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Our birth story!

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Here's our birth story!

I haven't been too active here, but I've enjoyed reading the stories and thought I'd add ours.

As you'll read, our son was born blue and took his sweet time breathing. It was a bit scary, but we stayed calm and kept working at it until his color changed.

In hindsight, I think that there were several factors. First, I think his cord was a bit too short, and it also seemed fairly thin compared to our other babies. Then the bath water and room air both could've been warmer. (Probably would've been fine for a pink baby though) Also, in our efforts to stimulate breathing, we didn't change out his towels fast enough and they were damp. Anyway, he's fine now, but in case you're wondering, those are my thoughts about it. :-)


- Judy
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Awww!  Wonderful birth story!  And born the same day as my own fifth child Faythe!  She also had a short cord (about 17-18 inches), also, my second child I sent myself into labor by mowing the lawn also, lol!  I think it's cool that you're Messianic.  :-)  I myself am not, though I attended my sister's synagogue for about a year, ten years ago, and it was a wonderful experience.  In fact, in labor with Faythe, I was dancing to Kol Hamessameach (sp?) in my living room.  :-)  I'd actually forgotten a few of the dance steps over the years, but managed to find a vid on youtube and refresh my memory.  :-)  Congrats on your gorgeous son!  Good job Mama!

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Congrats mama! Your story is beautiful and proclaims the wonderful glory to God! 

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