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Best used car ideas?

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I am looking for a used car for my daughter and maybe another for myself. She will b 16 in 10 months so we have time to really b looking. I have a 2003 impala with 130,000 miles- the air and radio don't work tho. I have someone interested in buying it but it runs so good and I just became debt free (woohoo) so I'm enjoying driving this free car!!! However I am nervous about the high mileage and it does stink that I work and have paid off all debt and my house, yet don't have air conditioning in my car sooooooooo......... I'm asking my frugal minded friends their opinions or ideas about cars, buying ideas, pros and cons.
Any advice would be food for thought for me!!!
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Congrats on getting out of debt!!!  Hate to state the obvious- but why not get the a/c and radio fixed?  Maybe it just needs recharged?  I don't think 130,000 really qualifies as high mileage.  But of course you will have to have a repair fund for it.  


eta- DH and I were just talking about this today.  There are many deals to be had on vehicles.  Our target price is less than 10 cents/mile for the purchase price.  

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I think I would definitely investigate getting the a/c fixed before I sold it.  Even if you drove it for another 6 months you could put the amount of money you would spend on a car loan in the bank and have it as a down payment later on.  And, depending on how much you drive, that car could go another one or two years with decent maintenance.  My corollla is paid off and has 120000 miles on it or so, but I figure on another two years at least.  But I set aside 250 a month into a car fund. Even if it died tomorrow, I could at least cough up $3000 or so in a down payment.  I bet you could get a replacement radio quite cheap as well, maybe even get a used one.   Plus you won't have to pay so much in car insurance.

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I vote to keep your car. If your dd needs her own car, I would give her your current one. You upgrade to a new or slightly used car. When you dd graduates you can give her your "new" car.

I would never give a teen a new/slightly new car.
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