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Plady - I'm glad my DH isn't the only one. He's not capable of relaxing until all the work is done. Which I usually appreciate, to be honest wink1.gif.

sparkle - congrats to your DD for making Nationals! A tough decision for you though. Ugh.

Nic - Happy Birthday!!!!! Good luck with your future-plan making. Personally (and I'm 45, so I know...) being in the mid-forties isn't my favorite age.

Lofty - may the headache go away quickly. I have one too greensad.gif.

Jo - glad you're still on the wagon. I'm not. And I feel like dirt.

RR - walked 3 miles at the Y this morning.

NRR - Both DDs have Vacation Bible School all week and DS is doing a surf-rider class with two friends all week, so I have my mornings free. Now to find my motivation to actually DO something with those free mornings.

I think I need to find a therapist who specializes in eating disorders. Twenty years of binge-restrict and I'm really, really done with it all.
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never mind lol.gif
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bec~I'm biglaugh.gif over your open water swim description. I've done a ton of OWS, and I don't think I've ever seen a fish! I don't know if you just had clearer water, or maybe just that you were looking for them. winky.gif

real~Congrats on the new ride! Now we can meet up and ride! orngbiggrin.gif

sparkle~Congrats to your DD! I don't envy the thought of a trip to ATL, though...wouldn't be my first choice of a trip in the summer! orngtongue.gif

I survived my three in a row, and now have a few days off to swim, bike, run, read, and sleep. A week in, I have now hit the point of DS's absence where I really would like to snuggle him for a while, but a week to go still. I've got a little time left to play, though. Tomorrow, I'm going to go for a bike ride, then meet a friend for an open water swim and then lunch. This is shocking, because it will be the first time in my 6 years of triathlon-ing that I have ever done an OWS as a practice and not in an actual race. orngtongue.gif Track and a bike ride on Wednesday, followed up by sushi lunch and match.com profile making with a friend (EEK, but it's time), and a concert at Red Rocks Wednesday night, before back to work on Thursday night.
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JayGee - hug2.gif Sounds like a therapist might be the right tool for the job.  


Lofty - Yeah, hefting cords of wood is not vacationing.


Sparkle - Congrats on Nationals!  That's awesome!  There are a bunch of Dingos there, I bet they could steer you in the direction of at least some decent food.

What does dd think of her success?


Nic - I can see the rational behind the law school idea but ugh, it's a lot of time to get there.  Although I guess any fresh degree would be too.  Good luck with untangling the thoughts.


RR: None today.  Hopefully I'll box tomorrow.  I'm already over juggling working and summertime kids.  I'm putting too much on dd1 as far as watching Ali G but I don't see a lot of alternatives.  At least today she met up with a friend and they spent the day creating greeting cards and selling them to raise money for dd's "Wave Goodbye to Bullying" campaign.

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Sparkle, congrats to dd! That is pretty amazing. And yes (!!!) to what P said--some super Dingoes in ATL, fo sho.


Nic, I am kinda thinkin the same as P on law, esp if you were thinking an academic angle. I dunno, though. What about ed admin?headscratch.gif I think with some more sleeping on it you will come up with a good idea. I really do think so.


bec, YES, ha! On the fish. I swim in the ocean and we spend a lot of time in the company of the crabs and fish, but it never ceases to ook me out when something shifts under my foot or nudges me somewhere. I still sometimes scream. blush.gif But what fun!


JayGee, I really and truly understand. Some days are just a dragon to slay, aren't they? I recently read (most of) Radical Acceptance, and some of it spoke directly to me. But someone to help you with recognizing triggers maybe a little sooner so you can head off some of the crap before it comes down...yeah, that would be good.


Gaye, enjoy the time off! I hope you get some good swims, bikes, runs and maybe mostly sleeps! I cherish my sleep these days, and am happy when my kids sometimes declare (rather than "what are we doing tomorrow?"), "tomorrow, I sleep in!"


Lofty, that migraine sure could have to do with AF. I hope you feel relief already, and that you have some sweet relaxation ahead.


NRR: My sister is out of the hospital and doing well--great relief! I took her kids and mine to my parents' for Father's Day so she and her dh could have a little time together. Our hometown does a 2.5-hour parade. Weather was perfect and it was a nice day.


