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Meks-those sound good-yum!


Kamiro-yay for kicks.  Isn't it so nice to finally feel something and know it's baby :)  It's a huge stress relief for me.


I just realized today that I have a running skirt that I can wear for swimming, if it still fits.

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We are having a rainy June so have not gotten to the pool as much as I'd like to.  I love it, too :)


And it's true that now brownies sound delicious....


Going to aqua Zumba for the first time tonight :)   A fellow Zumba instructor teaches it and she loves it.  I think I will too and am looking forward to it.


Kamiro, I hope all is ok. 

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Mq-thinking of you, how was your scan?

Our rec center has aqua zumba. I was trying to figure out how it worked,lol.

Super hot today. Having a hard time keeping in workout mode. By the time housework is done, I'm beat. Bh usually start and I need to rest. They haven't been too bad this week. My center of gravity is off already. For such a small bump to me, boy what an impact on standing up or turning a certain way etc.
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MQ - sending positive happy vibes to you for your scan today. I hope it all goes well.

Aqua Zumba sounds fun! My dance classes ended a couple of weeks ago with our recital so I'm looking for something else to do to keep active. I'm going to check out our local community centre programs.


I had another crazy dream last night that we were driving through town during a crazy storm with tornados touching down everywhere. I don't know what is up with these dreams.

I'm excited for a week off work soon. We may not even do anything but it will be nice to just have some time as a family to reconnect.

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Thanks for the well wishes, ladies.


Scan was ok, I guess. It wasn't quite as uncomfortable psychologically as I feared it would be, but it wasn't exactly fun. And I was not prepared for freezing cold gel (warmed before application, but cooled to uncomfortable very quickly) and the serious discomfort of having my bump poked and prodded. The technician was nice, and even offered to take off her white coat when she found out how uncomfortable I am in medical situations. I am glad that I have had experience with CAT scan and MRI in the past, because was prepared for it to be cold in the room and so I wore a sweater and scarf, even though it was warm and sunny out. If I'd had to shiver my way through the whole thing, it would have been much worse.


The good news is, baby is completely fine. Measuring a few days ahead, but the tech said that there is up to a week and a half's worth of margin of error, so not to worry about having the midwife adjust my due date. We saw all of the little fingers and toes, and got the picture that DH wanted of the "alien baby" profile.


But here's the part that I hate myself for. I can't tell my IRL friends this, because I think it makes me a horrible person, but I'm going to unload on you ladies- I have to tell someone. Baby Pip is definitely a boy. And I'm super unhappy about it. I knew I wanted a girl, but I had no idea how strong that desire was until we were told he was a he and I almost uttered a swear word. I'm so upset about it. Being a loss mama, I should be grateful for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy, and on one level I am, but I am overwhelmed with disappointment. I realized that every vision I had of parenting was of a girl, and now I'm not going to get any of that. Again, it makes me feel like I'm a horrible person, but I'm just so unhappy about this development. It's like I'm going through this whole miserable process of being sick and getting all misshapen and I'm not even getting what I want out of it. I know I'm going to love my baby- autonomic neurochemistry will see to that- but I am just not at all excited about being the mother of a boy. I am, at least, thankful that we decided to find out now. If I had this amount of disappointment coming, I think it's better that I not be feeling it postpartum and while I'm trying to bond with my newborn...it's not his fault his dad gave him a Y chromosome. Hopefully, knowing early will give me time to get over my disappointment and to create new visions of parenting that I can get excited about.


In other news: I pulled a muscle alongside my rib cage last night and that's no fun. I decided to skip yoga this morning because of the muscle pull in favor of a water aerobics class later today, but my dang swimsuit (the one piece, there is no way I'm cramming this body into a two piece) seems to no longer fit. And it's raining, so no trail skating today. Maybe this is the universe telling me to stay in bed and chill all day....

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Mq, Glad the scan went well. Is that the only one you'll have?
Hmm, it is good to know to be prepared for ppd. But at the same time all I can think off is to not dwell on it too much? Once he starts moving around and you look at cute boy stuff and finally hold that little miracle, things might change. Were they for sure on boy parts? My ds1 there was no mistaking,lol.
I hear you on the loss, I would love a girlbut I suupose there's the chance of a boy? I will be happy regardless and just wamt to deliver a healthy baby.

