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But that was at 7dpo and 12dpo
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Lol, I wear the pants so it has to be me telling me no wink1.gif good luck . I will have a better idea where I stand in the next day or two since I chart my bbt. Fingers crossed for both of us
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Bah.  9 DPO now and I am not very optimistic. With both of my other pregnancies, I showed definite signs of pregnancy a couple days before I got my BFP (at 12 and 11 DPO).


Of course I have some "symptoms" (cramping and aching in my lower abdomen, seems like my saliva production is up, and my cervix is really high up) but I am telling myself they are all phantom symptoms because they aren't as blatantly obvious as my other pregnancies.


I know it isn't over till the fat lady sings, but I'm getting ready for the concert.  whistling.gif

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Can I join? 


TeaJunkie I am 9DPO today too! Did you test yet? I got a BFN yesterday and again today, but it is still early... 


Last time I was pregnant my main symptom was very tender boobs, and so far I don't have that at all, but I don't remember which DPO that started, hoping it is just a day or 2 early for it yet. I think realistically 11-12DPO I should see the true result from hcg being detected if implantation happened when I think it did. The waiting to know is dreadful!


I have had different symptoms so far on different days including: implantation cramping, fatigue, nausea and more frequent peeing. I just need the super tender boobs symptom then I will feel it's more likely that I am pregnant. Testing again tomorrow.



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Winter, I am right there with you. I wish my boobs were sore and then I would feel more confident about this! They aren't even sore like before my period! I am 11dpo according to fertility friend, and my bbt has been hovering right above the coverline. I feel like I am going to get AF any second, but she hasn't shown yet. She is due now...

This 2ww is killing me, but I am going to try to make it to the end of the week before I test. Hoping we have lots of positives this month!
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Today I am 14 DPO. I tested yesterday fully expecting a BFP to no avail. I have several sympotms, most notably my tingly full-on-top breasts and lots of sharp pains when I stand up or roll over. My AF isn't due until Wednesday so I'm going to wait until Thrusday morning to test again. I try to stay pre-occupied but it clearly is not working. 3 more days! 

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Woke up this morning totally nauseated. So much so I had to sit in the bathroom for 15 extra min for fear of pukkng in my bed. Interesting development but likely coincidental. I've been a gas factory for the past 3 days and I'm a little crampy right now so...

Refusing to get my hopes up though. Today is 12dpo if AF is still a no show by Thur I may allow myself to get excited. Took a $ test today same as the last ones. Took pics right away and one out of the case after it dried
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Prob totally imaging that I see something there
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I am out of the TWW (I'm pregnant!) but right before I knew, I had a negative, next day positive as can be, same brand of test from the same store. So that can really happen. Then, I took a strip test from Amazon and it was only barely positive. 


Marquess78, I can't tell anything by your pics, but they can be so hard to capture in pictures! Keep testing and best of luck to all of you. dust.gifdust.gif

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Congrats tabitha I'm gonna give in and buy a $ tree test lol it's cheap and I won't feel bad wasting a $1 if its neg. cuz I'm 9 days late I wanna know If I am or not lol I tested pos a day before af was due with my son and I was 3 1/2 weeks along lol. So I should have a pos if I am preg now I hope anyway I just don't know why I ain't started a have some pain bareable but some twinges and pain in left side near ovary. Boobs still very sore and increased sex drive lol which happened with my son. So wish me luck I'm gonna buy two for today and first thing in morning
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as I Thot it's bfn greensad.gif I would think If I was preg it would be pos by now wouldn't it be? I'm so confused maybe I just am extremely late ill test one more time with fmu but that's it. Anyone have neg this late and still be pregnant??
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Winter2013, no testing yet here!  I am trying to hold out until AF is due (Wednesday!) when I will be 12 DPO.  I was so bummed yesterday, but today my temp jumped a bit and I cried while watching Hunchback of Notre Dame with my son (the animated one).  Maybe there is hope after all!  If my temps stay up the next two days, I will definitely test on Wed!


For those that don't have sore breasts...are you currently nursing a LO?  I got pregnant with DS2 while DS1 was still nursing and didn't have a single feeling of sore boobs until he weaned when I was 10wks pregnant!


I am crossing all my fingers for all the testing going on this week.  May it rain BFPs!  goodvibes.gif

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OK, since Jan 2013 I've been taking soy isoflavones to help me ovulate and stay relatively regular. Ovulation is happening, I'm pretty certain since I chart. My LP is all over the place though. Jan cycle AF started on the 16th dpo, Feb 12th dpo, Mar 13th dpo and Apr 11th dpo. So my actual LP's have been 15, 11, 12, and 10 days respectively. So I really never know when to expect AF, which makes TTC even more crazy.

