If I could go back, I would never have gotten induced, because it led to a cesarean that was not necessary. Dilation before labor tells you NOTHING about when labor will start. I have a friend who was 7cm before labor began. I have had clients who were 0 cm when labor began. You are just doing the work a little at a time and that is completely fine and normal. Sex will cause contractions in many women - the prostaglandins in the semen and the oxytocin from your orgasm trigger contractions but very well may not start labor yet. Your baby isn't here yet because he isn't ready to come. It's okay. Really. Just be patient and know that things will happen when it's time.
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Thank you all for your replies! I had a DD last night without intervention. Praise God! I definitely was not in labor all those weeks... Transition contractions taught me that much!
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Congratulations on your precious baby girl!!
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Can I ask, how long was your active labour?
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Prodromal labor, I think is what it's called.
I also was 5 cm with dd before labor started, and let them induce me (at 36w 6d). My labor was still 12 hours,(she was my 2nd and I was halfway dialated) probably becuz she wasn't quite ready. I was stupid to get induced that early, but thankfully she was 7.2
I really cannot explain why that happened to me, or is currently happening to you. I guess it honestly boils down to the fact that everybodys different, and every labor is different.
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