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I too think the sex reveal party sounds like a fun way to celebrate. For us, we are thinking of a welcome baby party, but weather isn't an issue where we live.

I had never heard of callenetics, so I had to google it. It does sound very similar to essentrics/classicàl stretch. Which was also designed by a former ballerina. Here is a link to their website http://classicalstretch.com/Pregnancy_essentrics.html
I'm not sure it's isometric, like callenetics. it's all about strengthening your muscles while stretching as far as you can. Also it really works the joints, loosening them up, and stretching both sides of a set of muscles, its great for posture.

I never thought to look on you tube for prenatal exercise. Well if I get bored with my prenatal essentrics, then I will look there to change it up. Somewhere ii have a prenatal belly dance DVD, but I never liked it. I wanted to, but just could never get into it.

I entered the 2nd trimester just as our homeschool year ended, so I'm trying to take advantage of my new free time to exercise frequently now, before I get really big. I'm hoping if I do it it very regularly for the next few months I'll be in good enough shape to keep going till the end, instead of giving up because I'm so big and tired. Also hoping that it will have become such a habit and so enjoyable that I will be able to make time to exercise even after our new homeschool year starts. :fingerscrossed
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Love the idea of a library party!!!! Also, we had talked about having a sex reveal BBQ party after our anatomy scan on the 24th. It coincides with grading day and our anniversary, so more reason to celebrate!! Having a shower after already having a child is also frowned upon where I live, but I so agree with wanting to celebrate. Those are great ways of doing it, I think!!!

Have been walking lots and doing some prenatal yoga. Vinyasa. Enjoying the stretching. Wearing mat clothes and loving it. Also treated myself to a new pair of birkis and birks.... Loving the new additions.

Also went maternity bridesmaid dress shopping. Not so much fun. Only 3 styles in maternity between 4 stores. Gah. Anyone have suggestions on where to look? I will be 36 weeks almost 37 when the wedding takes place...

I have an appointment tomorrow, looking forward to it.
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Vaquitita, I'm glad my words were helpful :-) As for the Floradix, I had lost my little measure cup that came with it, so I just doled out 2 tablespoons the first day and one after that. It does taste better and I do seem to crave more when I really need it!


Maggiemay, I know what you mean! I've been in one wedding at the end of May, and by that time the normal dress size I'd picked out was uncomfortably snug...then I am in my Dad's wedding on June 22nd, in a dress ordered for me before I was pregnant...worried that won't fit! Then in October, about a month before my due date, I will be in a dear friend's wedding across the country from me. Fortunately for that one she let us all pick out our own dresses so long as they were a shade of purple, so I picked out a purple maternity dress from Target that she loved. Inexpensive and comfortable!


Well, I need to vent a worry I have...we were evacuated on Saturday because of a huge wildfire, and while technically we were allowed back in yesterday, I am nervous about going back due to the ash in the air and contaminants in the water. I don't want any of that to harm the baby since it is still developing, and it is like breathing in second-hand cigarette smoke. But we can't afford to stay away for much longer :/ And since we don't have AC or a swamp cooler, we have to keep windows open to keep cool, so staying in the house won't keep me from inhaling junk.


Also since I was gone I forgot to bring any vitamins or herbs or food I normally eat, so now my digestion is all wonky. Bleh. 

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I don't think I can remember everything-


Jonsie-will you have a 20wk scan?  Maybe you can wait until then to find out sex so you don't have to pay for an extra u/s?  


Sunkist-ugh, that stinks.  Can you pick up some of those medical masks to wear while cleaning up?  How much longer for the fires?  We had some fires around us a few years back and the wind blew the smoke everywhere.  Our house took on a sheen of grey and there was no going outside.  It was like campfire x 10000!  Is your water filtered?  Can you pick up a filter to attach to your faucet if not, until you get an all clear on it?


weddings-have no idea.  Can't they just adjust the sizes of the bridesmaid dresses?  


showers-I like that book idea, it's neat.  My friend would like to throw me a shower and I'm of two minds about it.  I don't want people to feel obligated to buy stuff, plus it's exp.  I'd rather them go to a consignment store.  A pot luck after the baby is a great idea too, but I started thinking that it's going to be pretty close to Thanksgiving, and then what if we don't want a bunch of people around, what if we have a c-sec, or nursing trouble etc.  I'm also thinking we should celebrate this baby though.  Our kids want a bday party for her :)  I think it's very sweet, but I figure at Thanksgiving we'll have family around.  I told my friend that she can throw one, but low key.  That if people want to get us something, meals for after would be great, or something home made/passed down,  books, etc.  I really don't know though, it makes me nervous. I'm not a center of attn person at all, even though it would be close friends.  