On the u/s mote-I just spent like thirty min reading about wrong gender, even at later weeks. My friend got me thinking about it as she had two, one was a level two and she was a he when born. I'm really hoping for a girl and going by the tech saying probable girl earlier. U/s tomorrow, so I hope it's very accurate. But still....I bought a few girl things already, darn it smile.gif I found it so hard to shop gender neutral the second time, and now we have almost no clothing. I suppose we could wait on clothes till delivery for sure.
Anyone else worried the sex might be wrong?
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MQ- So sorry. I hope you can come to terms with it before the baby is born.  It's hard being set on something and having it whisked away with just a word.  hug2.gif  Relax, rest, and take care of yourself. Maybe journal or write down your fears of having a boy. They are pretty cool too!!   


When I found out we were expecting it took me a long time to come to terms with it as we weren't planning on having more. We were settled with our 2 and I started a new career path.  My friends recently lost babies when we found out and I thought why do I get a baby and they don't?! I didn't even want one, but after journaling & writing down our fears I found out I did really want another. I am happy now and come to terms with having another but it was a rocky start to this pregnancy!


AFM 16+6 wks= MW appt today, gained 1# in last 4wks and baby's heartbeat is 148-157 and moving and grooving!  Next appt July 19th.  

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Hippy- yes. We're only doing the one scan. And it was definitely boy parts! I even knew what I was seeing, and other than the spine and fingers/feet I was otherwise clueless and having to take the nice lady at her word. And he is already a big mover- the scan took a lot longer than we wanted it to because he would not stay still long enough to get the appropriate measurements taken. I got proof that he likes to stand straight up. DH didn't believe he could/would do that until he watched Pip's little leg bone straighten completely while I exclaimed 'ouch'. I really do think I'll get over it, and I feel really guilty about being so mad at having a boy instead of the girl I want, but I have to be honest with myself and process what I'm feeling or it's going to be bad for everyone.


I'm really trying to focus on the good stuff today: the cord, fluid, baby, placenta, and all are just great and I'm totally clear for the unmedicated OOH birth I'm planning. It could be a zillion times worse. I think I'm going to take a little 'mental health' trip to the baby store, or Nordstrom and look specifically at baby boy stuff. Although having a baby boy isn't the big deal, it's the idea of raising a boy; when he's 5, 8, 12, and 14 I'm not going to be having the fun I was hoping for.


DH is really excited, though. He really wants a boy. So I have his happiness to focus on, too, and he's not being a jerk about it- he gets that I'm disappointed. He's kind of awesome.


And he took me out for a very nice dinner after the scan yesterday. As usual, my eyes were bigger than my stomach (and Pip moved just enough to decrease my stomach capacity right as I was eating my entrée), so I have delectable chipotle roasted corn, Macaroni and cheese, and a steak with bernaise sauce and Dungeness crab to eat for lunch today. That's never a bad thing.

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Mq-I'm actually more afraid of not raising a girl right than boys. Other than making sure they are kind and considerate. They are pretty fun to me. I was a tom boy and I wonder would we have a girly girl or tom boy, if a girl? I think it's putting the hang ups I have from my mom onto her, something like that.

That's so nice your dh took you out smile.gif and that you're in the clear for your birth plan. That's one thing I'm nervous about for the next scan-finding something wrong that we had to deliver at a hospital. Sounds selfish I suppose in a way, but then we all hope for the birth we want, righ?
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To elaborate a little, I really like my mw, and so far have a great relationship with her. If we had to switch to an ob, based on prior exp, I don't feel I'd have that with one. Which would just cause stress for me. So far they've been able to help with all my fears etc and I'm confident biething with them. Sokeeping fingers crossed nothing develops that we have to switch care.

And, sheesh, the things people say to a person! I mean, I'm not the smallest pregnant woman out there and I'm really feeling blue by some stuff, even things dh says, probably unknowingly. Did I really look that bad before where now that I look "normal", am I supposed to stay this way? What's wrong with people? Sorry to grumble.
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MQ - I'm glad the scan wasn't terrible and I'm sorry you're disappointed  but you're totally right that it's better to be honest to yourself about your feelings rather than pretend it's all rainbows and sunshine when you're feeling crappy. I was hoping for a boy with my first pregnancy and we didn't find out sex until she was born. And to be honest, there was definitely a moment of disappointment for me, but I got over it so quickly with the realization that we now have a BABY. And that neurological stuff is pretty amazing because I'm crazy head over heels in love with her (even when she's being a total jerk). Your DH sounds pretty awesome and supportive and that makes a big difference too. I'm glad you can talk to him and us about your disappointment. So many women don't have any outlets or think that it's wrong to feel that way and it's super normal.


