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jaygee~Summer colds shouldn't exist. Hope you feel better soon!


nrr~I forgot to add this earlier. Re: dhs/dps who always like to be doing something productive--I saw a sign a while back that said "Stop the glorification of busy." I want to post them in every room of my house.


rr~joy.gifI did it! 5.25 miles. After my last post, I immediately logged off and put on my running gear. Thanks for the inspiration, Jo! blowkiss.gif

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Most days, I just feel like I'm a nut.  I'm trying to learn to be more gracious about accepting compliments, though.  lol.gif 


Speaking of inspiring, though, I was quoted in the paper!  This is about the tri group that I train with.  The article is about a 65 year old lady that placed 3rd in her age group at a local tri.  She is a fabulous woman and I am always inspired by her drive and spunk.  http://newssun.suntimes.com/sports/20803747-419/twenty-women-go-the-distance-in-swimbikerun-competition.html


And, yes, Gaye - We need details! lurk.gif

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Bahahaha! There are no details yet! We're just getting it set up today...I promise to keep you all in the loop. orngbiggrin.gif
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sparkle, I would just love it if you rented the house and told us all how it is. winky.gif I hope you get some ATL meetups.


Gaye, this match business is important. Be sure not to let it slip your mind.


towson, glad I could help. Wish I were more helpful to myself. Anyway, I did manage 4 miles this morning, with something that probably resembled fartleks. I still giggle at :fingersx and like Plady, wish I could just type most of them.


bec, I, too, bow. That is way early to be on two wheels.


I really don't think that could be what has me feeling so wiped, though. Anyway, dd had a tooth pulled today, so it's been a napping kind of day. I hit a farmer's market for tomatoes and kohlrabi, cleaned the apartment, caught up on laundry and sent the kids on a couple of errands. They have TKD this evening, and I am thinking of treating them to dinner out beforehand. I think we're leaving Friday for Up North, ISO some white water and maybe also a little tubing. I hope to get a run as well, even though I admittedly freak out a little up there over bears and cougars.

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Originally Posted by towsonmama View Post

 "Stop the glorification of busy." 


Hell yeah.


Not much to report around here.  At work I was asked to start tracking my hours.  I get paid for 20/wk.  Today I finished up 23 since Sunday and of course there are things on the schedule I'm expected to do tomorrow.  And this is the time of year when the super over 20 hour weeks are supposedly coming into balance.  I love my job but it's pretty inconvenient to be juggling kids in order to volunteer my time elsewhere so looks like a conversation is coming up.


JayGee - Boo to summer colds.


Bec - Nice quote!  And so true.


Jo - Cougars are scary.  Dh and I saw one up close once and it only occurred to me later how scary that was - I'm sure it knew where we were a lot longer than we knew where it was.  What was it thinking?  Easy dinner?  Zoiks.




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"Stop the glorification of busy" - indeed! DH doesen't like it when the kids or I read, because we're "not doing anything". Argh!

bec - I dreamed last night that you got up at 4:40 in the morning to drive to St. Louis to go for a run with me! I guess dream Dingo runs are better then no Dingo runs at all.

Plady - I think you're working too hard!

jooj - a good productive day smile.gif.

NRR - (too sick to R right now anyway) Cardinals game last night, VBS this morning, swim meet tonight. I've got to get my house put back together sometime today too. No time for a cold.
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We don't have a problem with the glorification of busy in our house...  We revel in lying around doing nothing.


DS' 2nd eval appointment was yesterday.  I'd sent in a video of his eating, which finally caught some attention.  The OT uncovered all sorts of things.  Based on her data, it's a wonder he can eat or write at all.  We have actionable recommendations for writing, and they'll have to mull over the crazy profile to figure out what to do for his mouth.  This was followed by 2 hours of standardized autism testing.  It looks like he did fine with that.


RR:  We're getting more consistent.  Distance is the next goal.

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I love my kids' TKD instructor. Their Weds class ended up canceled due to lack of students, so he waited with them while they waited for me to come back and get them (I drop off but don't go in with them anymore and certainly don't camp inside the Y to wait), then helped me pick a day/time to bring them and added a second day every week when I can bring them for free. Which means a little extra time for me, and a little extra man-time for my kids. thumb.gif


Today, we will head out to the trail, kids on rollers, and just see what happens, walk or run. No pressure.

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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

NRR - (too sick to R right now anyway) Cardinals game last night, VBS this morning, swim meet tonight. I've got to get my house put back together sometime today too. No time for a cold.

I think I'm not the only one who's working too hard.


But yeah, my kids haven't really had a single day off since school ended.  Sure we've done a lot of fun things but they've also been up early to get to town for my class or their tennis or swim team or my work...  

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Cross-posted with you Geo. Wow. I almost feel like he should result in some scholarly articles of his own. I hope the OT's recommendations help with enough stuff to start a sort of positive snowball effect. I am with you on the consistency thing. Now, to achieve some performance improvements.


