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I really want to do lots of personals but just can't right now. Lots of grouphug.gif and blowkiss.gif to everyone with all that is happening.

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melw~THREE codes in one night in a hospital that small?? Yikes! Our codes don't get paged overhead, and only even ring to the phones of the RNs on that unit (and paged to the code team, of course), so I have no idea how many codes we actually have on a given night, but I don't think it's that many, and we have 300+ beds!

plady~hug.gif for your DD

jaygee~I agree, movie in a fort sounds perfect. I would love to get DS on swim team, but with him being gone for half the summer, it doesn't work so well. Maybe next year.

bec~That is one early ride. Holy cow. Nice work!

Wildfire season has started. Already. There is an absolutely enormous one just north of Colorado Springs that has already burned "scores" of houses, according to the news. One of my friend's in-laws live in the area and have no idea if their house is still standing or not. I woke up from my nap this afternoon feeling relieved that it looked like some clouds had blown in. Nope, it's smoke. greensad.gif

At least I got my workouts in early before the air quality got too bad. Not sure how Friday's planned ride will go now, especially since it's supposed to be on the south end of town (closer to the fire).

rr~Day three of double workouts, go me! I made it to track this morning (and it wasn't even that painful), and it was actually a somewhat "easy" workout. You know, as these things go. 6 x 400 with 200's in between, the first half of the workout at 10k pace, second half "hard". With warm-up and cool-down, I hit 4 miles altogether. Then I drove across town for a ride up Lookout Mountain. This is one of my favorite close-to-town rides. It's a killer climb, but short, around 5 miles. Around 2300 feet of elevation gain in that 5 miles. It can be a very busy ride, both with other cyclists and cars, but it was pretty quiet today. There were probably only 10 or so guys with super-chiseled calves who went blowing by me like I wasn't even moving. rolleyes.gif I am SUPER stoked though, because for the first time EVER, I was able to do this climb without getting in my granny gear. I did the whole thing in my middle chainring! Yeah! 17ish miles total, for some decent mileage on the day.

And now, off to work!
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plady - my heart goes out to you and C. I see more of that lately and fear its just the beginning. Thankfully, sports are a place where DD1 can find a sense of self that I hope carries her through ... Hugs to you mama hug.gif

RR: weight circuit for 90 minutes.

NRR: what would you do if you could afford to travel anywhere for a month? Maybe rent a house somewhere for the month and do local trips ... S. of France or "just" somewhere in CO.... thinking about this for next summer...
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Plady--I still feel like your DD more days than not. I hope she learns something that I never did.

tjsmama--I've been thinking along the same lines. Hopefully they'll be able to get that one under control. Though depending on what the winds do, we could just as easily get smoke from the Big Meadows Fire instead. Ack.
Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

NRR: what would you do if you could afford to travel anywhere for a month? Maybe rent a house somewhere for the month and do local trips ... S. of France or "just" somewhere in CO.... thinking about this for next summer...
I'd be in the mountains in Colorado...on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park...the Winter Park/Fraser/Granby/Grand Lake area. Or maybe the Steamboat Springs area, which is just beautiful and which sponsors a race series each summer. You could do triathlons there too. As for your friend who thinks that the land in NM will lose its value in 10 years--I doubt it. Every place is having crazy weather and fires, and while it may well be more dry, I don't think it will get that extreme. Or, if home prices do drop, it's for other reasons.

I've fallen behind on personals, sorry!

RR: 4.5 miles this evening, despite the health warnings and the reality that I probably shouldn't have been running outside between the smoke blowing in from the north from the fire in Rocky Mountain National Park (Big Meadow) and the Black Forest fire down by Colorado Springs. To clarify, the Black Forest fire smoke had been blowing north most of the day, hence what tjsmama saw when she woke up. But the wind was now blowing from the north, bringing the Big Meadow smoke instead. Needless to say, I couldn't breathe well and my pace slowed. Oh well. Tomorrow is the RRS Adventure run, so I'm hoping tomorrow brings some clearing. (It probably won't.) I heard the tanker planes flying to the Black Forest Fire this evening (they fly right over my house, kinda low, and they are LOUD!), so hopefully that will help some.
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Sparkle, I would do southern Europe somewhere. Italy, Greece, Spain, France...whatevs. We are wishing we could work this in over coming summers. Though honestly in a couple years when Ramadan coincides with early June, I will do Morocco.
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Plady~I've had similar experiences watching my dd1. It's heart wrenching for sure. The worst is when she's aware of it herself. I try to tell her how amazing and awesome she is and that the kids around here just aren't cool enough to appreciate her yet.

