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Hi y'all! (again :) )

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Hi there! wave.gif

I haven't really been active here. You know how it is. . . life happens. :)

I am new to Mothering. . . .but not new to mothering. .. .


I have 12 and 9 year old girls.

Recently, my husband and I decided we would "try" just one more time.

And we were successful!!!


My baby is due in early November/late October. :)


Anyway. . . .a LOT of things have changed in 12 years and hoping to get some up to date info here as well as pass on any tiny thing I've learned.


I just turned 41.

So, Hello from an ancient mom. :)

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Glad to know another family who has a larger spread between kiddos.  I'm 37 and we have a 13 year old, 8 yr old and a baby due in a few weeks.


: )

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Welcome to "M"othering :)

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Thanks for your quick greeting!


I knew I wasn't the only "experienced one" around here. :)

Glad to meet y'all.

DH is SOOOO hoping for a boy this time ;)

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Welcome! Have you joined a Due Date Club yet? I'd recommend you start there so you can get to know other Mothering moms due around the same time, then find the forums where you are most interested in posting to. Due Date Clubs are here. thumb.gif

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