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After a bit of silence (crazy week) I'm dropping in to say hello wave.gifand that we'll be off on Monday to Spain for two weeks! joy.gif  I need this vacation so much and it will probably involve a lot of sitting around and not doing anything!


I do have some news though, my new OB keeps doing ultrasounds (even though the insurance pays one per trimester) and yesterday she did another one "just to make sure".  I like her wink1.gif.  Anyway, I was asking her about the next ultrasound and whether we'll be able to tell the sex, she replied "oh one theoretically can tell right now, but it difficult ... " and just as she said that I saw it. It looked like a tiny penis orngbiggrin.gif. She saw it too and asked if I want to know but it was too late.. it cannot be unseen!  We tried to find it again but it was too tricky. We're now around 80% sure. I'm not telling it's a boy until it's very clear. But that was soooo cute!! I'm getting excited about the idea of a boy.

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Wow, I can't believe you found out already! The time is flying, isn't it? How many weeks are you?
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Awwww yay for finding out the gender!! :)


14 weeks today and feeling much better although I still randomly throw up about every few days. I also wish I felt more movement; I feel like I felt more a few weeks ago, from 10-12 weeks, but I haven't felt baby in a week or so. I know it's still way early but it does kinda make me nervous, especially as I have had two dreams of miscarriages.


I also had my first labor/birth dream last night. It was me birthing alone in my bed; like under the covers, lol. No one believed me until I lifted back the covers and there was wet wrinkly baby on my chest.

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LilyKate, have a GREAT time on vacation!!!

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Anybody else getting impatient already? I guess it's because I was shopping for a sling, but I just can't wait to have my baby snuggled up against me. smile.gif
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Lol, Michele- it's too early for that! But, I DO feel like this (1st) trimester has taken WAY too long. I feel like I've been pregnant forever! I thought it would fly by since I have the other kids to take are of, but no luck. Maybe because I've felt so bad?

I'm fighting a cold right now, on top of seasonal allergies/asthma. I'm so frustrated with not being able to get stuff done. I hate to say it, but I am feeling like I might be less pukey and Preggo tired this week. Here's hoping!

One thing that helped was admitting I needed help grocery shopping and with cooking. Dh has been cooking the meat this week. He and my Mom shared the grocery shopping duties. Made my life a million times more manageable!
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I am just impatient to feel it kicking around!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


I'm 12+2 today and feeling less nauseous too the last couple of days...might turn around at any time though, I know that's true.  I haven't been doing a great job of cooking, but getting better.  Now my husband is off for the summer so he can do it!

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I'm also excited to feel the baby kicking and moving. But nothing so far. At the ultrasound a few days ago, I watched it kick, stretch and do a summersault, I felt NOTHING. Not even a twinge. It's going to take a while I guess.

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I've felt a couple little bumps lately, and wondered if that was the baby, but it's so fast and so infrequent that I'm not sure. My tummy is usually pretty rumbly anyway - plenty of times I've felt things that could have been a baby, but I wasn't pregnant - so I can't say. I can't wait for it to be unmistakable.
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Right, me too Michelle.  I'm waiting for unmistakable and often!

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Me, too! I am eager for unmistakable and often, too! Sometimes feeling something and then going several days without is making me stress out.

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Wow, on finding out the gender!  We went away for the weekend with the kids, hotel, restaurants, amusement park, some hiking.  It just about drove me into the ground.  Taking my 22 month old to a restaurant is pretty much the worst thing on earth right now.  He hates containment and is very vocal about his feelings.  The weekend left me feeling like I had probably just ruined our lives by adding a third.  Tell me it is just pregnancy and I am not going to be this tired for the rest of my life?  We are camping in August and I am *definitely* meal planning and making sure we don't have to eat out *at all*.  But as of yesterday I am suddenly able to eat food without feeling gross for hours afterward, and I had enough motivation today to get some chores done, and get my kids out the door to gymnastics.  14w5 days, does this mean the end of first trimester horribleness is in sight?  I seriously hope so, I feel like my to-do lisst is multiplying in the night like gremlins.

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Hugs, Court! It does get easier, I promise! It gets easier in the second trimester, then again when you're done being pregnant, and when you're done breastfeeding, and when the last one is potty trained.

But then you might end up like me, looking wistfully at your almost 5yo "baby," and saying, "Just one more!" LOL. (Am I crazy? Yeah, pretty sure I am.)
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AFM, I was hanging out with a friend this weekend, and she told me that at nine months pregnant, she was about as big as I am now. Of course, it was in the context of, "It was weird, I never got very big," but still. I keep asking myself if I really look pregnant or just fat. :P I wish I'd measured my waist when I got pregnant!
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Hate to make three posts in a row, but y'all tell me if I'm being unreasonable here, seriously. I'm dealing with my mom, and she has a way of making me feel like asking her for anything is selfish and rude, so I don't know if I'm really in the wrong here or not.