Hippy - people say the weirdest things to pregnant women!! When I was pregnant with DD I got "wow, you're about to pop!" and "look how tiny your bump is!" in the same day once (I was around 30 weeks at the time). Please just don't comment on how I look unless you're going to tell me I'm gorgeous. That's really the only acceptable comment to me when I'm pregnant.


AFM - 21 weeks today!!

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Originally Posted by AllisonRH View Post
Please just don't comment on how I look unless you're going to tell me I'm gorgeous. That's really the only acceptable comment to me when I'm pregnant.


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I was actually feeling really weird about how I looked thanks to the 'kind words' of other people. On the one hand: I feel enormous! My (low) waist measurement has gone from about 27 1/2" to almost 32"! I can still wear non-maternity pants, but they have to be in a size larger than my 'normal fat' size. I have never been this big in my entire life. I have to constantly remind myself that I'm not getting bigger, but rather, there is another little person camped out in my middle who is getting bigger. Meanwhile, even when I was at my ideal/aspirational/skinny size, my tummy has always been my problem area. Hence, I know how to dress to camouflage/minimize that area. So between spanx, tunic tops, scarves, jackets/cardigans, and high heels/posture, I've had people tell me I don't look pregnant at all! Then there are the women in my social circle who are now, or have recently been pregnant. To the last one of them they have said how much smaller I am at whatever stage I'm in (this starting around 14 weeks) than they were/are at the same stage.


I'm really conscientious of nutrition and of what I'm eating, but I was still spooked that maybe I had restricted myself too much and that maybe Pip was too small. That was one of the biggest sighs of relief at the ultrasound: he's measuring right on track/a little ahead, and weight estimated completely normal. So apparently I'm just lucky, did the right pregnancy pre-hab, know how to dress, and am not gaining non-baby weight in any discernible fashion. These are all good things, but boy did people have me scared (of low fluid level or IUGR!). I would much rather people not comment on such things unless they feel compelled to tell me that my hair looks fantastic or that my shoes are amazing. 

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Well, the us showed a for sure boy!!!! Oh man smile.gif At least we have some nb clothes. Most important, everything looked great. I had no idea they could see the brain or kidneys. She said everything was working right, baby was swallowing, bladder was working, heart, spine, head etc ok. My placenta is posterior, which makes sense where we do feel movement. My mw and I are going to talk about things to do to help ensure right position for birth.
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M.Q. So glad the scan went well and be kind to yourself. I completely understand the idea of feeling disappointed. It is totally normal. And seriously, you will adjust and prepare and be amazing when your little guy arrives. The reason we agreed to find out the sex of our little bean was that DD ONLY wanted a brother. Obviously, we had no clue what we were going to get. But I wanted to allow DD to have time to adjust to the idea of a sibling of a specific sex for a good long while, especially had it been a girl. Lucky for her, it worked out and we're having a boy.

Hippy Congrats, mama!! That's awesome news joy.gif  I can't recall if you have boys or girls already? It is just incredible all they can see on the ultrasound. I found it very comforting to see my sweet boy and watch him wiggle all over the place. I cannot wait to met him!! Now that we know and he has a name picked out, it is SO different to refer to him as a real person and not some theoretical being or just "the baby."


Allison Well said!! That is indeed the ONLY acceptable comment.


We're headed to a water park in August and I'm still not sure about a swimsuit. I don't currently own a maternity suit. I saw one on the Boden website that I LOVE but it is not available, sold out. The picture remains there just to taunt, apparently. Hopefully I'll find something I like... I enjoy being big and round with pregnancy. I feel so beautiful and goddess-like. That said, I am at the heaviest I have ever been at the moment (TTC for 11 cycles was rather stressful and I put on some weight before pregnancy) which feels really weird. Like nearly every woman I know, I struggle with body image and disordered eating. I am currently really careful about nutrition and food choices but have been anorexic in the past. I am a little over 5' 7'' and I weighed around 100 pounds when DD started Kindergarten, which is way too little for me. My healthy, ideal weight is closer to 130-140 pounds. Anyway, I am rambling. I am sure you all look beautiful with your pregnant bumps!!


biggrinbounce.gifHappy weekend, mamas!!biggrinbounce.gif

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Sparkle, body image is hard and I think a lot of people struggle with it.  I'm 5'4 and a healthy weight for me is 115-120, though some people would not agree with that.  They think more.  Of course, most of the comments come from people who don't eat very healthy nor are active, so I try to take it with a grain of salt.  It's been rough this pregnancy though so far with the comments.  