JayGee, we have a cold in the house here, and I am just praying not to get it. It's ds, who is not good at being sick--but he is getting some coaching on, ahem, not making that pitiful face, thinking of pain relief solutions instead of making pain declarations, and being less disgusting about the thing in general. Like you said, ain't nobody got time fo' that.


Plady, I guess I just tipped over yesterday. I had not felt so whole-body tired in a long time, and napping most of the afternoon turned out to be what all three of us needed. Even ds commented today on the constant running around, and how we need to be more careful about it. It times well for me to say no to a few social things. Just the out I needed. I don't so much mind doing most of what I have to do, but handling other people's kids exhausts me. I am solo 24/7 parent for the whole summer, and much of what might have been my support system is out of place for various reasons. I am so thankful mine are 12 and 9, so I can at least grocery shop and catch a run here and there without them.


That said, RR: I dragged them along for about a 6 mile walk on the trail. It was mostly not complainy.

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Geo - I hope something emerges from this that can start building a path for you all, if not an immediate package of answers

JG - feel better goodvibes.gif

Towson - joy.gif on the longer run!

Bec - there is NO WAY i could do what you did. 5am is my kill-me-now cut-off. Earlier than, that; forget it bow.gif

RR: bike intervals 52 minutes (just couldnt do 8 more lol.gif), run/walk intervals 28, for 80 min. total. Felt good, but that's b/c I'm in a good phase...

NRR: DD1 is sick. Summer GI flu? Monday she layed around, I thought b/c she was wiped from the weekend. Then Tues. she puked all day. The past 2 days she's been coughing and weary, although made it to climbing practice yesterday, and will go again today, and then tomorrow the coaches are taking the kids-going-to-Nationals to a place 2 hours north for a day of outdoor climbing. Im trying to pump her full of healthy stuff just to keep her strength up to train while ill/recovering from illness....
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Hello, my name is Mel, and I am a busy-addict. I have finished editing and printing my final exams and after tomorrow am finished for the semester. I also booked a night shift for tomorrow night, since I have no other shifts between then and July 2nd. Work all day and night is not a great strategy, I know. I can fit in a run and take myself out to dinner in between jobs since it's not worth the 45 minute drive each way home and back. 


Plady, I really like the Royal Victoria museum with the kids. I think the dinosaur exhibit is gone, but we always have fun in the "old town" section (and they laugh at the new retro-toys exhibit that includes many of my childhood favourites). I don't really like petting zoos, but the kids like the Beacon Hill petting zoo. Maybe yours have enough farm life that it would be less exciting. Sounds like a fun trip! I have no advice for tea...


jo, enjoy the extra time that comes with TKD. Sounds like a great fit!


Geo, terrific that the OT is figuring things out.


NRR- My husband and kids went to the end of year meeting with the teacher yesterday. The teacher had done some math and english evals, and she tested a year ahead (end of grade 3) for math and got 100% on the grade 5 reading assessment and he didn't have any higher level evals. She'll be in a grade 3-5 class next year (luckily classes were all rearranged, otherwise we would have been 1-3 again) and we'll keep the homeschooling component pretty self-paced. Hopefully this school keeps working,since transitioning back to our neighbourhood school is looking more difficult all the time. I'm not sure who the teachers will be next year- they only have 2 of 5 that they started the year with and the vice-principal is also moving on. School politics aside, it's a good fit for her, but the fact that they have been burning out teachers at an alarming rate is not a good sign :(

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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post

Cross-posted with you Geo. Wow. I almost feel like he should result in some scholarly articles of his own. I hope the OT's recommendations help with enough stuff to start a sort of positive snowball effect.

I do think this has been a classic case of "don't believe it until you see it."  And yes, this center took him on because they are anticipating a paper from this.  It's a group of research faculty that take on just 50 cases a year and only does evaluations (no services), generally only kids age 3-5.  They thought his profile of data I sent them was so unusual, they wanted a look at him.  In all that, we got the appointment after "just" 4 months.  He's exhausted the knowledge of 5 practicing SLPs (including 2 PhDs) already, who could all see that there was something there, but couldn't quite figure it out, and none had any tools to diagnose him with anything.  And yet, we can't let him eat unsupervised for fear of him choking and we understand only 2/3 of what he says.  We are fortunate to have this evaluation at all, but it's so frustrating that they didn't do it in the way they told me they would. 


Time to get DD at the "wow, I learned more in 3 days of camp than I did all last year in science" camp. 


Mel - what part of the schooling is done in the mixed-age group and what's done at home?  How crucial is it to have the reading level nailed down?  It seems a bit odd that a school with 5th graders can only test up to 5th grade.

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Mel - what part of the schooling is done in the mixed-age group and what's done at home?  How crucial is it to have the reading level nailed down?  It seems a bit odd that a school with 5th graders can only test up to 5th grade.

