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Made an appointment for next Tuesday to find out the sex of the baby! Its only fifty bucks at one of the 3d places to just do a basic gender scan. Totally worth it to find out a month early IMO!

We were away last week so I'm not really caught up on the chat thread but just wanted to pop in. Our trip was nice. Bar Harbor is gorgeous! Boston was ok. I think my opinion is marred by walking for 9 hours.. By the end of which moving at all hurt. Dummy me didn't bring sneakers. I had good supportive sandals but they don't have any cushioning.
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Heard the heartbeat!!  160bpm.  It was SO good to hear it!  Really good!!


My ultrasound will be the first week in August.  I don't know if we have a 3D gender scan place here or not.

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With DD1, we had one of our regular ultrasounds with the 3D machine at the hospital, that was kinda neat, but not really very clear, so I'm glad it not something we paid for. With both pregnancies I've so many extra u/s for medical reasons (baby not growing properly), I had a total of 10 for each baby, that the thought of doing a u/s for fun doesn't sound like fun :/. But I'm very curious about what a 4D u/s looks like and happy so many ladies get to find out the gender so early! Hope everyone gets what they want smile.gif

I liked the article on placenta placement and gender; I must ask the tech next time where my placenta is...I figure if I can figure out the gender on my own its fair game, but I'm not going to ask...which is hard, because I'm super curious, but I'd really like the surprise of checking for myself at birth joy.gif

Saturday we are heading up to a cottage we rented for a week, so excited!!! Except its supposed to rain ALL week...grrr...hopefully that'll change greensad.gif
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I think the placenta placement is most accurate at *6* weeks! I was so tempted to ask at my dating ultrasound but decided not to (9+ weeks).

3 more weeks til the big ultrasound! I am so nervous. I have my heart set on "girl". I am kind of frustrated at myself for it.
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Lida, yikes, I can imagine getting tired of ultrasounds if I had ten each time! I've never had more than one before (except for one of my losses, we had a second us to confirm), so it's crazy to me that I'll be having THREE this time!
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Aw, my u/s just got pushed back 3 days.
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Yeah, I'm praying for the grace to be happy if its a boy. That sounds selfish, oh well. It's likely my last bio baby and I really want my daughter to have a sister.
. I get it done at 5:30pm today.
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I'll keep my fingers crossed for a girl for you. I don't think it sounds selfish at all though. I'm hoping and praying this one is a boy. That's part of the reason I want to find out as soon as possible; I think I will need the time to adjust if it is a girl. I found a 3D place here that will do a gender determination at 16 weeks! I'll be calling to make an appointment asap!


Lida, the 4D part is really cool but kind of freaky too. With my surro daughter we did one at 32 weeks and you could see her open and close her eyes, smile, and grimace. So weird to see her actually making those faces while still inside!

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I don't think it's that uncommon to really want a certain sex for whatever reason. I so hope this one is a boy. I want it particularly badly this time. Last time I was meh, about which ever sex b/c I had my girl, but now all I can think is that this is a boy. I've always wanted two girls and two boys, not sure that I can handle four, but we'll deal with that when we come to it. My husband wants this one to be a girl and the boy to be the last. It's killing me that I have to wait until the first week of August. *sigh*

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That's a nice way to put it, Kali...praying for the grace to handle whatever life gives us.  People can say what they want, but my boys are way louder and noisier, more violent, get hurt more, and are more needy of my attention than my daughter.  So I want a daughter so I don't lose my mind with this crew of loud boys!  They are amazing people, but boys just weren't meant to live in houses or something- they need way more space than three to a room!  : )  Having a daughter is so special, and mine is going on 13!!  I'd like to do that again.  Nothing wrong with wanting what you think will work best in your family : )  When I realized last week that I do care, am attached, I knew I had to find out beforehand.  Having the time to get excited about having another son last time was a good thing.  

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Originally Posted by mataji4 View Post

 but boys just weren't meant to live in houses or something-

Ok, this really made me LOL! I come a family of all girls-3 older sisters and we were raised by my mom, and the first two babies from my sisters were girls as well. We were all in for a shock when my first nephew was born! There was such a night and day difference between him and the girls, it was rather amazing. So I totally understand what you are saying in your whole post!

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LOL- yep, my boys are much "easier" since we started camping. A few more days here at my SIL's and then we'll be back to our tent and 50 acres of bush and things will be less chaotic!
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LOL, boys are definitely rambunctious! But the real reason I want a girl is because of my sense of symmetry! I'd love to have four of each. I did start out with one of each, and then we had three of each (that was fun because we were the Brady Bunch!), and now I want to end up even again. We even have one girl dog and one boy dog, LOL.

Of course, I also realize that it would be difficult to fit five boys into one bedroom, but I think at some point we're going to have to get a bigger house anyway. I guess if we had five boys and three girls, we could get by in a four bedroom house, whereas we'd really need five bedrooms if we have four of each.
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Funny a, I have a boy, a girl, a d another boy. My girl is by far the loudest, most active, and most rambunctious. Lol.

Sonogram in 1.5 hours. Why oh why am I suddenly nervous it's twins??? No reason. I had one twin dream, measuring 19-20cm (I'm 15 wks 6 days), and the only other thing that's weird about this pregnancy is that although I thought I felt a few flutters starting very early, now I'm not really sure i truly felt them. It's only happened maybe 4 times. With my last two pregnancies I felt very clear consistent movements by 13 weeks. This is uncharacteriatically of me to even imagine twins. Maybe I'm just nervous because this is supposedly our last pregnancy and I've never had an ultrasound this early.
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Trish, I come from girls too.  When I was pregnant with my first my mom was sending dresses and flowery overalls, convinced of course I'd have a girl first like her and my grandmother.  When he was born she said, "Jenny, what are we going to do with a boy?!"    


Yeah, the rooms are a factor too.  I have my oldest in a cupboard under the stairs, three boys fitting cozy but nicely in a bedroom and my daughter with a big bedroom all to herself.  I can't imagine four in a room- they all snore and talk in their sleep, so it sounds like a bunch of nocturnal animals in there and they wake me up all the time!  I would sleep with earplugs if they didn't actually need me (night terrors, help with going to the bathroom).


Can't wait to hear about what you saw, Kali!  Sounds like you were having normal anxiety.


I have to wait until August 6th- they just called to tell me when I'm scheduled.

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It's a GIRL!! (*right? lol)



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Hooray hooray for you Kali!  I'm sure you were doing a little happy dance on the table seeing your little one and finding out your daughter will have a sister : ) 

What did you think of the 4D experience?

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It was quite fun. Much easier to see baby! smile.gif the only things that were kinda concerning is my amnionic fluid was low and one of the baby's kidney was enlarged. I hope that isn't an issue later. I don't know much about it.
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Remember that they can only measure the pockets of fluid that they can see, and so I believe they miss some in their averaging.  I know people who were told they were low and came back a few days later to check again and it was just perfect.  


Don't know about the kidney, though I imagine they are just forming beings for goodness sakes and not everything's bound to be perfectly balance yet.

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Congrats, Kali! I am jealous wink1.gif <3
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