Sparkle~ I'd head to the coast of Maine.

Rr~ Yeah, apparently there's some kind of crazy thunderstorm situation heading our way today. Probably should've looked at the weather before heading out for this morning's run. Fortunately I had the intuition to leave my phone at home, so it didn't get ruined when I got soaked. I only made it about 2 miles before the rain got serious, but, on the bright side, it's probably the fastest 2 miles I've ever run. Especially at the end!
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Gosh I am a little mortified by my crappy mobile posting skills. duh.gif


My dd used to care maybe too much about fitting in and I remember seeing her have experiences like that...but they stopped in first grade, I think. Sadly, in her case I think a lot has to do with looks. She is cute and willowy and the queen-bee types gravitate to her as though attaching to an attractive little girl will raise their cred. This has only served to decrease her interest in belonging; she is practically a one-friend girl these days, content to have her brother and an occasional girl friend to play with. Still, I remember when both of my kids were just hurting to be included, and the helplessness sucked sucked sucked. It will pass, almost guaranteed. Hugs to C and you, Plady.


Just got the text that my sister is out of surgery; we are spending the day with my niece and nephew today. We have sunny skies and it looks like it will be dry (if cool) all day, so I am thinking a trip to the big, fun park followed by ice cream (for them, not me). Surgery went well, so now on to recovery!


Re: CO, stay safe, ladies--and that means not breathing too much smoke, too. greensad.gif


Shanti, grouphug.gif to you too.


So yesterday I squeezed in some yoga, and I am feeling it in the arms and quads today. Plan to jog laps around the park when I take the kids after lunch. Nothing hard, just keep moving. W30 magic is just starting, but I am all in.

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Plady (and others), the American Girl series has a bunch of "how to be a friend" books.  These have been really good for DD, who needs an instruction guide on social interactions.


Speaking of, part 1 of DS' massive evaluation was yesterday.  I was interviewed for an hour in which they asked me 10000 questions probing if DS is autistic.  No, I just want to know why he can't speak understandibly or chew and swallow his food normally!  Yes, he makes eye contact.  No, elevators and fans hold no special sway over DS.  Seriously, isn't it possible to be really good at math and not be autistic?  irked.gif  Has passed the oral apraxia exam with flying colors, apparently.  He bombed one part of his "social speech" exam because he evidently didn't understand how to tell white lies. They sent me home with 3 ADHD surveys.  I had such high hopes for this eval.  Maybe next week's visit will be more productive. 

RR:  Getting more regular, but still struggling to get past the 3 mile mark.  Daily exercise is doing me good, though.

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Hi ladies!

Ran yesterday and have been doing the ZWOW work outs daily with yesterday being a rest day.

NRR: the ladies in our during school bible study wanted to keep up over the summer so I offered to host. After that, co-leader said she didn't want to do any leading over the summer so would I do it all (host, pick study, order books, pay to be reimbursed, send all emails, lead the study time, etc). Um, ok? So 30 peeps including 8 kids (not counting my 3) at my house yesterday. THEN mtg with ,y boss today who will be out of town on a mission trip for 10 days (I step into boss role when he's not there) tells me today that I need to do the scheduling and contacting of employees for the schedule starting tomorrow!! Wowzers!

In fun news, if you didn't see on FB, my hubby painted my motorcycle pink. smile.gif
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towsonmama--glad your phone didn't get wet, and yay for impromptu speedwork!

Geo--sorry to hear about the eval. I'd imagine they asked a lot of those questions because speech issues and food issues are very, very common among those on the spectrum. But of course, a lot of things that are common among those on the spectrum are also typical of other populations. At any rate, I hope they get to the bottom of it. Maybe they're trying to rule out all the common stuff before diving into the uncommon stuff?

RM--sounds like it will be a very busy summer!

Shanti--thinking of you.

RR: had another adventure run at the local running store. It wasn't as hot today (mid-80s) but it was humid (for Colorado, but still yuck) and I swore to myself that if the map showed locations right by my house I would not run like a crazy person up the big hill (climbing ~200 feet). The locations by my house give out the most raffle tickets, but they're also the furthest out and there's only an hour to look at the map, run and get back, including dealing with stoplights. Anyhow, they unveiled the map and yep, I took off running for the stores near my house. eyesroll.gif I guess it's a tempo run for hope. After amassing 45 raffle tickets, I won...nothing! thumb.giflol.gif

NRR: This might sum up what life is around here lately: there are 3 major fires plus some minor ones burning in the area. Most of the news coverage is about the one near Colorado Springs where a ton of people have lost homes. Stories that aren't even in the top news tonight include a house explosion just a couple of miles from mine. It seems to have been from a gas leak; the gas company had been called but either didn't make it out in time or more likely, hadn't bothered to come out. One house is just toothpicks and four others were damaged. The area was evacuated for a while. It was news in the middle of the day when they evacuated the area (I found out through a tweet from the PD, followed by a call from my sister who was watching the news helicopters flying overhead and decided to turn on the TV; she lives about a mile south of the evacuation).

