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Share Your Best Garage Sale Tips and Tricks

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What are your best tips for maximizing a garage/yard sale? I'm having one next weekend! I have tons of stuff set aside for it....but I'm losing steam.   HELP! 

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Keep your prices on the low side, people will be inclined to buy more.

Don't price each item separately, have a $1 table and a $2 table etc, saves heaps of time. you can then move things around later in the day when sales are slowing down.

Group similar items together as much as possible.

Open early! We said "from 7" but had people turning up at 0630!

Have good signs around the place and put an ad in the paper so people can find you.
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Before the sale


1) Define success to yourself.  Is this to get rid of stuff, or to make money?Will you be happy to sell stuff, no matter how low the price? Try to achieve clarity on this.


 2) Pricing issues

* Price to sell (as Katelove mentioned)

* CLEARLY marked prices.  I liked Katelove's suggestion of dif priced tables. When I sell, we have only a single table, so I use stick-notes & tape to clearly mark things.

* Consider bulk pricing ( e.g. paperback = 50 cents each or 3 for a dollar)

* Consider clothes by the pound (have a scale ready)


3) Bags or boxes

* If you have old bags around, now is a good time to use them so people can take things away


4) Sale means buyer takes it away immediately

Unless you know the person well, do not say "OK, I'll set it aside for you and you can come back later". Otherwise you may have trouble remembering who paid for what and things can get messy and difficult.


5) Free box

For stuff you really want to get rid of & would almost pay someone else to take off your hands


6) Change

 - Go to the bank ahead of time and get lots of small bills and coins


7)Personal comfort:

Make sure you have a  chair, shade,  & water for yourself

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the pricing tips you got so far are great but you need customers!


do GOOD signs, simple, clear and concise - don't put Saturday put Sat 6/15 (NO TIME) time doesn't matter -people refuse to look at that, use arrows!!! do not use those cheap little signs, no one can see them in a car, do not put tons of info on your sign, date and place with arrow - if you live far from major intersections use arrows and use something that shows all the signs are yours (a purple dot, a smiley face, flower, etc)- simple but showing it's yours and the way to get there - and PLEASE be nice- take you signs down afterwards - no one likes to go to last weeks sale


also advertise - craig's list - DO pictures, and list (IN SUPER BIG LETTERS) what you DO NOT HAVE!!! - ex- NO jewelry, NO tools, NO antiques - this will help to reduce "early birds" - they are the ones looking at craig's list

DO put if you are having FREE stuff - again BIG letters


DO the patch (if you area has it)

DO any local free papers

DO make up signs and put them in places where people have time to read - library, laundry mat (that is a great place) - remember older people are not looking on craig's list

newspapers can be pricy depending on your area


IF a neighbor is also doing a sale- SAY so, people like multi sales in an area


if you are part of a neighborhood sale, and can open up a bathroom - DO SO!! if you have an easy in-out bathroom DO IT! put a tip jar there (with some dollars and change in it) and keep checking it - you would be surprise how well you can do


and if you have things that are a bit iffy (like mismatched mugs) fill them with coffee and sell the mug filled, do this with cold drinks too

make a baked good for breakfast or get donuts (you will double your money on things like that) some offer them for FREE and list it so on their ads - cold drinks do sell too


if you have odds and ends children's toys - out them in brown lunch bags (kids could decorate them) and staple them shut (put in an old Halloween pot) and sell them for 50- 1.00 as a grab bag (somethings the other small children can get at their price range)---a pot of gold!


if you have old clothing with holes, instead of just tossing them, bag it and sell it for rags for 50 cents, if it doesn't sell - toss it or recycle it later


and it was said, by all means DO FREE, people really love it and do put in things you might not think of, if you are throwing out those stickers or note pads that come in the mail, bag them - people will take that stuff


my craig's list also does "curb alert" under FREE for after the sale to get rid of what you don't want to haul away


good luck and good weather!

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Thank you all! I had a great sale! :) 

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