RR: Sticking pretty well to my very-few-runs plan. Three is a perfect number to shoot for, it would seem. Our social schedule is still nutso. 5 miles this morning (yay!), took an hour (waahh!). Going to need to begin doing some sort of real speed work of some kind. Not sure how I feel about that.


Off to bed with me. 'Night, Dingoes.

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Nic, big hugs. I hope you find a positive direction that brings money and fulfillment. Beyond the time investment, I've read recently about an oversupply coming out of law schools recently so I'm not sure it's the kind of "sure thing" financially that it used to be (the same can be said of nursing right now, too).

Plady, we stayed at Black Rock Resort. We hit the rainforest trail and the playground in Tofino before heading home yesterday, but I had planned so well with food and snacks that we didn't get to eat at Tacofino since there was a lot in the cooler that needed to be used up.

sparkle, good luck with the travel plans! I hope you both have an amazing time!!

tjsmama, have fun with the rest of the kid-free time, and good luck with the profile wink1.gif

Jo, I'm glad your sister is recovering well and congrats on the workable run schedule.

bec (I think?) how fun that your DD is doing a half joy.gif

JayGee, hugs. Hoping that you find a terrific therapist.

Hi to everyone else that I missed. iPad posting can be a hassle if I'm forgetful.

RR- Just a bunch of yard work today. When it's my only RR, I'm at least grateful for the reel mower.

NRR- Busy day of getting unpacked, laundry, groceries, caught up on the wild lawn, and our last fiddle lesson of the year. Tomorrow and Wednesday are 12 hour day shifts, Thursday is last minute end of semester stuff, and Friday my students write finals in both of my courses, followed by a 12 hour night. I have no other work booked after that until early July, so I took what I could get despite the stupidity of working day and night on Friday. I'll probably get to run and take myself out to dinner in between jobs.
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Nic--happy birthday! I'm with you on the angst, both job and otherwise this week (my birthday is Thursday, so there's that too). The rational part of me notes that even freshly-graduated lawyers are having trouble finding work (not to mention that FT for a lawyer is more like 60 hours/week). On the university side, if you could find a FT research position (rather than teaching position), that could give you a platform for publishing and a leg back up the academic rung. That said, the market is ugly anyhow, so I don't think it's so much that you've been out of the university as that there's too many PhDs and too few TT positions and no end in sight to budget cuts. Another PhD won't change any of that, which is not much consolation, I know. Great fitness goals! If you shoot for a spring or fall half-mary, I think you'll do great.

sparkle--I am lol.gif at your dilemma about qualifying for vs actually going to Nationals, though I'd feel the same way in your situation. Congrats to your DD!

tjsmama--yes, we'll have to ride sometime...when I actually have any endurance or speed. Have fun with your ride tomorrow!

MelW--is it me, or are nearly all of your weeks packed solid? Kudos to you for keeping it all together. clap.gif

1jooj--glad your sister is out and it sounds like you had a nice weekend.

lofty--hope the headache is gone.

Plady--hope you're able to box tomorrow.

RR: 10 miles on the (new!) bike and then 3 miles pushing a sleeping J in the jogger. She's been clingy lately and went into hysterics when I tried to bike yesterday when she was getting ready for bed. The girls had swim lessons today but for reasons I don't understand, J was flipped out by having a male/female pair of instructors and didn't want anything to do with the male one. (Yes, I was the mother of the kid shrieking "mama" as he piloted her around the pool. eyesroll.gif ) I guess she thought it was going to be another parent/tot class and she'd have her previous swim teacher, an older lady? Maybe I didn't prepare her adequately enough. I didn't think it was an issue after she'd done several months of dance classes where they opened the door, said "come on in dancers" and she trotted off without so much as a backward glance. At any rate, when I came home from the bike ride J was begging to stay with me and I was happy to push her to sleep.

