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Made the first thing for this kid! It was supposed to be a self binding blanket, but I suck at those, so I scrapped it 3/4 of the way in and went with a simple rounded corner. It wound up a bit too small for swaddling but it will be fine to keep in the diaper bag or use in the car or something. I'm irritated at how not perfect the top stitching spacing is but that's what I get for trying to sew with the kids awake!

Tonight I'm going to attempt to teach myself to crochet so I can make some hats and blankets. Mostly, I want to make the blanket my mother intended to make for my first but was too sick to even start (she was diagnosed with cancer when I was pregnant with my first).


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Wow! Super cute!! I love the loopy stitching orngbiggrin.gif
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I love that fabric and the stitching!!!
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What a cute blanket! And a cool stitch! I think we have plenty of swaddling blankets from DS (MIL made them all), but I might have to make a couple new ones just for fun.

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My oldest daughter has learned to knot, so she has big plans for hats and booties and things for the baby. I want to make some felted toys and play silks and things for this babe. We have clothes and blankets from other pregnancies, but I would like some more natural toys.
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 And I need to go through my patterns because I know I have two different "Layette Collection" patterns that have patterns for sleepers, hats, shirts, pants, booties, etc. I can probably make most of the clothes the baby will need between the patterns I already own and all the fabric I have (I may be a slight fabric hoarder :) ) 

Me too!!  Plus my 9 year old is dying to make blankets and hats for the baby!  i look forward to crocheting some hats and booties! 

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