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Figured out how to surprise myself with the gender :)

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I've waited until the birth to find out the baby's sex in the past but this time I want to know prenatally. I have my reasons. So! I looked on Pinterest for gender reveal ideas and everything was centered around pink and blue. That's okay for us adults, but we're raising gender neutral kids and when I was looking at the pictures my 4-year-old said. "But pink is for everyone". So, I didn't want to center the reveal around pink or blue, not with my kids there. (I know the pink/blue thing is prominent in our society but that doesn't mean I have to encourage it or participate in it)

Here's my plan: Books. We're a bookish family, so it's perfect for us.

I'll get the ultrasound tech to write the sex on a card and put it in an envelope. Then I'll go to a local bookstore where the owner and employees are really fun and will likely be happy to participate. I'll have a gift bag and a ton of tissue paper with me. I'll go to the children's section and pick out two books, one with a female main character and one with a male. I'll give both books, the gift bag and the U/S envelope to the cashier and have her (all the employees are female) open the envelope and ring up the correlating book. She'll hide the other book behind the counter and put the surprise book in the bag and smother it in tissue paper (or fabric, depends on my whim).

Then we'll get together with our family and friends and all find out the sex together when we open the bag. And as a bonus, we'll have the book as a practical, usable keepsake for the baby :)

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That is such a neat idea!

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That's an awesome idea!!

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Oh and kudos to you for not buying into the pink and blue stuff, that drives me craaaaazyyyyyy.  In fact, a ton of gender stuff makes me absolutely nuts, but anyway. 


Books are a great idea, and that's great that you already know a bookstore with fun employees who will be happy to participate!

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That is a wonderful idea! So much better than the pink/blue thing. My son has always loved pink, I was really sad when he told me a few months ago that 'pink was not for boys'. Sometimes daycare sucks greensad.gif. Of course, I told him that it was not true, but not sure if he believes me............


The pressure for gender conformity on children in our society is upsetting............

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