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should i switch to a boster seat

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My lil man is getting to be to big for his 5 point car seat and I was wondering when I should switch him to a booster seat he's only 2 and is the size of a 3-4 year old in height I feel like he would sit in one better because in his 5 point hes always trying to climb out and I cant a just it to go any higher then it does. please help

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I feel your pain!  My nearly 3 old is 60 lbs and 40" tall - i switched him to a booster seat this past winter - we had a Brittax ....maybe itr was a Radian?  it was supposed to go to 60 lbs but really fell short - after Hurricane Sandy destroyed it i bought a booster - cant remember offhand which one - i am not pleased with it.  One thing about booster seats is that they dont all have clips to keep them in place.  When driving without the baby - the seat is rolling around in the back seat - kinda weird.  This one has the latch system - however they are not adjustable - so you latch the seat in place and it can still move all over the place.  The car's seat belt must be threaded just so - or it wont 'catch' and i have seen the seat start to tip - even with the baby in it!  it took us a LOONG while to get it right - so i would advise....before you make the switch......try one out! 

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What's his height and weight? What kind of car seat is he in now? Is the harness in the right position and tight enough? 2 is still too young for a booster and illegal in most states. Most kids aren't booster ready till 5 or 6. Most moms here still have their 2 year olds rear facing.
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Hi, I'm a CPST.  2- and 3yos definitely do not belong in belt-positioning booster seats.  It is dangerous, unsafe, and illegal in most states (at least for 2yos).


In addition, a child who tries to climb out of a harnessed seat is demonstrating that he is not ready to be in charge of his own safety in the car, which is what happens when he is in a belt-positioning booster.

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My boys are 5.5 and not particularly small...they are still harnessed (both in a Nautilus which is a 5pt that can turn into both a high back and low back booster) and were rearfacing (in different seats) until age 3. 


I'm having a hard time picturing a 2 yr old that is too big to fit in a harnessed seat. Either you havent adjusted the straps properly or you need a different seat. If he's able to get out of the harness...what do you think he's going to do with a seatbelt?! 

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Is this the child you write about in your other posts who wont stay in his crib (but you're worried about him staying in a toddler bed) and who won't keep his clothes one? And who was only 21 months old back in January?? There is absolutely no way this child should be in a booster seat. I really hope you find solutions to keeping him in his seat, over on the safety board they may have ideas. 

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Hello rebelmommaof3! I have a 4-year-old the size of a 5- to 6-year-old who is still in her harnessed seat because she won't sit still in a booster seat. There are seats available for bigger kids like ours! In fact, the one I have (Britax Marathon) isn't the biggest! You can do it - it's just a case of getting the right seat. And if your little one is the escape artist he sounds like, and he escapes from a booster seat (which is ridiculously easy), he won't be protected in the chance of a crash.

Maybe you can give some more details about your son and what seat you have and the parents here who are up on all the styles of seats can help you figure out how to keep your little one in his seat and safe. smile.gif
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My son is 8 - 62# and 52", and he is still in a 5 point harness. The Britax Frontier we have goes up to 85# and 57". He is on the bigger side for a 2nd grader and has a long torso, but the straps are still above his shoulders. Keep your child in a 5 point as long as you can. The Frontier looks like a booster, so we tell him it's booster, and he has no issues with being in a harness.

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