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Summer camps for the gifted soon to be 3rd grader?

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I've been looking all over the internet for summer camps for my ds who is finishing up 2nd grade.  We don't live near a big city so that does make it more difficult, but I am having trouble finding any camps for that age group.  Most of them seem to start around 5th grade.  We just recently found out ds is gifted (although suspected for quite some time LOL), so I'm just wondering if its not so important to send him to camp yet since there doesn't seem much for him?  That makes me sad if that's the case cause he just loves science and reading and is always asking for science summer camps :(

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Have you looked for local day camps? Most of our summer overnight start at 9/10 but day camps range from 5 on up. We have found some neat day programs at our local zoo, science center, nature center, and through our schools. None are geared toward GT- but all are very science-y.

Our library also has a reading club for kids per the summer.

Or maybe a few day programs or weekends that you could drive to a bigger city for a long weekend or a few day trip.

I would look for postings in local papers, fliers, or school websites or even ask other parents. Some local programs near us don't advertise but depend on word of mouth.
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Yeah, actually that is what I've been looking for is day camps.  He's too young for overnights.  I've been searching for hours and hours, for weeks now and I've got nothing.  I'm just tired of  looking at this point :(

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In your other thread, you mention living close to VA Tech. Have you checked there? Our local colleges offer summer day camp programs. A lot of them are excellent. DD attended some workshops and camps offered by the engineering faculty to promote STEM fields to girls. 


I imagine that some of the college faculty have children and that they want well-run, engaging extra-curricular programs, weekend workshops and day camps. You could check with them.

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We don't live near a big city (Detroit is 1 hour) but we are in a suburban area. Lots of little camps- but most have fliers ad not a ton of online info.

If you live near a University- they often have a lot of events. Ours has a writing camp for 8+. My kiddos have to wait for next year! (They are just finishing 2nd but only 7.5).

We have a few GT schools that have summer programming, but they are all private and pricey. Have you checked with local schools- private or public? I know summer programs are almost always offered through schools since they can be gant funded or be money makers.Not GT specific- but enrichment and other fun stuff. My girls did art and chess mini camps and this year are doing a space camp. All through schools.

Are you focusing in any camp or just GT?

Other options would be to take a class or activity that is hard to fit in during school. Summer is a great time for music, sports, dance, nature class, etc

Try atypical spots for small camps- some llce that have mini camps or summer classes for that age in our area are pottery place, local farm, library,nature century's, lego store, music shops, dance studios, tutoring centers (ours has a I love math camp), local university child development center , michaels&joanns crafts, local private schools, YMCA, local science center, local planatarium at university, local park system, zoo, school programs, local library, etc.
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Our local community garden offers a kids program in the summer- not a camp but really neat activity. Do you have a local garden?
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