And in other news that isn't being widely reported in Denver because of the stories coming out of the Springs, the Royal Gorge fire has destroyed the Royal Gorge Bridge Park. greensad.gif The bridge needs some minimal repairs, but they lost all but 4 of 50-some park buildings and attractions. We'd seen some pictures and recognized the park (we visited a couple of times while on vacation from the Midwest, and I'd taken DH and possibly his parents to it one time when they visited). They'll rebuild. Obviously, it's not as tragic as the lost homes. And then there were two gun store robberies, one of which involved driving a SUV into the front of the store, a separate story about a drunk driver who plowed into the front of a woman's house, straight into the bed where she was sleeping (she's alive but has skull fractures, among other things), and a story that didn't get covered from my area involving a standoff with a gunman who'd holed himself up in another part of town. I'm feeling completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of craziness. I can't imagine how our first responders are feeling as they deal with all of this.

On a happy note, I took the girls to the Botanic Gardens today, so we missed the craziness and enjoyed plants instead.
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Real - ugh. We are having a lot of fires too, which result in a lot of smoke in the air here - not so much a respiratory problem for anyone in my family, thankfully, but a reminder of what is happening just North. Meanwhile, a friend just informed us "did you hear about the drive-by at X park yesterday?" I live a few blocks from X park, and it is the kiddie park for this "nice" neighborhood, a place where I took my kids for years. It was an early morning drive-by of a jogger, running through the park along his run. Totally random disappointed.gif

RR: I ran yesterday. 45 minutes. Ok, it was a jog, and a slog. The heat, and one of my hamstrings screaming made it not so fun. But, I havent run that much non-stop distance in a year orngtongue.gif and I kept my eye out for cars that might be slowing down disappointed.gif

NRR: heading out of town today for the weekend. I got a book yesterday "Where'd You Go Bernadette" I need a light-hearted book to make me laugh. feeling melancholy lately..
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Is it better to just not watch/listen to/read the news? hide.gif I feel like that is pretty much my approach. A very dear friend here is a local cop, so I do hear more than I'd like about a lot of goings on, and frankly that is enough. It all makes me tired. I go out for runs and have internal convos with people I cross paths with that go something like, "I could kick your a$$."


And these days it doesn't feel much like I could. Made it about 10K this AM, probably ran 4.5 of that, maybe a stitch more. Very slow pace, but still faster than I ever was in Abu Dhabi over the past few months. Sigh. Still, being run over by the wagon around our travels has left me struggling with the process of getting things back under control. Eating is back on track, working out is coming along, and of course the body tends to follow by a couple months. Sigh.


Glorious, if cool, weather today. Plan to take the kids to the library, then congregational prayers, then maybe a walk out on a local trail, and after that I'd like to go see my sister in the hospital, if her pain is under control by this afternoon.

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Jo - I also choose the "ignore the news" approach.  I hear the really important things from friends, family and facebook.  It has a big impact on me, so I need to not get hung up on events that I can have no control over.


Geo - The eval sounds frustrating.  Here's to hoping that it is just preliminary BS and you will get some real answers. 


RM - You are totally up to the challenges being presented to you!  Let your leadership skills shine!


RR: Yesterday, I got a lake swim that didn't totally suck.  half an hour in the lake swimming around a smallish perimeter (75 yard length) with a friend.  Interesting note about this friend.  Remember, back in January, when I was dumped by a friend at the beginning of marathon training for being too slow?  This is the same friend.  She had a pretty intense heal injury that forced her to back off of the full to a half marathon for that race.  I think it was a humbling experience, as her attitude now is much like it was before (supportive and not caring about speed).  Goes to show, that it was something she was going through and had nothing to do with me.  Filing that in the back of my mind.  Anywho, we finished our swim (only about .6 of a mile in 30 minutes, so pretty slow, but only my 2nd time in a lake and still getting reacquainted with the wet suit and how to breathe in it!).  Came home and hung my wet suit up to dry and headed out to meet my friend that I have been doing the C25K with.  She is up to a 22 minute straight run and did amazing.  After we finished the run, we kept walking for a total of 4 miles (can anyone explain to me why I can run for miles and miles and miles with no problems, but as soon as I start walking, it's blister city?).  I felt good about that brick.  This morning, it was up early for a 23ish mile bike ride with some people from my group.  On deck for tomorrow is a 30 minute lake swim followed by a 9 mile run (this is with tri class, but yikes!  For some reason I'm unnerved by the length of this run).  OH!  And I did a 2nd day of 100 squats.  There is a facebook page called 100 squats a day.  I'm giving it a try.

