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Bec - have a great swim!

Plady - your new kitty is adorable smile.gif.

mommajb - you crack me up! I think my sanity is also on vacation with yours and bec's

Nic - thinking of you and your family and sending positive thoughts

RR - ran 3 on Thursday, nothing yesterday, will hopefully bike this afternoon or evening

NRR - Yesterday was an exercise in frustration. The service tech was scheuled to come out "between 1 and 5" to fix our fridge. At 4:55 I still hadn't heard from him, so I called. The customer service person said they had no record of my appointment for yesterday which is BS because I got a confirmation call the day before. And they also said they had been at my house for 40 minutes on Wednesday, which is also BS because DH was here ALL DAY and no one ever came to fix anything. So now I have to reschedule again, still have a broken fridge, and DD1 had to miss her riding lesson because we were waiting around for the repair man. I cancelled the service order with this particular company, and now have to find a different repair company that will honor our warranty. Argh!!!!!

But, on a good note, we had a great afternoon at home yesterday, playing Monopoly, reading in cozy nests, and playing outside.
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Well, something happened between when I posted and about midway through the swim.  I started feeling really nauseous.  Ugh.  I made it through the swim, but did think I might hurl a couple of times in the lake (eewww).  Came home and showered and took a nap for over an hour.  Now, I'm chilled, but the stomach is more settled.  I think I will lay low for the rest of the day.  Other than not feeling well, the swim went pretty well.  The water was chilly, but I got used to it as I warmed up.  Happy for the wetsuit!

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Bec, could that be from water in your ears? I hope you feel better soon. That actually sounds like a good swim though, and kudos to you for getting out there.


JG, arg! That is awfully frustrating to have to wait around all day! Plus having them claim you weren't on their list? Gar. I hope the fridge is fixed or that you have at least found another (more reliable) company.


I am home from the funeral, and it was so beautiful and terrible at the same time. It was really hard to see the mother in black, hear her sobbing as she walked to the front aisle - it was so heart-wrenching, I am never, ever going to forget that sound. I just wish them some peace and some happiness, some day.




Now I am trying to finish up some work, but I am kind of drained. I think I will go watch the kids play in the yard. I feel guilty doing that when they can't. I guess now I am just being ridiculous, so I'll sulkoff.gif

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Dingoes, if anyone's reading tonight, I could use some prayers/vibes/etc. for my dad. He's in the ER, abdominal pain so bad he's crying, shaking, and vomiting. Docs don't know what it is, ruling stuff out. Waiting for the CT results now. This is hard.
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Sending all I can muster. goodvibes.gifFor tranquility and easing of pain and fear. Sending love.

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Sending love and hopes for easy answers and a quick end to the pain.


Mel - candle.gif


JayGee - Ugh on the repairmen!  


Just back from my birthday picnic by the sea.  It was really nice, mellow and friendly.  A good end to this week.

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Towson - goodvibes.gif maybe gallbladder?
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Hope you have answers by now, Townson, and your father is on the mend.

We just cleaned out the art cabinet, and then I took a broom to DD's room, creating a 5' wide pile of crapola. We're going to have to pay for another trash can tomorrow, despite just having put one out last week. Normally we go 3 weeks.

DD appears to be eating her way through Paris' street food and climbing it off at every park she can find. My mom is discovering just how many there are now that she's traveling with my monkey.
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Thanks, everyone. Quick update from phone: he has an abdominal aortic anyuerism (sp?). Incredibly lucky it was discovered before it burst. Why do we Google medical diagnoses?? Remind me not to do that again.
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Geo, I hope your parents (and daughter) thoroughly enjoy this trip. How familiar are they with Paris? I am not terribly familiar having only been once but I think including so many playgrounds sounds like a great way to meet people and see a new side of a city they may already love.

bec, our collective sanity had better be having a good time! So sorry you felt ill while swimming. Was the water clean enough that that isn't the problem?

kerc, goodvibes.gif on the sewer and water line replacement. Maybe we should set up Camp Dingo here for a stretch in June that covers much of AP grading? Everyone could drop in when they could given end of school and other limits. I might have to invite a few like minded women that aren't officially dingos who would fit right in. This is sounding good!

JayGee, an afternoon at home isn't all bad but you need fridge!

hug.gif, Mel38. What a tough day and weeks to come for your community.

towson, I hope our dad is on the road to recovery soon.

plady, may you keep that feeling of peace about you, at least in the back of your thoughts, all year.