Ultra-I think I figured out my digestive issues-I think.  I started to put a drop or two in my salad at lunch and noticed that it's not nearly enough to give me heartburn or stomach trouble, but it's helping me stay regular.  Of course I don't want a santa fe salad daily, so need to come up w/ another alternative.  I started drinking smoothies daily too, and maybe that's helping.  Maybe I needed more fruit in my diet.

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 Oh, is anyone co sleeping or use a co sleeper?  I started looking at the arms reach co sleeper that can be used as a pack n play as well, and it looks like it's just what we need.  By 4m our boys were moving around too much to stay in bed with me and I plopped them in the bassinet next to the bed.  But we no longer have it.  I didn't know the co sleeper turned into a pack n play.  Seems like it would work out pretty well until she'll be big enough to bring back to bed and I don't have to worry so much about the pillows and such.

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maggiemay, could you order an empire waist dress a couple sizes bigger and have it taken in closer to the wedding? And yay Birkenstocks! Which ones did you get? I've been breaking in my new Birko-Flor Milano Birkenstocks, they are just so comfortable! 


Cosleeping - we are planning to cosleep. I'm planning to have baby in bed next to me most of the time. We're also getting a Moses basket so that we have a safe place to put baby down that we can move around the house (we're not planning to have a pram or swing or any other baby-holding devices, so we do need something). We're also planning to get a travel cot eventually (probably the ultra-lightweight Baby Bjorn one) as a safe place for baby after the Moses basket is outgrown. I've looked at cosleepers but my issue with them is they are pretty difficult to move around the house. If you're already planning to have another place to put baby down occasionally then maybe that's not such a big deal though? 


We are having a 20 week scan, but it's against hospital policy to reveal the sex. I'm sure I sound totally irrational, but I'm a pretty anxious person and honestly feel like this would make me feel better. I've been freaking out for the last couple weeks since my midwife doesn't routinely listen for heartbeat at the 16 week appointment. 


Sunkist, that's awful about the contaminants. Could you at least buy bottled water so you're not actually consuming contaminated water? What a stressful situation. :(


Kamiro, do you have any details about the zumba that you mentioned? That sounds like it could be fun! I've mostly just been walking, but it's probably not the best thing for my hay fever. I'm dying to do aquanatal but I don't think there are any classes near me. 

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HippyMum - Last time we used a pack and play right next to our bed as a co-sleeper (it converted into a pack and play like you said but didn't have a side that was flush to the bed). This time I'm going to have DH turn our crib into a co-sleeper. Check it out! http://www.drmomma.org/2010/01/turn-your-crib-into-cosleeper.html


Sunckist - We are also in SoCal but not close to any of the fires. How stressful! I hate when there is ash everywhere ick. Hmm, I don't have any suggestions at the moment either...

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Sila, that's neat.

Jonsie-what? They have a policy against revealing the sex, why? How is the co sleeper hard to move around? We don't get swings and such either. I eas jusr planning to put baby in sleeper if needed. Thought about getting a little chair thing but we didn't use it much with ds2.
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Hippy - They don't even say why they won't reveal it. They just have signs up all over the scanning department that they won't tell you so don't even mention it to the sonographer. I'm guessing it's either because it's considered a waste of resources to look, or maybe they are concerned about sex selection terminations. But almost all UK hospitals do reveal it so who knows.

The cosleepers I have looked at don't seem at all useful for moving around the house, especially up and down stairs. They just seem a bit cumbersome for that. I would like to be able to move our travel cot around as necessary so baby can be near me if I am showering or cooking and DH is unavailable. Maybe the Arm's Reach is different though? I know we have some different cosleepers available in the UK. I'm sure I'm also looking at things differently because I'm planning to bedshare mostly, so having a real cosleeper that is flush with the bed is less important. If I were planning to have baby on a separate but nearby surface I think I would have chosen something else. It took me ages to decide though! smile.gif

Sila - I LOVE the cosleeper crib idea! That is so clever. It's great that your DH is so handy. smile.gif
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Re: co sleeping, we just co-sleep with baby in bed with us. I do own a Moshes basket and a pack n play...One holds toys the other holds blankets and clothes. I suck. lol

I need to start transitioning Dodi to the pack n play or mattress on the floor next to us because we are going to need room for this little one on the bed!