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bec - I am envious of your brick, especially the lake swimming part.

jooj - I wish I didn't read the news, particularly the local stuff. A couple of local judges here were just brought up on drug charges and it's ugly. Yet I feel compelled to read the local paper every morning. Glad you're getting back on track. I was derailed by the Donuts for A report cards at Krispy Kreme yesterday.

sparkle - hope the new book brings your spirits up

lofty - I'm done with Cooked, do you want to borrow it this summer? I can mail it to you and then if any other Dingo wants it, you can mail it to them.

Speaking of reading, right now I am re-reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and loving it as much as I did in high school smile.gif.

RR - I motivated myself to run/walk three laps around the park during swim practice this morning. I need to do that at least 3x a week.

NRR - it's finally above my 80 degree swimming threshold, so we are headed to the pool this afternoon smile.gif.
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bec~Just reading about your workouts makes me tired! You're going to rock those 9 miles!


geo~Good luck figuring out what's up with ds. Maybe the preliminary eval will have ruled out enough of their first assumptions and you'll hear some new ideas soon?


nrr~ The news is just plain awful lately. Maybe it always has been, but it seems like we live in a culture that likes to hear about tragedy. Not to mention the 24-hour media hypes everything to maintain viewers. There's enough badness in world (like someone shooting an innocent runner greensad.gif) that we don't need to keep constant focus on the negative. One of the victims in the Boston marathon bombing is from my town and taught at the preschool up the street where a bunch of the little ones in our neighborhood go. We can't seem to escape the bombing news around here because the media is taking full advantage of the local angle. You would think the marathon was this past week with all the coverage we still get.


nrr (happy version)~ I saw This is the End today. Hil.ar.i.ous. Super naughty, but a total riot. I went with my dad (who's doing much better, by the way), and it was a little weird when the characters were going on and on about masturbation. blush.gif Ahh, but I survived. And we skipped over that part when were discussing the movie afterward. 2whistle.gif


rr~I'm sticking to my "no 3.0 milers" rule. 3.5 today. I'd like to work my way up to ten by the end of July. I also need to get back to the push ups and planks--bathing suit season is officially here after all. 

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RP and I got back into the groove last night.  Ahhhh.  4 miles, the last 1/4 mile at a really fast (not quite sprint) pace.  Interestingly, when I really focus on my stride to speed up, my hamstring nerve pain (IT band pinch) goes away.  I ought to learn to run like that all the time.  The air just felt soooo good yesterday.


On the eval, I'm mostly disappointed because it's supposed to be a huge team evaluation, but instead of doing that, the SLP took DS out of the room while I did the eval, which meant the SLP didn't hear the nitty gritty of my food and speech concerns.  Grrr.  I just got a video of his eating and mailed it to her.  Her response seems to indicate that she might now get it.  We've got another team meeting next Wednesday, then they have a team meeting without us, and then a final meeting in July.  I'm mostly peeved on the autism stuff because it's clear to me they can't get past the math+autism relationship.  Any time academics came up, autism behaviors got asked again.  And again.  Of course, ironically, while this was all happening, he was evidently bombing part of his social speech testing.  Alas.


100 squats a day sounds like my own personal hell, bec.  Better you than me.


Townson, I'm finding I spend less and less time consuming news these days for exactly the reasons you're describing.  I do read the police blotter for this town for pure entertainment's sake (people who call the police for a dripping faucet, etc)


I've been playing geoguessr.  It's addictive.  DH calls my abilities with it "rather unsettling."  :lol  I guess that's why I enjoy it. 


ETA:  We got first two episodes of The Newsroom on Netflix.  Loved it.  Not surprising since the last TV show I really enjoyed was West Wing...

