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Sara, the poop was not a ruse is cracking me up!

Well, our drive lasted from 8:30 until 9 - lots of stops and traffic. Bummer! But dd1 pulled it together and we made it. Jasper was great, somehow!

I didn't let the girls watch anything but PBS until they were older, but somehow dd2 was exposed to Diego. I think at my parents'? Eventually, I let her watch it on occasion. Then she wanted to be Diego when she was 2-3. Got her haircut like Diego, would mostly wear boy clothes and "Diego underwear," got Diego bedding, all the animal rescue toys... My mom loves to shop! It really didn't bother me much.

I've typically been pretty anti-characters. Especially when the girls were little! For watching a few shows- fine. But I'm not big on buying. Jasper doesn't have anything he likes right now, but he still won't watch anything. I even tried Sprout at the beach since it was there... Nothing. He's just not interested. I'm actually kind of looking forward to him caring. It's fun to watch movies as a family sometimes!
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Eli doesn't care about tv shows either. We don't have a tv but have some shows on the computer, cartoons etc. he will sit with dh and laugh when dh laughs (which is hilarious) but it doesn't hold his attention. I am in the 'cant-stand-Dora' crowd... Something about that show just grates my nerves.

Congrats on the girl, Kali!

So our flights are booked, we are leaving the 10th of July for Toronto/Petereborough. I am weary about it as far as food etc goes.... We are so alternative, the rest of them aren't. I fear all the crap that Eli is going to be offered to eat and I wonder how I am going to establish some kind of strategy without them thinking I am rude or crazy or snobbish. *sigh*. Any suggestions?
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I have no suggestions.  We are pretty conservative with what we put in our bodies at home, but know that a few days of our kids eating crap on vacation is not going to kill them or damage them.  Nobody ever died from one cookie or a few pieces of candy.  To me its not worth the stress and constant trying to find the right things to say to not sound rude...aside from B's allergies, which makes me constantly question things anyways. 



That being said, I have 3 kids and once upon a time I did care lol.gif  Just not anymore.  Not worth it. 

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I think the best strategy is to just take a preventive approach and politely request in a casual manner from the start that if anyone wants to feed Eli something, could they please ask you or your DH first, you know? That way you can avoid confrontations in a moment of them offering him something you don't want him eating, and you won't come across as snobby then. It is much easier to get people to oblige when a child is still a baby when it's generally accepted that we are cautious about introducing food allergens, but this whole thing gets trickier now that our kids are nearing 2! I'm like Ash now. I just let Sora's grandparents give her whatever since they see her for a few hours very infrequently. What is with people's fascination with giving a kid sugary treats? We were out shopping last weekend and my MIL suddenly bought Sora one of those chocolate brownie pops from a Starbucks stand and we looked ridiculous strolling around Target with Sora DRIPPING chocolate all down her face and hands. Before lunchtime. Ruined her appetite. Or wait, maybe that was caused by the Goldfish crackers she subsequently fed Sora. LOL. I figure if I made it this long in life after being raised on some of the worst of the worst foods, Sora can handle more than a few encounters with her grandparents! Haha
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Oooo!  I LOVE the name Zephyr!  Awesome!!

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Originally Posted by Autumnshades View Post
I fear all the crap that Eli is going to be offered to eat and I wonder how I am going to establish some kind of strategy without them thinking I am rude or crazy or snobbish. *sigh*. Any suggestions?


You will have to prioritize keeping his diet up to your standards or sounding rude/crazy/snobbish. I gave up on the crazy/rude/snobbish 6 years ago but my family still holds it against me. I got a text before our trip not to bring food because I have an "eclectic diet" that others might not like. Um, yeah.


If you say something generic like, "We don't want him developing a sweet tooth yet" people may understand and not offer him a whole cotton candy. If you need to go farther than that, good luck. LOL. IME people usually ask before feeding toddlers. My SIL asked if the boys could have ice cream at 9:30 pm. That was a nice one to say no to. 


You also might have luck just keeping him full of your own food.  We eat earlier than most of the rest of the family, so it would be pretty easy to feed our kids something healthy, then they would be uninterested when a less desirable meal is served. We didn't do any of that, my SIL makes great Italian food and the kids all loved it.

