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June 2013 chat thread - 2nd trimester here we come!

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Didn't see a thread for June yet so I thought I'd do the honor :-)
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Well, now I can jump in! The other thread was hard to crash into halfway through.


I've been out of the first tri for a couple weeks now - isn't the nausea supposed to go away? It's better, but boy, I do not remember still feeling this cruddy the last time around.

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Yesss! Awesome!

Happy June Everyone! I'm 12 weeks as of yesterday - gonna hear the heartbeat for the first time this week orngbiggrin.gif

Just started a new blog, too!


It's a definite work in progress, but I'm really excited about it. I hand drew the banner and everything :P

What's new?!
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I cut off all my hair!! I looove it short, I don't know why I keep kidding myself and trying to grow it.
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Happy June everyone!  I am 12 weeks along now and looking forward to my second trimester, my nausea is pretty much gone and I've definitely noticed a boost in energy recently.  I also got a new job and am loving, get it to sit at a desk most of the day so that is nice and relaxing.  And today is my 30th birthday!  Yay!  How is everyone doing?  banana.gif

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Happy birthday, Kangawho! smile.gif

12 weeks 1 day. Feeling slightly better, but still nausea on and off.
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ohh new thread!

I'm 14 weeks today, and it was a crazy day!  

I plan all of the family events for my daughter's preschool, and today was the last big one, the big spring dinner party, think of pretty much a wedding without the ceremony!  Lots of speeches, decorations all of it, ahhh!  I've been so stressed I want it all to be perfect and I want everyone happy.  Gah!  Anyhow done, until next year.  Oddly this was the hardest to plan for the least amount of folks, all of the other events are like 200-300 folks.

Anyhow, done!  YAY!  (until September!)

Also today was my daughter's ballet recital, she was adorable!


And now my summer starts and we're taking it mostly easy!


Happy Second Trimester every one!  Here's to renewed energy and lots of really excellent ultrasounds/ heartbeats!

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Whoops! I just posted in the May thread! I forgot its June! Where does the time go?? I still have 2 weeks left in my first trimester, but the nesting urges have started! I am finally starting to feel like I can get back to working on our house...I have a crapload of painting and decorating to do, but am slightly limited by time and money eyesroll.gif...lol! One thing at a time, that's my motto! Yesterday I bought blinds for the baby's room, and got paint for DD2's room, and went through all the big kid clothes. Next week is DD2's bday, so I have that to plan, and I'd really like to get a new crib for the baby...I've always hated the one we have, which was a hand-me down. The mattress is awful too. Ok, I think I need to make a list, haha!

Owl: I cut all my hair off in December, so liberating!

Kanga: happy birthday!!!
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I'm 10 weeks tomorrow and I feel like the second trimester is forever away for some reason. This part of pregnancy always feels like it's dragging.

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It does feel like it drags, but I'm sure it'll pick up when we're all feeling movement all the time and we have more energy to help the days pass!
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Happy 30s Kanga! They are great! Im already feeling way more energy and better moods at 11 weeks.so we wont slow down again till what october or november? Nice
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Owl - I think I'm going to chop my hair off too! I've never gone short before so I'm nervous. I don't think dh will be thrilled but I don't care. Its too darn hot. And my hair is really thick so wearing it up gives me a headache. I have an appointment for tomorrow for me and the kids (a friend cuts hair in her home) but I think I might wait on mine until next week. We have dh's brothers wedding on Saturday and I don't want my new haircut immortalized in all the photos just in case.
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Yeah, some of us don't get to the second tri until the very very end of June!  

Happy birthday Kanga!  30s are awesome, at least for me- I felt really liberated and settled.

10 weeks, 3 days...feeling mostly good.  I look different, slimmer in the face and all around, except belly : )  Pretty sure I felt the baby a couple of times yesterday!  Opted for not hearing the heartbeat via doppler- decided I didn't need to, I can wait and not worry about the ultrasound exposure- a friend just went to a big autism conference and lack of research around ultrasound kept coming up...reminded me of why I didn't do any of that with my first four pregnancies.  We may opt for a 20 week ultrasound since we're planning an unassisted birth- it's nice to see that baby is developing normally and all is well, at least at that point.

Told sister in laws about baby- one was super excited and jealous, one congratulated us but really doesn't get why we'd have more as she's overwhelmed with two (and working full time).

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Thanks for all the birthday wishes ladies  :)  Found out today that my SIL is pregnant too!  We are so excited that we get to go down this road together.

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I need advise ladies. The only time I throw up now that I'm in my 12th week is when I brush my teeth. It is rare that I don't throw up and if I use toothpaste, I always do. Help!
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Kali, I remember that!!  What got me was spitting into the sink after brushing- that's what brought me on.  Yuck!  My dentist told my daughter she could brush with a dry brush and then just rinse with mouthwash- you could try that?  Or do it in the shower like my husband?  Maybe just not seeing the sink will help somehow?

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Kangawho, birthday.gif


Kalishanti, I've read somewhere (some study that my sister sent me) that the actual brushing is what gets the teeth clean, more so than the toothpaste. Maybe for a while you can just brush without toothpaste a bit longer? Have you tried some baking soda? It has the additional benefit of whitening your teeth..


AFM - 13 weeks (or 14 if you ask my doctor) and I'm starting to feel a bit 2nd-trimester-y.  Nausea mostly gone and the fatigue easing up a bit (still sleeping a lot). Anyhow, the next two weeks are going to be crazy! I have a deadline coming up at work and we're going on vacation to Spain just after it joy.gif.   Nothing fancy, it's a small farm that belong to my BFF's fiance's parents and we're all just going to chill and do NOTHING.   They also just moved so being lazy sounds perfect for all of us right now orngbiggrin.gif

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LilyKay, the vacation sounds awesome!  


Happy Birthday, Kanga! I have great memories of turning 30.   My biological clock suddenly made itself known the night of my 30th birthday party...and I was obsessed about wanting to make babies forever thereafter. Well, until I finally had DS at 36. (DH and I decided to wait until we had moved and were in a better situation.)


KaliShanti - I am in a similar situation. Every time I brush I am at risk of throwing up. I found spitting often helps me. I also tend to brush really quick now. My teeth might not be as clean as they should be afterwards, but at least, I am still brushing. Better than not brushing at all.

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13 weeks on Wednesday!  Still occasionally barfy.  Trying to convince myself it is improving, but my partner keeps looking at me like I am delusional.  We finally fenced the yard this week, and I am looking forward to living out there all summer.  Contained children, not messing up the house!  I need to ease back into productivity, starting tomorrow.  One more day of lazy...

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LilyKay, your vacation sounds amazing! I'd love to go sit on a small farm for a while just about anywhere, but Spain? Wow.


DH gets very, very limited vacation time. I asked him yesterday how long he could take off after the baby is born and he thinks only 2-3 days. greensad.gif

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