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ps first day taking gonal today  -grow follies, grow!!!!

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good luck Liz! grow grow grow!
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Hi everyone,

Sunday I was so excited. I had POAS as I was 12 days post IUI, it looked negative, then when I was cleaning the bathroom I looked at it again and it was a weak positive. I knew it was past the five minutes, but was still hopeful as I knew I had tested slightly early. Well, it must have been a false positive because the next day it was negative. I burst into tears and have been weepy ever since. I had faint hope, but yesterday I started spotting and now AF arrived. Making it worse, my doctor requires I still go in tomorrow for a blood HCG even though I have my period.  I'm hoping for better luck next time. Good luck with everyone in your 2 ww. 

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sorry to hear that BByHIPr, not good you need to have a blood test even though you know. Are you going to try again this month? hug2.gif


mama thanks! having acupuncture today as well so hoping it will all help x

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Sorry it didn't work BBy. I am confused why the doctor insists on doing lab work, when you're doing unmonitored natural IUIs? Do you have to pay for the test? If yes, you should certainly be able to refuse.

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So sorry Bby for the negative result.  My RE requires a beta before any medications are started again in a new cycle, but I can't imagine they would require that for un-medicated cycles.  Sorry to hear about that.


 liz: Acupuncture is the best!  :-)  It helped me to get my periods back after being on birth control pills.  I was anovulatory and completely without menses at all!  It took about 2 years to get things back on track, but it eventually worked in conjunction with some other changes and herbs recommended by my acupunk!


afm: 11 dpo today and not much happening on the sticks. irked.gif

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So sorrybby . Sucks to have to go in for a bHCG but perhaps it's because your doctor wants to make sure you're bleeding due to AF rather than really late implantation bleeding?

liz- acupuncture was great for me as well. I also used the heating pads and they grew faster than I expected those days!
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So sorry about the bfnbby.

I'm at that point where I'm constantly debating whether to poas or not. 8dpo. Had a big dip in temp 2 days ago, but now the temps are back up. Also not having any of my usual PMS symptoms, thinking that's a good sign. Fx!
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Hi All!


Awe BBy, I am really sorry to hear about this cycle not working out for you guys.  Getting your hopes up and then being let down is such a bummer.  I hope you can do something to distract and take care of yourself.  Crying never hurt anyonehug2.gif  Last time I got really down about not conceiving, I remember doing a little shopping therapy...it helped.


Liz, I'm sending love for those follies dust.gifI hope you are able to reduce the stress and enjoy some summer sunshine!


Jenny, Happy Belated!!  I'm still cheering you on for this TWW!  How long is your LP (Luteal Phase)?


Lovestreet, Welcome to the TWW!  Hope it goes quickly and turns out the way we all hope for!!!


Mama, you too!  Sounds like you are covering all the bases and doing all that you can to make this work.  Relaxation is what everyone is telling me to practice during the TWW (altho' easier said than done:))


Fmorris, if you can try this month, go for it.  A straight friend of mine told me to try every time I can because my body needs to get used to having swimmers in it.  LOL!


AFM, AF arrived late last evening.  Please move me back to waiting to O.  AF generally lasts for 5 or so days, so I should be able to try again before the end of June.  I feel you ladies who've had timing issues...we are going out of town 3 days before I am supposed to O.  irked.gif  I think we are still going to insem before we leave since KD is already pd thru end of August.


Sending positive vibes to all for BFPs  blowkiss.gif

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Heart, I just saw your post!  Sounds like a possible implantation dip??  I am keeping everything crossed for you!  dust.gif

Keep us posted.  I know it's so hard not to POAS every morning.  LOL.  The things our minds do...

Maybe you'll be our graduate for June?!?

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I caved this morning. But good thing cause I got a BFP!  Faint, but as they say, a line is a line.  I'm might POAS tomorrow to see if it is any darker.  But then we're headed out camping.  Which is great cause I'll actually get to relax, not lift so much, and just enjoy some much needed time with DP.  I know its much too early now, but when did people tell their older children about a pregnancy?  FYI, I'm a TERRIBLE secret keeper.  Everyone who knows we are trying will know when they look at my face today.


Jwaite Sorry to hear that AF arrived last night.  I hope the timing works out better than you are expecting next month and you O a couple days early.  But you're using fresh, right?  Those guys can hang around awhile.  My first pregnancy, we inseminated 3 days before O.  FX either way.

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Wow heart. That was a quick sucess! Congrats and lots of sticky baby thoughts. Enjoy your camping trip.

jwaite Sorry it didn't work out this time. I would definitely try even a bit early, with fresh you still have good chances and it doesn't hurt to try.

afm So my TSH levels are slightly higer than they want for TTC and I am from now on taking thyroxine meds. Hypothyroidism can be accompanied by short luteal phases (not enough progesterone and high prolactin) and low BBT, which I both have, although I am not in the official hypothyroid range. They told me that the range that is normally considered healthy (0,5-4,0) is not ideal for pregnancy at all, they want 1,5 or 1,0 for fertility. I am at 1,7 but we'll lower it to 1 to see if that maybe does the trick for try no. 8. I admit I was a bit surprised by the result, being a regular marathoner with normal weight, I never suspected I could have thyroid issues.
Oh, and we picked a new donor due to my doctors recommendation to change things up. It was such fun stalking all their profiles and we found one we liked with curly hair, which I would love to have in a child.
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mama & justanotherjenn yeah acupuncture is good at the mo - that combined with the gonal injections & I feel like a pin cushion!


jwaite sorry to hear AF arrived but happy that you can start planning again straight away. Frustrating  about timing too but may as well give it a go eh - gotta be in it to win it!


fried that's odd isn't it but maybe just as well you do all those things. Is your donor a secret or can I stalk them? We've decided on Finn if you want to check him out. Ordering some tonight I think after moving some money around, it's an expensive business!



