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June 2013 Chit Chat - Page 5

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Nicole, cute!

Amanda, good luck tomorrow. The anesthesia is freaky. So much benefit for him to be able to hear and get rid of the pain.
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When is the surgery tomorrow Amanda?

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Blessings on the surgery, Amanda!!


That haircut is ADORABLE!!


I'm not going to cut Noch's hair anytime soon.. even though even curly it's past his shoulders and wet it middle of his back! We call him our surfer dude or 70s child. But it's nice soft ringlets, not a big mess (mostly) so...

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Originally Posted by birdhappy85 View Post

Oh my goodness is he a CUTIE, Nicole! love.gif
 I love his swimming get-up. lol.gif
 The new haircut makes him look older. Adorable.

I love his Speedo!!! And I couldn't get a picture of him looking at me because he wouldn't quit starting at all the girls! O.o
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We are here now, Ash. Surgery is at 8. You will probably be asleep!
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Good luck today.

Re: haircut. I cut Shay's because anytime he nursed to sleep with his head on my arm (so 3 times a day) his sweaty curls would stick to my arm and he would wake back up.
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Thinking of Jasper today. I hope it all goes well and he gets some much needed relief with those tubes!
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Originally Posted by TalkToMeNow View Post

We are here now, Ash. Surgery is at 8. You will probably be asleep!



lol.gif  I wish!  My car broke down earlier this week...then DH's car broke down on his way to crossfit this morning at 4am.  Im like, "Really life?  Seriously?".  Whatever.



Hope everything went well!

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I bet Jasper's surgery is all done by now!  Amanda, please update us as soon as you can!


Nicole, so cute!  I've cut Avery's hair a few times myself, but it needs more and he's so squirrely it's hard to do it!


Ash, so sorry about your cars!  That SUCKS!  I was at home for a week without a car.  I started to get used to it... well, until I needed groceries!  LOL!

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It went fine. Thanks for your thoughts! Both of his ears were infected AGAIN, which is just unbelievable to me. One had cleared up by Sunday, then they switched the abx and he seemed to be better. Crying and ear pulling yesterday, and now we know why. The dr was able to clear out all the puss (yuck!) during the procedure, and hopefully the tubes will prevent another infection! Oh, and Jasper was the worst kid there after surgery. He was so pissed off! Just screaming and flipping around... so mad. He calmed down and is home with dh. And I'm at work. eyesroll.gif But yay... glad it's over! Hoping he will get some relief. smile.gif



I'm probably going to leave early and swing by Target to get him one of those magnetic doodle pads. Cause I like to buy my kids' affection. winky.gif

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That's me - no car!  We don't have a car and I take the bus but mostly walk everywhere that is reasonable (there are three grocery stores if I either walk North, east or west ;) all within a 5km radius, the ocean is to the south of us)  I do wish we had a car for groceries though - before Eli came along we used to do a monthly shop and take a cab home - we did it once when Eli was small but it was such a schlep with the stroller, carseat etc.  Now I do a bit here and a bit there so I can fit it in the bottom on the stroller, but I think I end up spending more than if we shopped once a month.  It is just not realistic when you have to take a cab home and need a carseat at this point.  I do feel like it would be nice to have a car so we can do stuff sometimes, you know, get out of the city limits... but realistically we just can't afford it.  My DH has a scooter :)  it costs us $5 a month to fill and $20 a month for insurance.  A bus pass is $85 a month, but the buses often don't run early enough or late enough for my dh to get home from work - plus it is cheaper not to buy the pass ... 


We have been so lucky, Eli hasn't even had a single illness other than a VERY short 2 day cold over Christmas last year.  Eli did have some weird poops yesterday - they seemed really acidity, his bum was so red - they were super runny and he had one with every diaper I changed.  He seems to be working on the canines so I am thinking that is probably what is causing it.  Is Eli the only kid that doesn't have all his teeth yet?  They have come in super slow...


I am so glad that the op went well and Jasper will finally have some relief.  I am sending a big hug!

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Glad to hear everything went well, Amanda!


I dont even know what to do without my car.  Perhaps Im spoiled!  My daughter has a performance and a ton of mandatory dress rehearsals this week  eyesroll.gif  Both cars should be fixed this weekend.  My husband is super handy and knows how to...you know....mechanic them...haha.  But I have to say, this was the first time we ever used our Roadside Assistance, and boy at 4am was I glad I pay that extra $5 a month!

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Amanda - Yay for the tubes procedure going well! I'm excited to hear about differences you notice in Jasper. My friend's Nov '11 toddler had tubes put in a few months ago and said she's like a new kid. She seemed to feel better and act happier pretty much instantly the next day! Ash - Sorry about the cars, ugh! Over here: Sora is graduating to naps with a sleeping bag at daycare (since she has been in a pack 'n play until now). Her DCP says she's doing so well falling asleep on the floor with the older kids. Yay! I'm going to go out this weekend and buy her her own sleeping bag to bring to daycare. My babers is growing up.
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Right now I am in the middle of nowhere without a car. Not that I could drive it if we had one here! DH takes ours to work. But we lived without a car for almost 12 years. 3 of those with one child and 1 year with 2 kids.

We were members of the car co-op, and we used it mostly for groceries and day trips. So worth it.

Sonja - you should look into which nearby grocery stores deliver. There are so many seniors in Victoria that it must be an option with a minimum purchase. In Vancouver, there was even a local chain that let you order by email and delivered for free with a $50 minimum purchase. No premium prices, either. But stores will deliver the groceries you just shopped and paid for too.

I also used to shop with DD in a wagon, you can fit more groceries in that way. Or sometimes DD in the stroller and a great big hiking backpack full of food on my back, and bungee cords holding things like TP to the side of the stroller.

But it is nice to have a car. No to just learn to drive it.

Glad Jasper's surgery went well! Looking forward to hearing about if the tubes make a difference!
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Ha, I don't have a licence to drive lol.... I was about to get it in South Africa, but I never went back after coming here, so I learned to drive stick back home, and I think automatic would be way easier. I had my learner permit, taken the classes, was supposed to do the parking when I got back and get my licence smile.gif. Oh well!
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Amanda, yay for the tubes being done!  Keep us posted on how he's feeling!

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I hate businesses. DH had his car in the shop the past two days. We rented a car through insurance. Insurance covered the car but not the extra $21/day insurance, so we paid that out of pocket. Apparently insurance approved our rental for 7 days, so I found out today the rental company took ALL seven days of insurance out of our bank, even though we told them it'd only be a two day job. So we returned the car today and they said it'd be 3-5 days before the leftover money would be refunded.

They're sooo fast to take our money but take their sweet time giving it back. Always. Jerks.
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I know ... I hate car rental companies - here they charge $30 a day insurance!!!  Freaking insane!  We had to rent a car when Eli was born because I ended up in the hospital.. the insurance for the car was more than the actual rental fee!  Isn't that just insane?


Hopefully you will get your money back soon!

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 I hate being without a car. It sucked driving Dh's truck when my van was broken for 6 months. 


Amanda~ Glad his surgery went well. 

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I drive a lot for work and I <3 my car big time. The boys don't share my joy. They're very happy to stay in the neighborhood and get around by feet or bike. Last night they mutinied after a few errands, so we finished up by bike.
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