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First little seed!! Homebirth vs birthing center questions...

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So my hubby and I just found out we are expecting our first. Yea! We've been trying for 3 years so this is a pretty special for us.


We go today to get our first and only sonogram to see little seed. I'm kind of nervous just because I really want everything to be okay. I'm praying with all that's in me for him or her to be strong and healthy. We didn't use any prescribed meds to get pregnant just did it all natural and with lots of prayer. The doctor believes little seed is about 7 weeks possibly 8 wks.


Anywhoo, it's been my heart for a long time to have a natural home birth with a midwife and that is the path we are going down. I wanted to ask what everyone thoughts are on home births vs birthing center. My first choice is home, but I am totally okay with a center as well. We live in the DFW (Texas) area and there are plenty of amazing birthing centers around here so I have options.


So what are your thoughts if you have done either or both? And also is one more expensive than the other? If you did a home birth, how did you handle guests?


Thanks friends!


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Congratulations on your first! I am due in January as well smile.gif

I chose a home birth over a birth center with my first and have since had a second child at home. My reasons for home birth vs. birth center were that I would not have to travel in active labor and then again within a few hours of baby's birth, it was cheaper in our case, and my research showed that safety was comparable for both locations. I also didn't want to be in the same space as another laboring mother, just a personal preference I had. We did visit the birth center's info night after we were mostly decided on a home birth and that cemented it for DH. He was much happier with the idea of birthing at home once he toured the center and heard their spiel.

Some reasons you might choose a birth center over a home birth would be if DH is really uncomfortable with the idea of home birth, if your insurance covers the birth center but not a home birth, or if the birth center is closer to the hospital in case of transfer. I would interview both types of providers and visit several centers in the area before making a solid decision. I interviewed 6 midwives and am glad I was able to make a very informed decision.

As far as guests, we were in a one-bedroom apartment and lived within 10 minutes of our parents with #1 so it never came up. If we lived away from family, I would not have anyone stay with us unless they were offering to cook/clean/get up with baby in the middle of the night. My mom stayed over a few times with #2 in that capacity and it was great, but I refuse to entertain within 6 weeks of giving birth.
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Hey Krista,
I had my third at home after two hospital births. Loved it. My midwife told me that a center birth was just like a homebirths…except it was her home. And I had to drive there. And back. Driving in labor sucks!

I'm from DFW too, if you want to talk about midwives. I chose a practice with a CNM and a non CNM midwife. Actually preferred the non CNM. Having my second with them in February. : )

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Thank you for the info ladies!

We did the sono and everything is great! Actually, more than great, we are more than 6 to 7 weeks- we are 17 weeks! CRAZY! So not only am I out of my "danger zone" I'm in my 2nd month of my 2nd Tri! Baby is looking good and healthy; Im measuring exactly where I should and am also healthy. All is well! Woot!


@alexisfaye I have decided to go the birth center route and we have our first interview with a midwife this Friday at Gentle Beginnings in Keller, TX. Her name is Michele Massey. Gina Phillips was also recommended to me by a good friend who is my chiropractor and acupuncturist. Do those names ring a bell at all to you?

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Lucky you, "skipping" the first trimester like that :). I'm doing neither (risked out) but I just wanted to stop in and wish you continued good health on your journey!


There's LOTS of threads with ideas on what to do about visitors BTW. I've posted answers there, and didn't want to be a broken record. Try searching for "postpartum visitors" and "visitors in hospital." I'm still deciding what to do about that too! 

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Krista im in mckinney so i dont know her… but word of mouth is the best way to go!
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