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Website that tells you how many days left until EDD

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I saw this website in another month's group:




It tells you how many days you have left until until you EDD, as well as how many weeks and days you are.


Today I am 26 weeks and 2 days, and have 96 days left!  (I'm guessing I'll go over though, as my midwife says most first time mom's do).


Still, to think I have less than 100 days to go...WOW! uhoh3.gif

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Not all first time moms go late! smile.gif I had mine at 38.2!
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I've been using that site for a while as a countdown. Made it easier to plan our summer traveling because I could look at the dates and know how many weeks along I would be without having to count forward using a calendar.

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My husband's cousin has the same EDD as me...she just posted that she only has 99 days left. I couldn't believe it when I read it.

During that time I am going to move from Germany to the States and do all that is involved with getting that done. I would ot be sad if I was 2+ weeks "late" this time.
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98 days here! Crazy to be under 100
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I often use http://www.amazingpregnancy.com/timeline/index.phtml to see all the weeks laid out, I often like looking ahead to certain dates to see where I'll be.  Doesn't give a countdown though which I don't mind since it's a big range anyway. orngbiggrin.gif

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I've got 98 days to go to our "due date" but our OB says we can't go past 38 weeks, so I'm really down to 84 days! 



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Only 93 days to go! But I'll no doubt be late since I was 12 days late with my daughter. It does seem like I've had 3 months to go forever now! Every time I mention it, it's still 3 months until I'm due!

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100 days to go, although it seems I've been 6 months pregnant for ages now lol
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The day I found out I had 251 days to go (that was the day after Christmas, and I was 4 weeks, 1 day) and today I only have 90.  161 days down and only 90 to go - eeeek!

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82 days to go!!!!! My first 2 children came about a week before their due date I wonder if this one will do the same?!?!?
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Neat! 92 days to go based on EDD. But DS was born at 38w2d and I'm measuring well ahead this time too, so I'm betting more like 80 days! Holy macro that seems QUICK. Pardon me while I panic a bit now! lol.gif
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My DS was born at 38.2, also! But I really want a Friday the 13th baby to go with my Halloween baby, so I need her to come three days late! =p
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101 to go here...but if she's two days late, she'll share my grandmother's birthday.
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How funny, if mine is born 5 days early she'll share my grandma's birthday. And, if she's born 4 days early she'll share my grandpa's birthday.
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Well, depending on whether I trust my LMP count or a second trimester ultrasounds, I either have 94 days or 105 days to go...   Can't believe it.

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105 days for me. Though I am actually more avidly counting days until my last day of work. I am NOT a fan of this job and won't be going back afterwards even if we eventually decide that I'll go back to some form of employment. 82 more days until my last day including weekends and vacation.

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79 days to go!  Oh my goodness.  And my last baby was 8 days early...

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65 days left!!! Oh my goodness!! Freaking out a bit cause my last 2 came about a week before their due date!!
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90 days to go! And one more week till the third trimester (if we go by the "28 weeks = 3rd trimester" rule). Holy crap!


Funnily, my husband was asked the other day by a co-worker how far along I am. He said about five months. I'm like "Honey, I'm definitely six months and almost into seven!" ROTFLMAO.gif

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