She just took my 10yo DS on a week-long cross-country trip to my step-father's family reunion. It was very generous of her, as she paid for everything, including buying him a bunch of new clothes, shoes, and luggage for the trip. Her idea, of course. It was also really good for him, as he really needed some extra attention and time away from his computer. I was really happy that she invited him.

However, as usual, everything has to be her way or the highway. Getting any kind of consideration for what other people want is like pulling teeth. First, she changed the plans at the last minute to leave a day early. I said that was fine. She also wanted to come pick him up the day before that, so they wouldn't be in a rush, and that was fine, too. But when I asked her to pick him up an hour later than she wanted, so that DH could take the kids to the pool as planned, she threw a fit about not wanting to drive in traffic. greensad.gif

Shortly before they left, we realized DS was going to be gone on Father's Day. Since they were leaving a day early, I asked if they could come back a day early to avoid that. I figured it wasn't likely, and it turned out they couldn't because they'd miss the biggest day of the reunion. Oh well, didn't hurt to ask, right? Well, my mom was really flip and dismissive about it, making fun of me and acting like she couldn't understand why DH would even care. Finally she offered to have DS call home that day, like it was some huge concession on her part. The only other time I asked her to have him call, I texted and asked her to have him call home before bed. She complained that that was hours away, and she'd forget. Really? Is it such a big deal to have a kid call home from his first big trip away from his parents?

Today they are getting back into town. Originally, my mom said they'd "get in late," and bring DS home tomorrow. Today I found out that "late" means 3 in the afternoon, so I asked her to bring him home today. She threw another fit. I said I really wanted to see him, and she finally said ok, but she wouldn't drop him off, I have to go get him, and -- get this -- I have to come in the middle of rush hour. Hypocritical, much? I really don't mind going to get him, and I don't even care about traffic, but I feel like she did that on purpose just to get my goat.

This is typical behavior for her. If we're going somewhere and I have to wait for the babysitter before I can leave, she gets mad, even if we have plenty of time. If I tell her that I have to be home by a certain time, and I tell her before we even leave the house, when that time comes she's not ready to leave. She's even like this in conversation -- if I say something that doesn't interest her, she'll change the subject or just walk away. Seriously, she just walks away while I'm talking to her. Even in high school she'd put conditions on doing stuff with me, like ask me to go shopping with her, but then tell me I could only go if I was ready by 8 am on Saturday. Everything has to be *her* way.
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Forgot I wanted to mention - I have not gained anything!  Last week's appointment (14w) I weighed the exact same as I was at 6w. 

I feel like I am eating allllll the time!!!

Anyone else??



DD, 15y

DS, 13y

DS, 12y

New Baby 12/9/13

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I don't know how much I weigh- havn't weighed yet.


Another midwife visit today; heard baby again in the low 150s. yay. I feel better since no movement much anymore.

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Michelle- That sounds crazy making!  My parents and I have a fairly distant relationship (they will go months without contacting us, most contact is big gesture purchases for holidays/birthdays/the children, or occaionally realizing they haven't seen the kids in a while and wanting to show up without a lot of notice) and my in-law are...perhaps too involved, but generally respectful of our parenting choices, so I am ok with it most of the time.  I realize a lot, when I hear other people's stories, that we are pretty lucky!

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KaliShanti --- Feel better reading that! I used to feel more movement than I do now. Now it is RARE.  Like once every 4 days or so.  Still cannot wait till the constant movement of days to come! :)



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Michelle, your mom sounds like she has some big issues around control. It doesn't sound like she is open to logic or reasonable conversation. If she were my mother, I would not include her in my life, so I don't blame you for feeling frustrated!!

Yay for hearing the heartbeat, Kali! I heard our baby's heart twice last week too. First time was in the 140s, second was in the 160s. joy.gif

Wow to those who haven't gained weight! I haven't weighed myself since before I got pregnant, but I know I've gained. My midwife and I had a chat about weight gain and eating last week, though, and she said as long as my belly is growing she is not at all concerned about weight gain, and I shouldn't be worried about gaining the "right" amount of weight, and in the "right" trimester. Just to eat when I'm hungry and eat healthy food orngbiggrin.gif

Also, we picked our girl name yesterday!!! Now onto the boy name ;p
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