AFM I'm just hanging around waiting for O which is almost 2 weeks away. I think we're going to go the nitrogen tank just to be on the safe side in case there's a delay with the swimmers as it's an expensive mistake if it all goes wrong. Was chatting to my acupuncturist yesterday about the donors etc & likening it to shopping on amazon which she found amusing.


DW made me laugh the other day. She was emailing her gay boss about time off in July which keeps changing because of my cycle being a bit all of the place. First she goes into way too much detail about my O schedule (which I'm sure as a gay man he doesn't need to hear) and then at the end she pipes up with 'it's a complicated business you know' I love her & it's great she still makes me laugh so much after 12 years. Gotta get my laughs where I can this week!



good luck to everyone insemming or in TWW xx

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Yes, it is like Amazon, sans the reviews though (that would be sth. "Makes kids who throw tandrums in supermarkets, excel at arts and have unruly hair" 5 stars *lol*) We loved reading the emotional profiles and found many similarities to my DP. Stalk away and look at Buur and Franc (the backup). Until now we only used a normal profile donor (4070), but if we (hopefully) get preggo with Buur the extra info will be good to have for the kid.

All of you who are using TCM and acupuncture, do you know of any good studies on its effects and benefits that you would recommend to read? My mom just emailed me last week where she said she read an article that it is helpful, which she failed to include and my own reading left me a bit sceptical if it was worth the additional cost besides the standard medical treatment I already get. Some TCM pracitioners seem a bit anti pharmaceutical meds.
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Friederike - Oooo I remember reading about Buur! I've just checked him out again & he's AWESOME! I still remember his little message & think it's one of the sweetest I've seen & something that would be great to show to your kid. Good luck with him!


I knew you only used basic profiles before but I think it's cool you're going with a bit more. Some of them are quite old!!!! xx As for studies, I've only read articles rather than actual studiel I'm afraid but I think it's sorted my cycle out to be more 'normal' xx

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Lizbian, I've got high hopes for your follies!!!


BByH1Pr, Sorry that AF showed up for you like that. Especially after seeing that faint +. I'll keep mye FX for you next time.


Jwaite, Looks like it'll be next month. Your friend had meeh LOL too! I just need the swimmers for one thing and its not getting used too haha! Atleast you have KD on tap so your swimmers will live much longer even if you are out of town when you O. Best of luck!


Heart, Impressive. Way to go!


AFM, well it looks like next month for sure and KD as well as home Insem. This will be the first at home and am a little in the dark. I've gotten timing down pretty well and am lining up the last of the Donor Final 4 lol. Anyone have any tips or advice to make this go smoothly. I've only got experience with IUI's being lazy and letting the doc to all the work!

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congrats Heart!!!!!!

fmorris- the most difficult part of the home iui was threading the catheter through the cervix. DW met some resistance about a cm in, and deposited the sperm there. This last time we did it at a clinic and the nurse threaded it in a good 2 inches or more, DW said she twisted the catheter a lot to help it thread through. Also- leave the speculum in for a good 10 mins after. When we removed it, it pulled out a bunch of the sperm sample. If you're using a KD, are you doing ICI or IUI?

AFM- the progesterone supplements have been giving me hot flashes. I have moments when I'm dripping sweat, which is really uncomfortable. I have continued drinking a cup of coffee everyday and have worked out every other day (which is less than usual). Allowing myself these routines have helped me be less stressed this TWW.

Hope everyone is doing well.
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congrats Heart! That was lightning fast!  Hooray!  joy.gif


How is everyone else doing?


afm: 13dpo -- negative pee test this morning.  I have a blood beta tomorrow, but I'm not expecting a positive.

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fmorris we're trying at home for the third time this month. Not too many tips other than making sure you're comfortable. I lay with my legs elevated for about an hour afterwards. Get everything ready before and enjoy!!!!


justanotherjenny sorry about the BFN but keeping everything crossed just in case.


AFM finally had some good news this morning. Ordered our fave donor last night & got the expected message 'donor has reached their limit in the UK'. Sent a message back saying that Guernsey is a separate category in the dropdown menu & was it therefore OK and they came back and said YES so we're able to have our first choice donor which is great since we couldn't last time we tried. Not expecting it to work at home but as taking gonal, having acupuncture etc you never know xxx  Hope everyone has a good weekend.

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Mamaet, Mye fear is that DP is not comfortable at all doing that. Considering I explained ovulation to her :) I think the ICI would be the safest route for the first time..at least until she's comfortable going further. (maybe we won't have to hopefully!). Thanks for the tips…even with the iui i felt a bit icky when she pulled the speculum out, i'm assuming there were swimmers in there lol.


Lizbian, I think being at home is the most comfort I can get :) I'm a bit nervous but welcome to new experiences. 


AFM, Starting to look into contracts to supply to our KD. This process is a doozy, but so worth it! I'm keeping FX for everything and everyone!

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