Jonesies- I remember that from my last DDC. Some lady was saying that in Canada they can't reveal the sex due to lawsuits? Different, huh.

For zumba I have done these two work outs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvbn3V-Ptoc and this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzm3jO_yQno


LOL thats all I can handle of that in one work out! Then I move to some pilates or yoga or walking or bellydancing or...you get the idea. Zumba is a blast and since I danced bellydance for years it comes easier to me than it should...Still...out of breath city! I'm not in the best of shape, but I am trying so that is what counts!


Sunkist - I am just grateful that your home was saved and you're all ok. I understand the worry over the pollution. Perhaps hanging wet sheets over open windows? That will help to filter the particulates as well as the wind blows it, offers cooling for the house. It's the poor persons version of a home made swamp cooler. Another thing to do is to cover your windows in rooms that don't need to be particularily lit up..It will keep the sun from coming in and making the house as hot. Just temporary hick advice for hot summer days with no A/C or air contamination outside.

Ask me how I know about this. LOL





Yesterday I had a terrifying incident. This is long so I won't take offense if you're busy and don't read! Remember i live rural where social interaction with adults is limited. LOL


I took the kids to the bookmobile. Living rural from bigger cities (we live in a regular neighborhood, just far out from major cities) we order our books online and from all the different libraries in the area they bring them in. LOVE the library system up here - but that's not what this post is about!

Anyways, I took all the girls down - we collected our books...and I started chatting with the driver. The girls asked if they could roll down the hill in front of the bus (its steep and grassy and less than 6 feet from the bus). I said 'sure'..


Driver and I are yapping, I'm running after Dodi who is toddling around...I look up and see my 6 year old is gone.

No one knows where she went.

We looked EVERY WHERE. Inside the building upstairs, all around the building, on the bus. I become absolutely FRANTIC. I mean this is the busiest area of town with people coming and going and just a couple blocks from Hwy 101 which is a major Highway!


I start breathing hard as the adrenaline starts pumping, I am frantic..I can't even TELL you all how terrified I was. Worse yet my DH had told me the night before that he had a dream where he was on the front porch and I was talking to someone and DH started crying saying "I just want my girls back"...


Of course that crossed my mind in my panic! I thought of the stories in the last year of a couple of the little girls picked up by..well, you know. How could I tell my DH? Should I send my 8 year old to run home to tell DH or should i have her watch the baby? What should I do? Should I call 911? Where was my baby? etc

5 minutes had elapsed by this point..

I was just about to have this guy call 911 when I hear one of my daughters saying "I see her! There she is!"


OMG. Seriously. I had no idea how hard I was breathing and how much running I had done (up the stairs and down, all around this complex etc) until I saw her and then all of a sudden my body felt like it had been hit by a mack truck.

She comes walking back with Daddy! Apparently she became 'bored' and decided to WALK HOME BY HERSELF.


Now, it wasn't terribly far from home. No more than a city block- a very busy parking lot, a steep street with limited visibility and a long shaded path with not a lot of traffic other than teens out trying cigarettes or skating - but that was most definitely not the point. She would not be allowed to walk home by herself even if she had asked - no way.


I won't repeat exactly what I screamed across the parking lot when I saw her (UA VIOLATION!) but man...Last night when I opened the watermelon we had bought specifically for her earlier that day I just could not help but cry. I just kept thinking "What if...?" If she had disappeared I would never have ate that watermelon remaining hopeful that she would be home soon to eat it. As long as some people wait for their children to return, it would have wound up thrown out. Sounds crazy, but just little things.

Reminded me how much is taken for granted.

I was having contractions and stomach upset all night and did not sleep at all last night. sleepytime.gif


Anyways, 6 year old is now to wear a leash in public until a time in the future yet to be determined. I've never had a child over 2-3 have to wear a leash (even my daughter with autism) but after that incident - I don't care how much protesting I get. She messed up, hardcore!


It is no wonder I have so much gray hair!!



Tomorrow is the ultra sound appointment. I really hope and pray baby is healthy and wonderful. I think I guessed boy when we first did our guesses, but just for the record - I'm stating girl! lol

I figure I know how to do one thing right and I have so many cute hand-me-downs. lol


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Forgot to say: AllisonRH I LOVE the idea of a library party! I can never have too many books. Love books. flowerkitty.gif A cat in the flower smilie for that - sure, why not.



The other thing I was wondering is if any one in the group would be interested in a cyber shower, or birth bead exchange? We did both last DDC and it was a lot of fun.