The new bike is fabulous. It rides well and is so much faster (just like everyone says!). Now I'm in the thick of trying to figure out what kind of lock to buy, what kind of bike shoes (road shoes with the completely smooth sole or the kind that you can actually walk in for a bit? probably the latter...I like to check out things on longer runs and can't imagine biking will be much different), how to inflate the tires (clearly not with my current floor pump, though not for lack of trying...). Bikes and swimming always remind me how very simple running is. smile.gif

NRR: other than J being "that" 3-year-old in her preschool class, and probably also the youngest, the day was good. R the anxious child who has spent countless hours fretting about the very idea of swim lessons did not freak out and actually enjoyed it.
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I'm going to quickly reply so I'm going to miss all sorts of you:

Nic and Lisa: happy birthdays!


on phd job market:  don't discount adjunct teaching as a way to build your resume. You won't land a job at an R1, but if you have a few years of AP teaching + some community college teaching/night teaching and were able to present (note not write an actual article, just present something), you would be well suited for a job at my institution.  Also:  my husband and I have each (he still does) taught as an adjunct in two different systems. The minnesota state colleges and universities are unionized.  When you teach 5 credits or more you are placed into the union payscale.  The union payscale includes # of credit hours of graduate credit AND # years experience. We put all sorts of experience down when we filled out our applications to be placed on the payscale. As a graduate student I was a teaching assistant for numerous years. I put those down, as did my husband. They gave me credit for teaching middle school. etc.  Anyhow point being that the FT pay for a faculty member with about 10 years of experience and a phd (working 9 months a year) is somewhere between 60 and 70 thousand a year. In minnesota. When you are PT they prorate it -- at 60k you're making $2000/credit hour. WIth no expectations of research.


Other system:  well, the pay isn't nearly as good. FT is like $40,000. But you should feel good about that because as a FT tenure track professor, with almost 5 years of experience they still brought me in at $48,000. And the guy who was hired last year?  $49,000. <snark>Hopefully once Governor Scott Walker privatizes the university system we all start making what we're actually worth </snark>. 


If you are really thinking about looking at that level of work -- my suggestions are to do a tiny bit of research, get one or two recent college/university courses under your belt and then when you write your letter address you recent work history --- you love teaching at the AP level and realize that you love working with college students.   Poly sci, no?


In the meantime:  if you're teaching AP next year, go on the Educational Testing Services website and tell them you want to grade AP exams.  Get your parents to help with your kids and go talk to poly sci academics. You get paid travel costs + close to $2000 for the week.


Also:  we have a friend with a phd in history from Carolina. She works as a paralegal and does the research end of stuff. If you have a phd in humanities, then you're trained to do that kind of research and she makes about 3 x what an academic makes. BUT she works summers and sometimes at night.




ok must get some other stuff done today.

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Sparkle - Way to go for your DD!!!  Ugh, on ticket prices.  Is driving an option?  Is it cheaper?


Nic - I have near constant career turmoil.  I think your goals for the upcoming year are absolutely reachable.  You are so close to that sub 2 half! 


Gaye - The water was very clear.  But even in clear water, I have never seen a fish before!  Trying not to think about it.  Practice lake swims are critical for my confidence. That, and I need to build up a callous for where the top of the wetsuit rubs on my neck.  No amount of bodyglide helps that.


Lofty - I hope your headache is gone. 


RR: Yesterday was nothing.  Unless you count running after a troop of girl scouts all day.  Then, I did oodles.  I plan on running today.  Em has half an hour, and I have to meet with my C25k buddy for 25 minutes.  So, I'll have around an hour when all is said and done. 


NRR: Girl Scouts yesterday.  We were power badging it.  We finished 2 complete badges, all but finished another 3 and worked on another 2.  Some of the activties served for more than one badge, but it was still a busy day of flowers, navigating, geocaching, bugs, birds and nature!

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Real - I used to have the kind of shoes that are plastic/leather (whatever; stiff) and always had sore feet or cold feet during a ride. Then I finally got some cloth shoes (same sole), and I am so much happier riding now, fwiw

NRR: yeah, bought the tickets yesterday. Rumor has it that they're moving rope Nationals to Denver next year... thanks eyesroll.gif (next year she goes up to the next age group and will likely not make it to Nationals)
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Originally Posted by kerc View Post

In minnesota. When you are PT they prorate it -- at 60k you're making $2000/credit hour. WIth no expectations of research.
Wow. That's good. At my current institution I'm making a little over $3k for teaching a 3-credit class the entire semester. And that's after they instituted a higher pay scale for PhDs. We're not the lowest-paying institution in the area, by any means. CU-Boulder pays better, but not that much better.

sparkle--dream big: next year she makes it to Nationals and we see you in Denver! orngbiggrin.gif Thanks for the shoe advice. I'm waiting to see what the REI sale brings because I have my rebate to spend there. If I could combine that and a sale, it would be awesome.