She does three days a week at school- the focus is fine arts, plus a lot of "project-based learning" which so far seems to be a lot of writing, social studies, and the tiniest bit of math. Most of her day is spent with the mixed-age group (this year 1-3, next year 3-5), and once a week with a K-9 group. The focus at home is supposed to be math and language arts, plus some science and social studies. We've added French to that, plus all of the violin/fiddle stuff. I've been pretty "unschooly" with the language arts, since she decided to write a novel. Occasionally I push for reading something outside of her comfort zone (currently Geronimo Stilton and Archie comics). I don't think reading level really matters unless she goes back to a regular school. They have up to 9th grade on site, and up to 12th through distance learning at the school, I just think her grade 1-3 teacher didn't have beyond grade 5 on hand and was caught unprepared. We've decided that we don't really care other than out of interest, and that it's not worth pursuing at this point. When I asked her about the assessment, she told me that the "trickiest word" was meteorite, but that she's more interested in gemstones than space rocks. Then she showed me how she got the G book from an encyclopedia series from a free book pile, and showed off all of her favourite gemstones. I think we'll keep on following her lead on this.


I really, really hope that the research faculty has something new for your DS to try. It's amazing how the video evidence moved things forward. We had the same effect with photos of my youngest's rash last spring. The immunologist took everything way more seriously with photo evidence.

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Geo - I'm glad progress is being made in your DS' evaluation! 


Jo - I hope everyone is feeling better soon.  My middle DD has a cough right now, that I can't figure out if it is a cold or allergies.  It's been going on for a while, so I'm leaning towards allergies.


JG - I would totally get up and out the door at 4:40 for a run with you! love.gif


Busy - Yes!  It has been crazy!  I feel like we have this pressure to get all of the summer fun we can get in because it is a shorter summer break.  I'm finding myself having to "schedule" days to just sleep in and hanging out at home.


RR: I took a total rest day yesterday.  It felt weird.  And, for some reason, I felt guilty (cause I haven't had a swim since last Saturday).  But, I'm kinda over it, though.  Today was a 21+ mile bike ride.  I am alternately talking myself into and out of an 8 mile run sometime today.  Breakfast and a nap might win, though.  Only time can tell!  I might just run on Monday. 

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bec - never feel guilty about taking a rest day. Your body needs rest days.

Geo - glad your son's evaluations are helping clarify things a little bit for you (and that they seem to be backing off the autism angle a little).

MelW - your hybrid school sounds like the perfect combination to me. I wish they had something like that around here.

NRR - feeling much better today, thank goodness. We had a good swim meet last night and today is the last day of VBS. Luckily, my calendar is totally empty for the weekend! Maybe I'll even bike or run....
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hi! I haven't run, wallked, or worked out at all this week. worked a few hours every morning and then had errands to run every single day. blah. i could have done something, but I didn't. Poo on me. I did take the time to look up a new running schedule for the marathon since I've been doing not much of anything for so long now.

need input: I'm bloated every day. weight won't budge. I don't own a scale but judge by my clothes and looks,etc. This week I switched to oatmeal and flax for breakfast to help move things along and have been upping the water and fruit intake. Nada. what would you suggest doing? tired of the "full" feeling all.the.time.

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Love reading along. Just can't really respond on my device with the terrible cell phone connection we have.

RR: I'm so inspired by Bec's 100 squats/day (not to mention everything else she does!) that I've upped my rather-wimpy 30 squats 2-3 days/week to everyday. Then the other limbs felt left out, so I've been doing them, too. Now, my whole body feels so dang tight. I was hauling twigs/sticks/reeds from the beach to a swampy area barefooted and stepped hard on a brokenroot pointing out of the ground. It puntured, bled and hurt. I doctored it, then tried to go for a run on the beach. No can do. I was accidentally overcompensating for the wound that I twisted my ankle badly. rolleyes.gif so, back to squats and planks. lol.gif

Tjsmama, :popcorn

Bec, Jooj, Plady, and all of you busy mamsas, here's to some rest for you. goodvibes.gif Be well. Stay well.
Stop the overglorification of busy
yeahthat.gif I love it when everyone in my family is reading. Unfortunately for me, I often feel too guilty and can only do that when the rest of them are. So I encourage it a lot. I really love the words, "I'm bored."
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Argh. Dh left on a bike ride. 2 hours ago. Said he would be back with time for me to ride before dinner. We usually eat at 530. It is 5. He is not home.
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Ok, weirdly, I type in my emoticons and they work. headscratch.gif

Have I told you about my new concoction? Adirondack Margarita: 1 shot tequila, juice of 1-2 limes, 1/2 oz Adirondack maple syrup (preferably tapped by someone nearby smile.gif ), splash H2O, lots of ice. Salt rim. Shake in tumbler. Grab book. Cutting for Stone Sip on dock while watching kid try to surf behind boat. (Not happening). (Concoction due to running out of triple sec and not wanting to drive to town. Necessity is the mother of inventions and all that.)

Kerc, soapbox.gif Wish I could pour you an Adirondack Margarita.
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