The average cost for the cyber shower is typically the $20 range and birth bead can be $5-$XX however much you want to spend on beads.


Also Hippy - I totally have to say I disagree about the swing and baby contraptions..man..The couple hours I was able to use the swing (we got it really late) were so worth it for me to get a shower in. LOL Also, I LOVE the fisher price jumperoo. We don't have one any more, but I am seriously wanting one this time around. I am definitely an 'in arms' mama - baby wearing 75% of the day - but for those times where you just need 'me' time and a shower or something...Love those two items! Just my two cents! I don't need a playpen or moses basket but man I love my jumperoo and swing!

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Wow, I haven't been on in a while!  We just finished up our last few days of homeschool last week, so I was pretty busy.  :)  But that's done now, though I ought to be working harder on getting our 2nd grade books, since we're starting again in July.  *shrug*

I had my first midwife appointment on Monday.  :)  I kept waiting, hoping that my husband's work would figure out their crazy insurance situation, but I can't wait forever.  I'm afraid it's going to cost us money, since now I have to pay the deposit for the midwife, and we won't get any of that back, even if we finally get insurance that covers homebirth.  :P  Plus, soon I'll have my bloodwork at the backup doctor, that will probably be expensive too.  *sigh*  But I heard the heartbeat at the appointment!  Usually I don't do the Doppler, for the same reason I avoid ultrasounds, but I was feeling a bit paranoid. 

Sunkistmoth - Wow, that's stressful!  I hope things clear up quickly!

Hippy Mum - We cosleep.  We have a bassinet that fits by the bed when the baby is small, and after that we put the crib right next to the bed.  I still have to lift the baby in and out, but the crib wall doubles as a railing for when the baby's in the bed instead of the crib.  :)

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Jonesie- where I am from they also do my reveal sex, unless you go private. Policy supposedly due to legal issues if they are wrong etc.

As for co-sleeping. We had DD in the bed. She is now transitioned to her crib until 5 am and then she comes in the bed. Honestly we had a pack n play, a bassinet and a slumber co-sleeper ( which was only $50 compared to arms reach which are over $200), and none of them got used much. Arm's reach are actually illegal in Canada, same as walkers. They confiscate them at the border and will not ship them at all. Safety issues is the reason...

That said, I do notice a huge difference in DD's demeanor as compared to other kids who slept on their own... She is way more relaxed and easygoing, independent etc. Whether or not it is related to co-sleeping.... I don't know. Still it was and still is the best way to bond and get some extra shut eye!!!!
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I also second Kamiro...... Jumperoo and swing gave me time to do things. Especially being a grass widow half of each month. They were my sanity some days and I don't regret spending $$ on them.... But i do regret the $$ spent on bassinet, co-sleeper...
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for co sleeping... I had an arms reach co sleeper (got from a friend) and I did not like it. It wobbled no matter how tight against the bed I got it. And it had a lip, so I had to lift the baby over that every time I wanted to get him in or out. So, it turned into a blanket/clothes catchall. When my second baby was due I moved the till then unused crib into our room, taking one side off completely. I put the crib against the wall and then shoved our bed up against the open side. This worked great, in fact it's still that way.


With my first I was given a swing, a pack and play and a jumperoo. The pack and play did not get used. The swing got used some, but not much. And the jumparoo did not work on the doorways in the main part of my house, where I wanted to use it. We also got one of those bouncy seat things, and that did get used quite a bit. It was a place to set the baby while I peed, showered, ate, etc. And very easy to move to whichever room I needed it. For whatever reason, all my kids slept better in that than in the swing.

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Hmm, might have to rethink the co sleeper. I used one of those bed rails that you put on the side so kids don't fall out, but at 4m ds was tossing all around and I was worried about the pillows so needed to put him somewhere.  If a pack n play is much less, I could just get a new one and place next to the bed like last time-we're one floor, so don't have to worry about steps/distance.  I have two big dogs so worry about the chair thing, I feel like I'd have to put it on the couch or table.  We did that w/ ds2 (had a diff dog) but he was out of it at 4m, and we used it rarely.  We used the pack n play a lot-vacation and outside before they were really moving around. 


Vaquita- I did that w/ ds1-the crib thing.  Then soon as dh would go to work, into bed he came.



Off to read for bedtime.  Check back later.