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In regards to food... it can be an extremely touchy subject with others.  For some, they feel if you are eating entirely differently than they do that you are judging them, that you were dissatisfied with how you were raised, etc.  For these people your choice to eat healthier than them can be seen as an insult.  So I find it best to approach the subject with this in mind, making statements like "for us, we are trying to..." or "we have found with Avery he behaves better when he eats mostly...." etc.  Then there are the grandparents that understand all this, but still want to indulge their grandkids as a treat.  We try to allow some of this within reason.  We have found that giving in to some of that encourages them to consider our requests more thoughtfully at other times.  Also, offering to go to the store with them as soon as we arrive to stock the kitchen with things the kids like to eat can avoid issues later.  Offering to help make meals is usually a winner, too.

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Yeah, I'm in the "don't care" club. I figure the food will be treats that they don't get at home. My kids are very aware of the things I will never buy them. Different rules in different places. I was very picky about what I let dd1 eat. I think it made my family want to sneak her stuff more!! They still tease me..
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Oo, thanks for all the advice and insights.  We have never traveled away from home and stayed with someone else since having Eli, so it is a learning curve.  I am totally okay with him eating a few things here and there, and definitely under no illusion that I can even consider controlling it completely.  :)   My dh and I talked about it and agreed to just keep an eye on the amount of sugary treats that are offered but not really worry too much.  My MIL called yesterday to ask if she could buy anything for Eli to snack on so I gave her a few things Eli loves, including bananas and mentioned that he doesn't really have a sweet tooth.  I also made sure to mention that we could always pick up the snacks when we get diapers for Eli.  She knew he gets hemp milk and already told us she bought some boxes for him - I thought that was sweet.  (my inlaws are really sweet people, although my mil can wear on my nerves because she has OCD but otherwise she is nice).


Anyhow ... is it possible for kiddos to get their last molars this early?  Apart from cutting all the canines in his mouth right now, he keeps sticking his fingers way back in his mouth and he is so cranky (I knew he would be from the 5 teeth he is cutting simultaneously but I felt the back of his mouth and there is a big bump on the bottom left side)... he is sleeping poorly too ... and has been running a low grade temperature.  Not much fun.

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Yeah, could be the 2 year molars.  Some kids really teethe early!  But could just be pushing up for a bit and then will go back down.  My olders got theirs closer to 2.5 years old and I seriously didn't even notice until they were all in.  One day while brushing their teeth I was like, wait a minute... those weren't there before!

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My oldest had all his two year molars by this age. Shay is working on his. The kid is a drool factory.
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I think Enoch might have his already. He cuts early; his first teeth came in at 3 months.

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Sora got all of her molars early. Boy am I glad that is over with... Those 2-year molars were THE WORST. The only teeth she is still missing are her canines. I just felt one coming in, how exciting! Three teeth left and we're done. Oh happy day.

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We just started getting the molars. He's got two coming in at once (is that common?). Plus it's been really warm here so he's been pretty uncomfortable. Poor lil guy.

Kali- congrats on the girl and Zephyr is a great name!

Food-so far I haven't had much opportunity to have family or others giving J foods I don't want him to have. The one that I have had happen is that his Gpa (my FIL) gives him these Popsicles that I found out are sugar free which just makes me cringe. But it's maybe once a month and has served as a total bonding experience for them so I allow it.

I ended up deciding to let him go on most of the daycare field trips. I walked all the routes after the the teacher shared that they go a different way than I thought for the one I was most worried about. Turns out its through a nice neighborhood. Either DH or I are going to go on the other two I was uncomfortable with and I totally nixed the slurpee one.
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Yeah Eli is working on all 4 his canines, and the last top lateral incisor (I was worried because our niece [dh's brother's girl] is actually completely missing one of the top lateral incisors, and it also doesn't look like there is an adult one either, so I was kinda freaking out).  But he is working on the molars on top of all this for sure - he is SUPER miserable.  Screaming, crying ... so grumpy - I hope he is better by the time we have to fly to Ontario.


My MIL has gone on a buying-stuff-for-Eli spree :):)  she has been  phoning all morning to see if I liked this or that or the other ... I am super thankful to have them in our lives - of all Eli's clothes etc we have bought very little, most of it has either come from my MIL or my mom.  It has been so helpful to not have that expense to add to our already tight budget.  I am also putting away a lot of the clothes as Eli grows out of them to save for our next baby (whenever that will be ;) )

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It's July.
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