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Geo--hope you get better answers next month. Is the eval being done in school (are you still in school)? I was thinking perhaps this was independent (a la, my kids are out of school and so is everyone else's, right?), but it sounds like it's different, and thus slower and more frustrating. Yuck.

bec--nice swim!

towsonmama--I like your no 3.0 rule. I might have to try that.

JayGee--enjoy the pool!

1jooj--you're getting it together anyhow, despite all the travel fatigue and accompanying issues. That's a win in my book!

On news: I don't read the news every day, but most of this is because I found out about the events elsewhere. Igot the tweets about the barricaded gunman and explosion and drove past the news trucks and closed off road from the explosion to get home yesterday afternoon because it's the direct route home. And the smoke is kind of visibly in the air. That, at least, is better today.

For your laugh of the day: I'm checking the list of what's permissible at Coors Field for tonight's Rockies game (R's school choir is singing the National Anthem) and on the list of permitted items:

Brooms - 6' maximum length

Um, what? And why? lol.gif

I just wanted to know if knitting needles are allowed. I'm guessing yes.

Got to look at a road bike today. A local store is having a decent sale. They have a membership deal where you can get points back and this is an extra point weekend so that expands my price range. orngbiggrin.gif Had the kids with so I just rode it around the store. Tomorrow: parade for school board candidate, trail run in the mountains where the parade is, and check out the other bike shop that's all of two blocks north (both within walking distance of home; I'm not complaining).
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JG, thank you for the offer! I would take you up on that, but I actually have access to a great library right now and it's in my queue. Oh and those other 2 books by John Green (Paper Town, Looking for Alaska) just came in. I can't decide which one to read first! smile.gif LOVED A Tree Grows In Brooklyn! Glad your kids are having a great swimming start to their summer. Wish soccer wasn't so competitive where you are!

Sparkle, that looks like a fun book. Enjoy the book and enjoy your weekend! Oh and I vote for San Miguel de Allende! That was where I met Plady. wink1.gif Of course, I wouldn't object to a villa in Spain either. Please don't hesitate to ask if you need company. I'd consider it an honor. orngtongue.gif

RM, yikes, what a busy start to your summer! Hope it's fun!

Plady, sigh. It hurts to read about dd's experience. I hope, for her, it's not as painful to her as it might look to you. Reading about it brings back painful memories of ds1's attempts to make friends here. It was pretty bad so we switched towns/sports and it bottomed. It was/is one of the worst experience of my life. I've mostly mentally blocked it out of my mind; otherwise, I feel like I can't breathe just thinking about it. The details are too painful to go into, but I will say that it passed. Today, I don't think anyone would guess that something like what I witnessed happened but it did. And my hunch is that he's completely put it behind him. He's a small group, long term friendship, slow transitioning kind of kid. My hunch is that C might be like that, too. I *think* it was more painful for me to watch than it felt for him. I hope it passes soon for her and your sake and that just the right friendship will blossom. Soon. hug.gif

Real & Tjsmama, Oh! those wildfires! The smoke must be awful! I'm thinking of you and hope you are okay.

Towson, Glad you're dad is better! Good luck with those runs! I've got to increase mine, too! redface.gif

Kerc, how's the house/yard work going? And the book? smile.gif

Geo, ugh on the SLP feedback. But yay on the running partner!

Bec, I love reading about your bricks. Nice job. That is some exhausting work. I'm just waiting for my wetsuit top to arrive so I can brave the water and maybe have something fun to write in the swim dept. Keep training and reporting. It's inspiring! thumb.gif

Mommjb, Shanti, Jooj, MelW, Mel38, Nicka wave.gif

RR: Not much running (lots of rain!) so lots of weights and yoga. I'm very sore. I think it's clearing up so I hope to get in a kayak trip in the morning and a run later. fingersx.gif
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Double post rolleyes.gif
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let's play a game. (err, positive camp-counselor in me): let's pretend you were planning on doing a long bike ride with a friend. long as in ride your freaking bike across the state of iowa. So 8 days of bike riding. Insert family circumstances (not mine). Now you're not. (Well I guess I could go alone, but it would be more fun with the couple I was planning on riding with).  Here's the game: you have a bit of cash and suddenly 10 open days. What would you do? (Lofty are you home 3rd week in July? Plady? Sorry Ohioans, we will ahve just returned from the state).


Yard work done. Minus landscaping.

No riding today. But we did take our youngest out on Lake Superior on the tour boat. Very very very fun. And fun to pick something *she* thought would be fun while oldest was at camp. Did I mention here oldest picked the name Helga to use for a camp name?  (My dh affectionately refers to our children when off doing nordic things like skiing as Helga and Inga).

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