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ps Friederike  happy to be threadkeeper next month xx


jwaite I hope DW's dream is spot on!!!! good luck xx



Went to the doc & had an ultrasound just now. My body is going crazy things & it's a bit hard to get answers out of the doc but managed it. I was supposed to have ovulated 2 dayys ago instead it looks like I ovulated on day 8 (!!!) and I'm now 3 days into my new cycle. That all means I have a tank of swimmers here I can't do anything with. I can't post them back as the courier company refuses to take them so I literally have to pour £650 down the drain. I'm pretty gutted but the great news is that we can try this month & that if it goes well we'll be in Denmark in less than 2 weeks going through IVF!!!! There is a bit of a problem as I probably have PCOS (they can't tell for sure) so there is a chance of hyperstimulation of my follies which means I'll have to take 2 trips - one for the egg retrieval & fertilisation and another a month later for the implantation. I'm not worrying about that now, just need to get on the wagon!!!

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Wow Liz! Really glad u figured out what is going on and that u are getting to try this cycle with IVF!!! I'm sorry u had to waste so much money BUT your cycle time worked itself out so that you can insem sooner so whoo hoo for that!! I'll be thinking about you!
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liz oh dang, that sucks having to waste so much money. Is there no chance of refilling the tank, kepping it for another 2 weeks and taking it with you to Denmark? Well, at least you're set for the IVF really soon. You could be preggo by mid August. That would be so amazing.
And thanks for offering to threadkeep.
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liz- glad you got some answers, and have a very promising plan! Search online for cryogenic storage companies or science supply companies that can supply you with more liquid nitrogen. Often times, you just need to refill the tanks and it's just as good as being in the storage facility- as long as it remains as cold. Good luck on the IVF!

It's Pride weekend here in Toronto. Happy Pride to all of you, wherever you are!
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thanks ladies! If we were in a big city we might have a chance of finding somewhere to refill the nitrogen but on a little island of 65,000 people it's unfortunately a little harder. I have to be careful of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome apparently so need to have more ultrasounds during the cycle to make sure they are giving me the correct dose. At £200 each time it's not cheap but hopefully if it all goes well we won't need to do it too many times. (3 this cycle). I do have some good news though. It's my 40th in August & the wife's booked a castle for the night!!!! it's not the usual castle with lots of rooms but should be fun nonetheless!!!


Mama Happy Pride ! A friend of mine from here now lives in Toronto & is having a great time!


Off to go & put the little swimmers in the bin now - such a waste! angry.gif

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Hi Ladies,


come on over to the shiny new thread - fingers crossed for lots of March babies!!!!



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Thanks for the new thread Liz. I'm keeping high hopes that this cycle will go juat right for you and the IVF is successful! The odds are in your favor.

I'm 8 DPO and DW has now had dream#2 about me being pregnant:) I'm staring to wish this week away...but then again next Thursday thru Sunday will be full of fun and celebration for my fam'. Whew. Patience is virtuous, right?!?

See u all in the new month!!
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Hello everyone, I was advised to ask my questions here too.
my husband and I are looking to conceive, he has 2 kids already but I have not been so lucky yet. He is fixed and the likely hood of getting him unfixed and becoming pregnant are slim to non because he's been fixed for 14yrs. He's eager to add to the family again and we are looking into washes donor sperm and Prefer to do it ourselves at home. We have read tons of articles on the how to and what not to do. Any advise on a sperm bank that doesn't require a doctors sig? Any advise on whether or not to attempt fertility pills/injections starting out? Any advise in kits to assist me in tracking my ovulation?

Thanks in advance for you time and help!!!
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I don't have bank recommendations. but I wouldn't recommend taking meds without the supervision of a doctor. Even with a doctor, if there are no fertility issues I wouldn't go for those straight away unless you don't mind the higher risk of multiples. But that is always connected to some more risks.

For tracking, everybody seems to love the book "Taking charge of your fertility". I would obeserve temps, CM and cervix positions and use OPKs to pinpoint ovulation. Make sure you read up well about safe home IUIs. Many people do them, but they are not without risks, so the person performing them should know what they're poking up there. I think it helps if you have experienced it at least once with a professional (a doc or a midwife could show you) before doing it at home.

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JMR41412 I'm sorry to say you were misadvised. In our guidelines for this forum:



Queer Parenting is a space for parents who identify as LGBTQ to discuss the challenges and joys of parenting their children. This may include discussions from pre-conception through college. This space is not intended for those who do not identify as LGBTQ to post to ask advice from the community. Threads that do not fit in the guidelines will be moved."


If you are not getting the advice you need in other forums your option would be to identify a Mothering member whose posts have been helpful and informative and contact them by PM to ask for advice. Thanks for your understanding. :)

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I'm sorry for intruding I will remove myself.
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