  What about a bigger swimsuit, not maternity?  I've never tried on a maternity suit.  Last time I got a size up in bottoms and found a liz lange tankini top that was really nice-it's not the tighter swim fabric, but softer.  We're going to a water park in a few weeks-can't wait, I love them :)  



U/S scan- Last month the tech said she was pretty sure it was a girl, that's why the shock of Boy!!!  But there is no mistake, it's not a cord, foot, leg or anything else in the way, lol.  We had our hopes up, and we have boys, so I'm actually glad we have a positive now on being a boy.  The picture she printed for us is pretty cool, you can see everything-she switched over to 4d for a moment I guess (not sure why) and the detail is just incredible.  I'm just so relieved that all is ok.  They said it's not 100% of course, but from what they saw, no markers for Downs or Spina Bifida, and bones/organs looked great.  Placenta well away from my cervix-yay, and it looks good too. 


  Hopefully this scan will put an end to any due date confusion there seems to be.  Baby measured 18 + 4=my ovulation=ff due date=Nov 20.  But, the nurse at the mw practice put in a 28 day lmp, which makes me 19wks, due Nov 15.  My mw put a 33 day cycle in=Nov 20.  The u/s tech put Nov 20 for my dd, she didn't input my lmp.  Since it's within a week, I'm not sure why the issue, except if I go past 42wks.  We already discussed a two week time frame, so I'm just not understanding the complete, "deer in headlights look" when the nurse looks at my chart and puts post its on it asking when baby is due.

  The funny thing are the week by week books and news letters. Are you guys reading the week for the baby's age or the week you're in, because they don't seem to match up much. Week 18 for baby=week 20 by lmp, but I do not consider myself 20 wks.  I started to wonder about this after last month's u/s.



Braxton hicks-seem to be picking up again.  It was nice to have a break from them last week.

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Most books are written with the number of weeks meaning the LMP date, even though that's not accurate for a lot of women (my cycles are long, in fact I conceived on CD30 or so this time).

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Nikirj-me too, day 27/28 for ovulation this cycle for bub.  I have pcos so only ovulated half of last year, it's another reason I chart.   


Hope everyone's weekend is going well. I was thinking this morning that at the start of July, a bunch of us will be having our babies in 4 months or just over that!  It's so exciting.  With as strong as these bh are, I'm wondering if we'll have another 39wkr and or quick birth again.  Been reading about labor positions for helping baby turn to the correct position and what I can do a few weeks prior.  Started prenatal yoga today-I really need to stretch things out. Going to see if a few weeks of this helps my neck before seeing a chiro.

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  I found this list of books for siblings on birth, I've already requested half of them from the library :)  Our kids want to be there and we're fine with it.  Seems like my friends think it's odd though, because they are older and can remember.  And I have family who thinks it's very odd that they know so much about birth and breastfeeding.  We're the first ones though that have in the family and are surrounded by it, so the kids see it as normal.

  I don't scream or zone out during labor, so I'm completely okay if they are there.   Ds was there for his brother, though younger and just walked in/out of the room as he chose.  Doesn't remember.  They are so interested in everything about this baby, from development to delivery.  I think it's great and hope some of it sticks with them into adult hood.


 Decided last night to just use the fuzzi bunz during the nb stage, instead of making nb dipes/covers.  I had a bunch of moms tell me they had no issues with cord stump.  Maybe because the fleece is so soft?  I have the adjustable size ones and wow are they tiny on the nb setting!  I forgot how small nb dipes are :)  I have some pink ones though and suppose could use them unless I trade them. 

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Hippy- Thank you for sharing. We read a bunch of these when I was pregnant with ds but forgot names!   


We went out and bought a used metal frame pool with salt water filter. So hoping it makes me cooler and my life a little easier this summer. YAY!


I usually have longer cycles ranging from 31-35 days, but I don't know what happened this time I think I O'ed 8 days earlier than normal os who knows... 

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