June Gloom is hitting us hard this year but I think we will hit some rocky shores for climbing this afternoon. It is only 7:15 but I have a couple dinner ideas and the kids aren't fighting nor have they asked for food yet. Today is good so far. winky.gif
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Geo: I love purging those kinds of junk-collecting areas in the house. Your DD's trip sounds fabulous!


Mommajb: I hope you get your climbing in. Dinner ideas + non-demanding kids is indeed a good start to the day.


Plady: Ahh, the birthday re-do sounds perfect. Your kitty is gorgeous, by the way.


Towson: How is your dad today? My FIL just had the surgery to repair an abdominal aortica aneurism.


This is a link to a story on the news about the young boy who passed away. The picture of him running in the rain, that was a 5k that I ran back in the spring with my oldest DD and wrote up here. Peyton won his age group & he loved to run in the rain.


This morning, I biked to the memorial run and then biked home. It was 23 miles round trip on the bike and about 2 miles with the coach's couch-to-5k group. Tons of people showed up, over 100! It was great - there was lots of clapping and cheering, so many people around here love this family. I finally had a chance to just tell the dad that I am sorry.


Camp Dingo jog.gifcoolshine.gifgrouphug.gif

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Mel, the ride and run seems a fitting tribute.

Woah, glad they found that, townson! Hopefully he'll be on the mend soon.

My parents go to France about once a year, though generally just a few days in Paris at a time. They're taking each grand child in turn to Paris once they're old enough. Rough life.

I need to take DS to the library to collect his prizes, as he's finished the summer reading program that started Tuesday (read 15 hours). There are bonus rounds, don't worry. wink1.gif. I suspect that getting a feww more Ga'Hoole books might also be prudent.
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Thread Starter 

Towson, glad your dad's situation was diagnosed before it got worse. I hope he gets it resolved asap and no more pain.


Mel, hug2.giffor that little dude's family. That's heartbreaking.


Bec, no matter how hard it is to stuff yourself into a westsuit, you rock. Frankly I think there is no possible way to just ease into one. Even my ectomorph, 6'2", 165 lb. very fit husband has to struggle into his. 


Speaking of which, Team Nickarolaberry's Family did a relay triathlon this morning. It was a super sprint (very short) -- dh swam 300 yds, dd1 biked 6.5 miles, and I ran a mile. It was dd's first race and she rocked it. Finished and while I was fastening on the chip she said, next year I'm doing the whole race! Actually, 1 mile was a hard distance for me. I don't sprint. What I lack in speed I make up for in endurance. I don't know my split yet but I ran fast and felt fast, but wore myself out. No long run today. lol.gif  I did warm up with a 2 mile run (lol, longer than the race) though. Our 'team' got 3rd in the results...don't tell dd there were only 3 relay teams. Shhhh...she's so excited by her medal. 2whistle.gif


I think the tri bug finally bit me though. I'm signing up for the Athleta Iron Girl sprint tri in late July. I need a bike, but I guess I have a little time. I can do swimming at the JCC and spin there until I get a bike to use. Am I nuts?! I have to think what running race I want to do next and I feel sort of like another summer half or full isn't worth it since I really do have a time goal, and the weather is better here in fall for making that kind of PR. Have to think about it. I don't think Goofy is going to happen, financially it's just too much.


So Mel, can you please take down Goofy for me? If I do end up signing up for it you can put it back. 


So, Plady, my freshman college roommate dated your brother in high school and for a few months their freshman year in college. She's from Storrs, CT. shy.gif  She saw you on my fb and pm'ed me to ask if it was the same P.H.


Whoa, serious headache. 5 hours in the sun this morning (we were the last award....stayed til they were breaking down transition. ugh.) and I think I need to go hydrate.

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I am waaaay behind, but here goes trying to get caught up on personals...

mel38~I am so sorry. It sounds like the run was a great tribute, though. hug.gif

plady~Love the new kitty!

geo~I am uber-jealous of your DD. What a fun trip. I love Paris, but haven't been in years.

kerc~Ooooh, Denver in October??? That would be lovely!

towson~Holy crap! I am SO SO SO glad they caught it in time, yikes! Hope he's well on the way to recovery!

nic~Congrats to your team!

DS headed out of town with his dad Thursday night, so I am on my own until the 24th. So far, I am still very much in the ahhhhhh phase of his absence. I give that until at least the end of the week before I really start missing him. orngtongue.gif In the meantime, I will work, sleep, and workout. And not much else.

