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We would not be able to make it without two cars. Totally suburban family. We did downsize a car for better mileage, though. I bought a new civic a couple months ago. Now I drive that to work and dh takes the minivan for driving around the kids. You know, the opposite of most families. Lol.

Jasper has been in a good mood since yesterday. He seems to be feeling really good. And he has a word! He's been saying nana for banana for a couple days.

Also, I thought the rental insurance on cars was a scam... Aren't you automatically covered through your auto policy?? Either way, that sucks Nicole.
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My insurance covers the car if I were to wreck it but not any other damage I might have caused... Stains, tears, etc.

Honestly, DH went up there by himself originally. Had I been there, we wouldn't have done it.

Yay for a word!!!
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Yay, Jasper! Amanda, we're the same kind of two-car suburban family. It's a must. I hope to upgrade to a crossover like a Subaru Forester in the future (or a Lexus RX luxlove.gif if we come into some money Sheepish.gif), but for now I still have an old Pontiac sedan and DH has his sports car that he dearly loves. His is manual and I still don't know how to drive it... after 7 years of being together. So when my car breaks down, it still feels like I'm SOL unless he drives me places. irked.gif Hmphh.


Sara, that bicycle is way too cool. I want one. The kids are adorable too!


Rental car places make me mad ever since my one and only experience with them that was pretty ridiculous. My car was in the shop for a few days, right? So first I rented an Acura. Loved it. But the freakin' rental car got a flat tire one day later! Stranded again. Really?! Talk about bad luck... so I had to take it in and ended up with a Prius hybrid. Loved it more. Thought all my worries were gone. Then I got blamed by the rental company for damage to the rotors and rims of the Acura that got the flat tire! They tried making me pay $300. Oooo I was livid. They accused me of driving on the flat tire and causing the damage. Um, okay, well that was kind of unavoidable seeing as how I didn't notice the flat until I was driving and their own road service operator had TOLD me to go ahead and drive the one mile to the rental place to drop the car back off. Ha! Yeah.


Sora is sick this morning. greensad.gif DH awoke with her to let me get extra sleep, and when I came out of the bedroom, she was slumped on his chest with eyes half shut and totally listless. She wouldn't look at me for long, wouldn't talk to me, etc. Fell asleep off and on. He said she threw up in her crib and he found curdled milk in a sippy cup near her. He's thinking she took a sip. Or else it's just a random bug. She has a 102 fever. Just seems so drowsy. BUT -- what scared me is that this suddenly happened the morning after she slipped flat onto her back on the bathroom tile last night.... and DH didn't know if she hit her head or not. She was crying pretty badly but then was fine. I'm paranoid about head trauma after my dad's brain bleed last year..... so I called Sora's doctor this morning. She suggested we go to urgent care if we want to be safe, but she didn't sound too worried since a fever isn't connected to a head hit like that and more-so suggests a bug, plus Sora acted fine shortly after the fall. I gave her a bath and she fell asleep on DH again. We're going to let her catch up on some sleep for a bit and then maybe take her in if she doesn't pipe up a bit. At least we know it's not an emergency situation since there would've been more signs. DH is totally annoyed with my overly-freaking-out-mama bit.

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Your franken-bike is awesome! Is it a double wooden seat on the front with a child's bike to support it? Can another kid sit on the kid bike?
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I am sorry to hear that Sora isn't feeling well... hopefully it wasn't related the fall.


Jasper and Eli can be Nana buddies - Eli has been saying nana since last week - for banana mostly and then my mil wants the grandkids to call her Nanna, so Eli says that too, both words sound different when he says them, like he knows there is a difference... so cute!