RR: soon, to the library, with R running and J riding. Need to see if the latest band of thunderstorms has passed.
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MelW - I just looked at the link to that rental in France.... omg ..... would you hate me if I rented that house? Btw, youth World climbing championships are in Saatchin (??) BC in Aug. We know a boy from SF (the one north of here) who may very well go! He won Divisionals and is shooting for worlds. I thought for a brief moment of trying to meet you and Plady there lol.gifSheepish.gif
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Quick driveby to report 5.5 miles of running this evening.  A mile to the gym, where I met my friend, 10 minute warm up walk with her, 25 minute straight run for the C25k, about .75 mile walk to finish up our traversing of the 5k route that we will be running for the 4th of july, and then a mile home.  Everything felt great! 


Oh, can the Freedom Classic 5k on July 4th be added to the race list for me?

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real~I have tri shoes and I LOVE them, but they are $$$ (although I am 6 years into mine, and other than replacing the cleat a couple of times, they're in great shape). What kind of cleat you will need depends on what kind of pedal you get. Most road bike pedals use the cleats that are the awkward-to-walk-in variety, but they're really not that bad. The "flat", easy-to-walk-in cleats go with SPD pedals, which are usually put on mountain bikes. Why, I don't know. Regardless of what you go with, if you don't go with a tri-specific shoe, I would recommend looking for a shoe that has velcro to get in/out, rather than laces. You don't want to be messing with laces in transition. My tri shoes have one wide velcro strap (as opposed to two or three on a normal bike shoe), a loop on the back to help me pull them off/on while on the bike, and they have a lot more ventilation so that your feet can dry while on the bike.

I kind of love not having my kiddo around right now. I mean, don't get me wrong, I miss him, but I love only being responsible for myself and being able to do whatever I want whenever I want, ya know? Today consisted of biking, swimming, lunch with a friend, a nap, and now sitting on my couch with my laptop and my kindle. With some minor interruptions for watering the plants and showering. Oh, and a couple of loads of laundry. Tomorrow will be track, another ride, another lunch with a friend, maybe a nap, and a concert at Red Rocks. Yeah. jammin.gif

rr~A nearly 50 mile ride before my swim. I did most of the course for the first half-ironman I ever did. It's a challenging course...fairly flat, but with some huge rollers, mostly at the end. Not too much excitement on the ride, but I maintained a pretty good pace. Then I met my friend for an open water swim at the res. Neither one of us was super excited about swimming (I had just spent 3 hours on my bike, and she had been to masters swim already), but we figured we should at least do a couple of loops, so we did. I think it was a good thing to get my oh-my-god-this-wetsuit's-tight-holy-crap-the-water-is-cold freakout hopefully out of the way before Saturday's race. orngtongue.gif We did two loops, so about half a mile, and called it good enough to go get some pizza at Old Chicago. yummy.gif

So, WTC (Ironman's parent company) is in talks with the city of Boulder to put on a full IM in Boulder starting next year (presumably replacing the current 70.3). I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand...it would be WAY cheaper (no bike transport, no airfare, no hotel, etc.), there would be (assuming) lots of friendly faces there racing and cheering, easy to train on the course. On the other hand...I kind of want to make my first (and probably only) IM an "EVENT", kwim? Somewhere we have to go, and have a little vacation around it, etc. Hmm. Must do more thinking on this. I have a feeling it will sell out FAST, if it happens.
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sparkle, I would love if you rented that house and told me all about it! Saanich is a suburb of Victoria, and about 3 hours drive from here- and that's the same week Plady will be here!!! It would be amazing to have a meet-up!

Gaye, despite it not being a destination race, doing the inaugural IM at home would be fun (and less stress about forgetting and transporting equipment).