I had my first two shifts of precepting my senior practicum student Thursday and Friday. Holy crap, it is a LOT of work. I talked SO much. Which, you know, I kind of do anyway, but even more than usual! orngtongue.gif There was a wine walk at the town center across the street last night, so I did that with a friend, and it was a lot of fun. $15 bought a glass that you then took around to all the different merchants for wine tasting. I can't believe that I've lived in this condo for 10 years, and they've been doing the wine walks at least twice a summer that whole time, and this was the first time I've gone! It was fabulous, and I will definitely be doing that again!

rr~First ride of the year with my Courage Classic team this morning. It was a beautiful and HARD ride, over 5000 feet of climbing in 18ish miles. For my second outdoor ride of the year, not too shabby. My back was killing me from all the climbing, but surprisingly, my legs felt pretty good. Or maybe I just couldn't hear them screaming over my back! 18+ miles up in about 2 1/2 hours, 18+ miles down in about 45 minutes. Followed up with lots of pizza. It was a good day.

On call tonight (and tomorrow night), but based on how slow it was Friday night, I would be surprised if I got called in. Then again, you just never know, and they haven't cancelled me yet, so we'll see, I guess! Hopefully not, so I can get at least one good workout in tomorrow!
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towson, so glad they caught it.


Nic, love the tri pics. Family looks fantastic, but you're just smokin' these days, mama! 2whistle.gif


Plady, your kitty pics made me smile. I hope she's the perfect addition. Indoor-outdoor?


Mel38, heartbreaking. What a lovely community his parents seem to have. I hope they feel supported through their grief.


Geo, my dh is proposing a couple days in Paris en route to Morocco this fall on our way back to UAE. I'd love to hear what one should do with just a couple days there. If it works out, I think we would actually ship most of our stuff ahead and carry as little as possible to France/Morocco, like a rolling carry-on per person. I have absolutely no idea how to make it work in Morocco (filthy surroundings), but for now, this is the idea.


So, Rosetta Stone. Both kids are really good about taking half an hour each and doing the stuff daily. Of course, it is review for them now, but the practice speaking back to the computer and just seeing the words in print over and over is good for them. So, we'll introduce Arabic before bed soon, and be doing French in the morning, Arabic evenings. Arabic is just so much harder, I want them to be able to spend their dreamtime on processing if need be. No complaints so far, but it has only been a few days. I just want them not to feel like the languages are incredibly foreign. I don't really expect to see them speaking much, but I want better recognition of meanings, and an ability to grab pronouns with ease, maybe have an idea about conversations going on around them, movies, news, etc. Lofty, that movie sounds like we should check it out. I'll bet one of our local libraries has it. Good idea for Ramadan, looking for foreign-language movies to watch during the day.


RR: I've committed (for real this time, I swear) to another W30. A few days of eating at my parents' house and I couldn't even tie my shoes yesterday when Reb and I took our kids out on the trail. Everything hurt. I am better already, 24 hours later, but not completely. Saturday I ran 4 incredibly slow grannie miles with walking breaks (but still a little faster than the 3 miles I had run a few days before that), and I will get out for a run this morning before getting on with my day. I am shooting for 3 runs weekly through the summer. I want to improve both endurance and speed but I need to be super-careful about overuse. Non-running days, I can walk, swim or use fitness equipment, and I have a yoga mat in the living room. Ramadan will mean working out at night.


In other news, I still have boatloads of unseen friends. I am going to try and hit at least 4 of them this week before my sister goes in Thurs for surgery, then hit a couple more over Fri-Sat, and once she is discharged I figure on taking care of her and kids as much as we can/she will allow us in the weeks that follow. Hanging out at her house yesterday, just sitting on couches reading together. Everything is more fun with my sisters. luxlove.gif

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Towson - So scary!  I'm glad they caught it!


Jo - I am always impressed at how you manage Ramadan and working out. 


Gaye - That sounds like an impressive ride!  I'm always proud of myself when I get 200 ft of climbing in a ride!  But, you know, midwest. 


Nic - We call putting the wetsuit on the 4th sport of the triathlon because everyone is exhausted after getting it zipped and need recovery!


RR (Well, let's be honest here, it is more NRR): Speaking of riding, or anything else.  Saturday was the last time I did anything, and it was that horrid swim that I almost puked in the lake for.  Yesterday I was supposed to go out for a ride, but slept in a bit.  It was for the best, as I still wasn't feeling great, and I really didn't have time.  I had to get my youngest ready for a dance exhibition at 6 Flags Great America.  My middle is still in Colorado, so wasn't performing, and I took my oldest along to watch.  There was time before and after to do the park as well.  The kids had a wonderful time, but I was pooped by the end of the day!  I am going to go workout with my tri group this evening, so that will be something.  I was nervous about my running mileage, but just did a quick calculation with the calendar, and I am on track.  I'll be able to work up to a 10 mile long run beforehand.  I am already at the bike mileage (working up to a century ride for that), and my swimming is pretty much there (just need to get readjusted to the wetsuit). 

