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Placenta Encapsulation

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hi ladies - anyone done placenta encapsulation before, anyone planning to? Would love your thoughts/feedback on how it worked for you.  Also, if you did it, how you found someone to do it? Here where I live it seems like every doula and their mother offers it, but how to know if it's done safely and sanitarily? Wouldn't even know what questions to ask! 

My Dr. gives it two thumbs up, personally the idea makes me a little uncomfortable, but I'm willing to try to work past that if it seems the best way to go.



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I live in  Oklahoma City. There is one doula that does it here and ive heard good things. She comes to your house sets up her stuff and dehydrates it there then returns to put it into capsules.

This is baby #3 and my first time planning encapsulation. I went a tad boggy for a bit last time and would like to avoid that.

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My midwife was going to help me do it myself since I have a high quality dehydrator but I was more concerned about reports of people having more issues while taking the placenta capsules than not.
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Originally Posted by talldarkeyes View Post

but I was more concerned about reports of people having more issues while taking the placenta capsules than not.


My midwife asked what I was doing and I told her probably bury or toss the placenta and said I wasn't one to eat or do anything like that with the placenta. She told me she knows people that it has driven a bit crazy when they ate placenta or took capsules, so they had to stop. She said she doesn't recommend it.

She thinks it throws off the hormone balance. 


Though, she is supportive if you are seriously hemorrhaging or something. I don't know if I could do it, LOL. I can't even eat fat on my meat. Bleh. 

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I think it depends on your constitution and how depleted you are after a pregnancy. You can always cut way back or stop taking if its too much well for you, but I know there is the financial consideration. I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
I haven't heard negative feedback from people *that I know* who have eaten theirs I have heard a ton of positives from women I know.

I would feel it out, if it seems like too much, you probably don't need it. If you tend to be depleted I would consider it.
I am having it done for this baby because I get really depleted after birth and wished I had done it for my last baby... I had it in my freezer but for to long to process. I'm really looking forward to having it available this time.
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I am doing it this time as well. Didn't do it with any of the others and had pretty bad PPD last time and am hoping this will help avoid.

There's a free standing birth center near the hospital I'm delivering at, there are also a few highly regarded midwives in the Charleston area and they all recommend and stand behind each other. I feel like I made a good choice with the lady I picked smile.gif and if its too much I'll will stop taking them.
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Here is a good site with a variety of sources. In my own research, I've seen a trend of about 10% of people reporting negative effects, and the rest positive, but that's just anecdotal. Looks like studies report a similar figure though.

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What I don't get is the argument that it's good to do because animals do it. I mean, we have different physiology from many animals, and also they eat it all at once, not it small doses.
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I have also thought about doing this but would probably have to do it myself, or like they say you will know who your true friends are by who will encapsulate your placenta.... I do like the idea of having it if you need it just in case. Im going to look into this and talk to my midwife.

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i am planning on doing this if the babe turns out to be the same blood type as i am. i am o- so i have that to consider although my midwife said the placenta is my blood type, but  i don't want to take any chances if the babe is +. i didn't do it last time...and i really felt recovery was difficult and long--i truly felt overwhelmed for a long time. i'd like to try it and see if it helps. we'd have it dehydrated and capsulated as well. my mw's husband does it--and i know several mamas who highly recommend it to help recovery. we'll decide at birth when we test blood type--but i hope to do it!

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Oooooo good point! I am O- too and my dh is A+ so we will be doing the blood typing after birth to see if I really need the rhogam. I like this discussion! I am starting to consider it more.
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Hmm, I've never heard that it made a difference with blood type?  This is news to me.  Of course I'm O+ and DH is O- so it wouldn't make a difference for me but still ... also, we have 2 that are O- and 3 that are O+ out of this ( and I think Kamryn was O- as well)

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well my midwife says it doesn't make a difference--but i don't want to take a chance...so that will be the deciding factor for me.

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I have encapsulated many placentas (50 or so?) and some moms say it made no noticeable difference, some said it helped and some had some pretty intense negative reactions. Of the moms that had negative effects, they had some kind of trauma associated with their birth and it created an intense anxiety/panic. As I got more and more reports of this, I realized the common thread. They reported feeling back to themselves within a couple days of stopping taking the pills. 


If I were ingesting a placenta for replenishing iron stores, I would choose a placenta smoothie a couple times a day over the first day or two. That and hemorrhage is what I'd ingest placenta for. 


For those interested, there's also the option of a tincture...super easy! 

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Tell meabout the tincture. Don't tinctures take a month though?
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