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Online banking? Credit union? Alternatives to Huge-O Bank

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Just wondering what you all do for your banking services. We have had a checking and savings account at what I'll call Huge-O Bank for about 15 yrs., plus a business account there. The business account is staying put. I am debating moving the checking and savings. Of course, the savings rate is abysmal, but it is everywhere. That's OK - this is just temporary savings for things like trips and car repairs. Huge-O is charging us $14/mo. for the checking, though. They have a brick-and-mortar bank in town, but I never use the teller, so that's not a selling point. We also have an emergency fund savings account at CapitalOne 360 (used to be ING Direct) & I saw that they have checking as well as savings, no fee, plus things like teen and kids' accounts. Has anyone had good experiences with them? Any other suggestions, like credit unions? The one I have a CC with would not work for checking.

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We have our long term savings with capital one and I've been happy with them. I like their online interface.

For our day to day banking though, we have a credit union. I don't care about earning interest, but I care about accessibility and not paying fees. It has a surcharge free ATM near our house and shared branches where we can do transactions at other local credit unions. Is been only a minor challenge. I don't love to make ATM deposits, especially if they are significant dollar amounts. I they offered mobile deposits that would be super cool.

I think you need to think about how often you need to get money in and out.
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We've been with a credit union for over 10 years.  I really prefer the model and like that most credit unions belong to a group so you can use any of their ATMs for free.


We have a checking account through Cap One (formerly ING as you said) but use the credit union for bill pay.  The free bill pay was actually one of the first things I *loved* about the credit union.


My kids actually belong to a different credit union because they have a better interest rate on kids accounts.

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Well our bank is going to start charging for checking unless you make a minimum amount of transactions a month. We do. That irritates me though because I don't even earn interest. We are looking around and what we are considering is branch hours, (we like Saturdays open JUST IN CASE.) ATM's, how is the access and do they accept deposits so that I can avoid going into the lobby as much as possible. (we are talking small deposits here.) Do they offer free bill pay, and the debit card, does it have fees? Is it visa, or master card or just an ATM card. My husband uses his for online shopping. We also want to keep our joint checking separate from our personal checking just in case you ever bounce a check, you don't want anyone going in and bouncing more checks in another account. KWIM? (For the record I have not ever bounced a check so this might be a silly concern. I don't know what they do.)


Another thought is it takes DAYS to transfer money to an online account like capital one 360 so I don't think that will work for me. I like it for savings though.

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We switched to a local credit union and are happy with the switch from a huge-o bank. 

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