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towson - Yikes! That is scary! I am so glad they caught it. Healing vibes to your Dad.

Jooj - I think we are living parallel lives at the moment (well, minus that whole living in the UAE thing!) I just started anothe Whole30 yesterday for similar reasons. I am also aiming for 3 runs a week this summer. Let's do this thing! And I so agree that everything is more fun with a sister. Mine is arriving later this month.

Nic - congratulations on Team NB's awesome triathlon. Nice mile!

RR - Haven't done anything since Thursday. My shin, just to the outside of the bone in the middle of the leg, feels very tight and has a swollen lump. This can't be good, can it.

NRR - all kinds of soccer drama here. DD2 was not selected for the team, but the coach gave me a call and said she was the fastest girl to try out, but needs to work on her ball handling skills. She is happy to play Parks and Rec soccer this fall which will help with that. DD1 will find out today if she makes the travel team. DS will get a call sometime this week if he is selected, if not he will hear nothing greensad.gif. Luckily, swim is going well for all three.
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Plady - looks like a sweet kitty, (although kitty's are really not my thing) Hope the pukes are good and gone

JG - yikes, I hope you can figure out the shin

Nic - congrats on the tri! Im excited that you're doing one on your own

RR: nothing since Friday

NRR: had a really tough weekend with the kids. DS was on a great streak and now he's back in full force. I have been working my butt off to both find him support, but moreso to create a plan in our family for how to help him adjust his response ... to everything. Ive come up (with him) with a CBT chart, setting goals for how he interacts with people (i.e. his relationships) and for how he responds to situations that upset him. Then next to each goal we wrote his usual way of responding (with a quote for how he usually responds) and then in the next column a new way of responding, with a script/quote for the new way. Every time he is, frankly, a jerk (a lot) I reign in my frustration and calmly talk him through what we have been reviewing and take him through the steps of looking at how he's responding and why, and then changing that response. Meanwhile, he's screaming at me, calling me all kinds of names; I mean its a full blown half hour of him freaking out and me talking him through it, at least once a day.

Then, DD1 has this big climbing comp. this weekend and Im trying to help her get in some final training b/c her personal coach is gone as of this week. So I got lead-belay certified so I could belay her while she lead climbs, then I convince the younger two to hang out at the climbing gym for a few hours yesterday morning (this is a challenge with DS) and manage their safety and behavior while I am belaying DD1, during which DD1 gets super frustrated about a climb and I have to talk her through that (she thought I was criticizing her ... maybe I did a little), and then when she finally gets back on the climb, I dont do the best job lead-belaying and she is screaming at me from the wall b/c she is trying to clip a bolt and I am not giving her enough slack and she feels scared, and when she finally comes down she yells "I dont know how they ever lead certified YOU!"

After we get home, I am going to leave the younger 2 with dad (who just woke up post-shift) while I take DD1 for a play-date and DD2 starts yelling at me that her sibs always get playdates and I never make one happen for her!

Meanwhile, I am the only person who ever does anything for anyone in this house! (as are you all, Im sure. Preaching to the choir here) and I get sh** on constantly for my efforts.

Add what I think is a pre-menstrual hormone slump to that mix, and splat.gif stcik a fork in me

What happened to fun!? That's what I want to know. Life feels like a lot of work these days, and it used to feel really fun. What's up with that! ....

--> vent over
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sparkle~hug2.gif You sound like one awesomely patient mama. Vent away--you deserve it!


plady~ You and that kitty are radiant together!


jaygee~ Sports drama for kiddos sucks. Sounds like your dd handled it like a champ, though. fingersx.gif for your ds!


Reading about everyone's RGs and RPs makes me realize I kinda miss running with other people. About a year ago I was all like "races aren't fun because the competition is too stressful;  I just want to run by myself and not worry about pace or time--let the road take me where it takes me and have fun with the thoughts in my little head." Maybe my little head isn't as interesting as I thought it would be? I get all weird about shyness and worrying about pace when I think of joining other runners though. Do any of you experience that? How do you deal with it?

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Language language language.

We just dropped Erin off at Norwegian immersion language camp at Concordia language camps. Spendy, but like lots of things - you get what you pay for. Lots of choices: Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, Italian. And if y'all send your kids we can have camp dingo at a nearby resort. And resort in this context means about the same as resort in the movie dirty dancing.
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