Pinching and Cramping on my left side tonight. Cervix has been consistently high for the past 3 days. Woke up this morning nauseous and feeling crappy. Gassy for the past 3 days at least. Trying not to obsess over it. Kinda hard but that's why we have these boards wink1.gif to vent and obsess and cry and scream. Whatever. Thank you all for taking the ride with me. I know I can be a wacko.
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I'll agree with TeaJunkie - crossing my fingers that we get a TON of bfp's on this board!  Still hoping I'll be one of them, but trying not to obsess too much.  I've decided that I must be going for a record on longest "tww" EVER!  Still no AF, got a bfn over the weekend.  Still having all the same strangeness (nausea off & on throughout the day - especially if I'm hungry, extreme fatigue, sore breasts, etc) now with a few added friends (overly sensitive nose - almost lost it when I smelled a fish/noodle thing someone had for lunch, random pains that may be round ligament pains, and instead of any cramps or anything I just get mild pulling feelings in my lower abdomen occasionally or a feeling like I just did a bunch of sit-ups - like I stretched too much or something).  Oh - and to add to the fun, today my back is aching worse again (it's been pretty constant the last couple weeks) and my right hip/thigh have been sore this evening if I move wrong. DH & I decided that because my system is crazy anyway we will give it one more week, test this weekend if no AF, and then if there is still no answer one way or the other (AF or a bfp) I will call my dr.  The uncertainty is going to make me crazy!  Actually, I'm starting to feel like I am crazy!


Sorry for the rambling - it's been a LONG few weeks!

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I just tested and there is an extremely faint but visible LINE!!! joy.gif I am 10DPO and purposely only went to the bathroom once during the night instead of my usual two times to try and keep that urine in there and more concentrated to test with and maybe that has helped the test pick up some HCG pregnancy hormone today?!


I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much (too late!!) because a bad sign was my temp dropped a lot today to pretty near the coverline......that's bad right? I'm so nervous to be joyful this early. And plus my boobs are not hurting yet either, I think maybe the right side one is, but that could be because I pressed too hard and caused it myself, plus I have no other symptoms again yet...ahhhh my head is spinning right now I don't know if this is real....


I ordered 2 digital pregnancy tests online so I can confirm it with the 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant' type of test maybe tomorrow. Is this really happening? ....I feel very cautious but excited at the same time.


I just checked the test again in between this post and couldn't see the line at all! Then I realised I can only see the line if I tilt the test to the right angle in the light...if it is too bright then I can't see the line, but looking at it away from the window I can see it.... now I am confused...maybe I am imagining it? greensad.gif

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Winter~ you still have a chance. Your temp drop could be an implantation dip. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. A line at all means BFP!


Lee'sGirl~I agree this process definitely drives me to mad hatter status. Hope you get results soon. To have to wait longer then the 2 weeks would make me bald.


Marquess78~I see a BFP in your future...or you find out the stomach flu is going around. Your symptoms sound like the real deal. Just a few more days to a darker BFP. I definitely see the faint line!


Teajunkie~I second your,"I am crossing all my fingers for all the testing going on this week.  May it rain BFPs!  goodvibes.gif" I would just add rain and poor....bring on the umbrellas...or we could just dance in the rain?!

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12dpo here. I really want to test, but I don't think I could handle the disappointment if a bfn, so I wait. AF is overdue, I'm thinking I will test Friday, but might cave and test Thursday if AF doesn't show. All day yesterday I kept feeling like AF had arrived, but then I would check and nothing. My boobs were a little sore yesterday afternoon and evening, but nothing more than a normal cycle. I am not nursing, but I nursed my boys for so long that I wonder if my boobs will be as sore this next pregnancy. I've only been nursing-free for a little over a year.

Winter, so exciting! It is still really early for a dark line. As long as your temps are still above the coverline and you don't get AF all is well...

Seattlemamma - I'm also hoping for tons if bfps this month! Let's hope we all form a nice big March DDC!
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My temp dropped 0.3 this morning greensad.gif I kinda expected it to though. Im getting crampy so I expect AF today instead to the usual day after my temp drops. I don't know how to post my chart here so that it actually shows up. Up til today it was awful pretty. Ah well. I have surgery consult for my carpal tunnel this morning. Its pretty severe and I've put it off awhile so its getting done regardless, before I lose anymore function in my hands.
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Oh, why did I cave and test the morning?  BFN on both a cheap test and a FRER at 11 DPO.  gloomy.gif  Now I'm boiling my diva cup to get ready for AF's expected arrival tomorrow.  Big bummer!  Timing will be tricky next month because we will be travelling, so I was really hoping that this would be it.


marquess78, it is good if you saw a line during the time window!    Next time, take a photo while it is still in the window so you can remind youself later that you DID see a line.  smile.gif


Still keeping my fingers crossed for everyone else!

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FF just gave me solid cross hairs today for Friday... which is what I though based on my huge temp drop and then rise on Sat but I didn't get the + until today! So 4DPO here for me and we'll see how things go. We were only able to DTD on O day this time as DH's work prevented us from trying earlier! I thought I'd be out this cycle completely with DH's work but happy there's still a small chance!


Since my past few cycles have been all over the place I didn't trust it completely for O date... Actually I figure it could still change but my chart is looking pretty good so far so I'm hopeful ;) But I did notice lots of cramping that night after DTD so we'll see... Trying not to get too excited but can't really help it. I'm glad that I'm only finding out now instead of 4 days ago ;)

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