On sessional pay scales: here sessionals can only move three steps on the payscale regardless of experience and credentials. I make much more at the hospital, where I'm at the top of the pay scale, plus often getting night and weekend differentials.
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RR: Early AM bike ride.  27+ miles.  By early, I mean wheels rolling from my house at 4:40 am.  I needed to get it done and back home before 7 am.  I'm watching a friend's kids while she takes one of her kids to the doctor (she has 4).  The youngest is 17 months, so, Abby is getting her baby fix in (she adores little ones).  I'm hoping for a nap this afternoon, and then a run with my couch to 5k buddy (she has some scheduling conflicts this week, so tonight is one of the few nights she can work it in, even though we just ran yesterday). 

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Just finished a quick catch-up read. Personals off the top of my head:


sparkle~I totally get the "glad she qualified, but I don't want to actually go" approach to Nationals. Hopefully a Dingo meet-up can sweeten the deal if you end up going.


tjsmama~ nono.gif No you don't bury a match.com lead like that then pretend like it wasn't even mentioned! We want detailed updates on that front!


jo~So glad your sister is doing well! Also, I've been thinking I need to get out for 5 miles, but I've been hesitating because I'm worried it will take too long and I'll be disappointed in myself. Screw it! Your 5 miler has inspired me. Who cares how long it takes! You gotta start (restart?) somewhere.


NRR~All of you just stop it with your "life sucks in the mid-40's" talk! nono02.gif I don't wanna hear it. *hands over ears, singing "la, la, la"*


rr~3.6 miles yesterday (yup, you read that correctly--I actually added a tenth of a mile to my new distance rut). Going to aim for 5 today. fingersx.gif for a 5-mile report later today. (Remember when we had to actually type the smileys rather than click on them from a menu and we had a little giggle phase over :fingersx sounding like "finger sex"? lol.gif Ooh, my brain is turning to mush...)

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Originally Posted by towsonmama View Post

tjsmama~ nono.gif  No you don't bury a match.com lead like that then pretend like it wasn't even mentioned! We want detailed updates on that front!

ROTFLMAO.gif I second this!
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Towson, I miss those days when we could type the smilies.  It takes such a long time to wait for the box to open and the smilies to load that I rarely bother. :crap


Sparkle - That would be awesome to see you guys up here again!  I'm sure that between Mel and I we could bring over enough warm clothes to keep you all comfy ;)


Gaye - :lurk  Your week sounds like a great break from Mommy Responsibility!  I wish it was somehow written in to that unwritten contract that each parent get one week completely off a year to recharge.  


MelW - We're heading over to Victoria this weekend for a 2 night Urban Experience.  All that I'm hoping to fit in is Beacon Hill Park (in lieu of Butchart Gardens), The Miniature World, and maybe the wax museum (if I can distract DH somehow).  Is there anything else that we shouldn't miss?  I'd also like to take the girls to tea - not at the Empress, it's too $$ but somewhere?


As ever I'm fascinated by the news from The World of Academia.  Nic, continued :goodvibes for landing on a plan to get you back on track.


Shanti - :flowersforyou, I'm thinking your up to your neck in ILs about now?  


Bec - You are totally inspiring!  


Lofty and JayGee - Hope your headaches are history by now.


Jo - I missed why your sister was having surgery but I'm glad she's in recovery mode now.  She must be so thankful to have you there.


RR: boxed.  Today, don't know.  I'll be working which will entail ladders and lifting heavy things but probably won't get my heart rate up.


NRR: Dh is home and the last three hens and the roo made it through the night last night.   

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Plady - glad your chickens made it through the night? Is a fox getting at them, or some other critter?

tjsmama - ummmm, yeah, what's this about match.com???? And I totally agree that a Child Free Week should be part of this mothering gig.

towson - nice job getting out of that rut. I never bother with smilies anymore either since I can't find the box icon on the mobile device app.

bec - biking at 4:40? I bow to you!!!

Interesting conversation about payscales in academia. Seems that teachers at all levels are underpaid.

RR - ran most of 3 miles yesterday until my hip waved the white flag of surrender. Appointment with pain management next Monday. Guess I went too hard there for a couple of weeks. I hope I can get it under control quickly.

NRR - I have a cold! A summer cold! What could be more miserable and yucky. We had a swim meet last night and DS is swimming so well this year. Two firsts, two seconds = lots of points for our team! Both DDs had a good meet too. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids running around with their friends on a summer night. All three kids have made lots of new friends at swim team this year, especially DD2 smile.gif. We're going to see the Cardinals and Cubs play tonight. I wish I felt better.
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