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Body Pillows

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Which is your favorite body pillow? They seem so expensive, but I've found sleeping on my side very uncomfortable this pregnancy.

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I just use a regular body pillow found at Target/Walmart! It's all I ever need and I can't sleep without it!
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I had the best night's sleep ever last night...or at least ever since I became a parent..or at least in the past few months. Anyway, it was totally my body pillow which is actually an old twin size featherbed rolled up and stuffed into a king sized pillow case. We had been using it as a couch pillow because it is rather bulky but I brought it upstairs with me just to see and it is awesome.  The fact that it is so thick means my feet stay at a more comfortable distance apart, about hip distance, and I feel less scrunched on my side as opposed to some other actual body pillows I've tried.   I'm a back sleeper so sleeping on my side usually gets uncomfortable fast for me.

We'll see if I get more than one good night's sleep out of it?!


This probably isn't helpful unless you have an old twin size comforter floating through your house.

Mothering › Groups › October 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › Body Pillows