Eli is running a temp too right now... last night was unbearable.  I put him to bed at 10pm, he slept till 11pm when I got to bed, he woke up 10 times between 11 and 12am.   Then every time I rocked him back to sleep and tried to put him back down in his bed, he did a complete freak out cry.  He would be inconsolable.  Usually he can put himself back to sleep if he wakes up during the night, but last night was a nightmare.  I rocked, tried to put him down, he would scream at the top of this lungs - rinse and repeat till 4am.  He didn't have a fever ... I eventually sat on the couch in the livingroom, he fell asleep on me after 45 minutes but as soon as I tried to put him down - he screamed and said "Outeee".  DH even checked his bed to make sure there wasn't anything in it that was bothering him ... so I don't know.  I guess the fever right now is an indication that something is bothering him... it was a long night, I got about 3 hrs of sleep.

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Kirsten, there would be a bum right in their faces. There is a support area behind their seats where I hope to put a grocery platform. DD tried to ride standing there once, but she made a heavy bike heavier.

Amanda, nana came before the surgery? That's pretty cool.

Joanie, I hope she feels better soon.

Sonja, I hope you get some sleep tonight.
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We took Sora to urgent care because her fever rose to 104 and she was getting more listless. Thankfully the doctor said there's no head trauma and Sora likely has enterovirus or hand foot and mouth disease. Whew. The doctor showed me Sora's throat. Wowza, no wonder she's miserable... it was super red and swollen. No strep, though. We were told to just dose her with Tylenol and/or Ibuprofen until she feels better, and we'll check in with her ped on Monday anyway for her 18 mo appt.


We hadn't weighed Sora in 3 months until today. She's over 26 lbs! I am totally oblivious to how quickly she's growing. I thought she was still in the low 20's. Ha!

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Conner also uses Nana for Grandma.

I'm glad there's no head trauma!!!
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... There's a Facebook page called Mothers Against Public Breastfeeding. It's disgusting. Feel free to join me and report it...
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Is it a joke?
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They don't act like it is. They're very passionate on their comments/replies.
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I say troll it. Go in there and be like, "nourishing infants is absurd and disgusting! I never under any circumstances want my child brought up in a world where nourishing and comforting children in public is accepted by the masses."
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Originally Posted by dashley111 View Post

I say troll it. Go in there and be like, "nourishing infants is absurd and disgusting! I never under any circumstances want my child brought up in a world where nourishing and comforting children in public is accepted by the masses."


thumb.gif Love it

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I think it's just someone who wants attention.
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Okay, Sora is cracking me up right now. Even though she's sick as a dog and lethargic, she is getting excited over DH exercising and wants to copy him. We told her she should rest and relax, but she's adamant that she wants to workout with him. Ha! As he does jumping jacks, she hops up and down and flails her arms. She does knee lifts, and she even squats when he lunges. As he lies on his back to do crunches, she rolls on the floor next to him while she holds her baby doll. She skipped the pushups today. Must have thought it would be too strenuous. lol.gif


Omg, she just walked past and patted him on the back as he was posing in the plank position, as if she was coaching him thinking, "Good job, Daddy!" ROTFLMAO.gif

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... There's a Facebook page called Mothers Against Public Breastfeeding. It's disgusting. Feel free to join me and report it...

Saw it today on the Sanctimommy comments. Don't worry- it's totally a joke!! A bit weird, though. All the commenters might not know it's a joke though...

Glad Sora is feeling better... Or at least well enough to work out!
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ETA: thanks Avery

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Funny Jaimee!  I was doing dishes the other day and B took this picture and sent it to her grandma:

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lol.gif  That's awesome!  I bet Grandma was pretty tickled to receive it, too!

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I'm looking for a new bra as none of my pre-pregnancy bras fit, none of my pregnancy bras fit, and none of my nursing bras fit. Basically, as I come toward the end of nursing my last child, I am now a completely different size.  Hence, I am looking for an awesome new bra in my correct size and realized the last time I bought a regular bra was probably 10 years ago. Seriously. And back then I bought bras from Victoria's Secret.  lol.gif

So, what is your favorite brand? Style? Organic or at least socially conscious? To help with recommendations, I'm probably looking at 34B and I prefer a lightly lined cup with thin elastic straps.

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