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I had a dream last night that I could feel the baby moving from the outside, but still not from the inside. I was trying to get my brother to be able to feel it, too, since he was right there. There was LOTS of other randomness from my dream last night, but that's what was baby-related. I thought I was feeling the baby last night while I was cleaning out the fridge, but I still can't be sure of anything... so I think that's where this part of my dream came from.
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Yesterday I was tired so I decided not to exercise. So after a day off, I thought I'd do the whole one hour workout video today. Got up before the kids, had a quick snack and got going. I have been interrupted FOUR times. First the toddler woke up, so I took him potty and then settled him on the couch watching mr rogers on the ipad. Back to exercising. Then my older son runs out to say my daughter is throwing up. Clean up her, clean up the bed. Now all 3 kids are on the couch watching mr rogers, i start some toast for them. Back to exercising. Then the phone rings, my husband leaves a message asking me to call him RIGHT AWAY. So I call him inbetween segments, it was totally not urgent. urgh. Ok, time to get back to exercising... My daughter throws up her toast all over. I clean up her and the couch and go find a bucket. I talk to my husband again, if the kids are sick it totally messes up our weekend. (kids were going to my in laws, hubby and i going away by ourselves). Why? he asks! AARRGGHH!!! Really? You want to send puking children on a 3 hour hilly, windy car ride? He tells me it'll be ok, because his parents were going to make lots of stops anyway. dizzy.gif


So it has now been an hour and a half since I began exercising, I've gotten in 27 minutes and I am DONE. Maybe, maybe I can finish later, unless I spend the whole day cleaning up puke.

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Kamiro that sounds terrifying!!!  My 8yo has a friend (they have known each other since 1m old!) and when they get together they have always been really prone to just deciding they want to go do something and running off together.  They started this really young (at like 3 years old).  They always have a plan.  Example: at the fair last year we met up, they conferenced for about 2 minutes and apparently decided on what order they wanted to visit the farm animals in, and just walked off.  If my 13yo hadn't noticed them chattering happily about horses on her way back from the bathroom we would have lost them in a REALLY big fairground!

I need less baby stuff than I thought.  My sister sent back the baby carrier I gave her and that is one of my 100% must-have items.  We cosleep and don't bother with any kind of crib or cosleeper or anything (takes up space, doesn't get used).  None of the kids have liked baby swings.  I just use a lightly padded cushion to lay baby down in whatever room I'm in when they're small and the rest of the family is off doing other things.  The good thing about having so many kids so widely spaced  is that one of the other kids can hold baby when I need to do something or want a shower or whatever.  My 11yo DS in particular looooooves holding babies.  I basically just need clothes and diapers.  We'll use DD's convertible car seat (it's 3.5 years old and in good shape) and we do have to buy one more so that both cars have one.  I have credit at a consignment store and my taste in baby clothing is pretty simple, so we'll be good I'm sure.

We are going to have an anatomy scan and find out sex this time.  We haven't had any ultrasounds the last 2 pregnancies.  I am suffering from a case of "I know too much about what can go wrong" and just feel like I need to have a look and make sure everything is OK so that I can calm my anxiety about major malformations (ONTD, trisomies, externalized organs, etc etc etc).  I thought I could get through it last time around, but until I actually gave birth there was anxiety about how she could have any number of conditions and how I'd deal with it at birth and it just sucked.  As long as we're taking a look already I want to know sex so we can prep the kids (if this isn't a boy, there will be some disappointment in our household) and so that I know what kinds of stuff to put out a "if you have extra baby stuff can I borrow it for a few months?" call for.


My brother wants to do all kinds of physical things, like last weekend we went to a festival and walked around for HOURS and he wants to go hiking this weekend and just...I'm tired and unweildy and still feeling barfy.  I know it's good for me to do things but *whiny voice* I don't waaaaaanaaaaa.

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Kamiro-yikes, how frightening.   


hapersmion-good first appt :)  Hopefully the ins gets figured out soon.  Will you be able to stay w/ the mw?  Can you put off the labs?  My mw offered to do that till mine got straightened out, that's why I thought of it.


Maggiemay-what's a grass widow?  I've noticed a huge difference in kids who co sleep and those who don't.  Just w/ ours, there's a difference.  I wish I'd had known it was okay to co sleep the first time, instead of partial co sleeping w/ him.


Afm-16wk appt today.  I have a uterus question-mine grew from just above my pelvic bone last month to 2 fingers below my navel in one month-is that normal?  We said last month it would probably be about half way up this time-but it's doubled!  She said if I hadn't a u/s already they'd be checking for two, but we know there's only 1 in there.  I have my 19wk scan scheduled and I'm wondering how measuring ahead changes dd, when you know when you ovulated?  I have 2 due dates-11/15 by lmp (28days) and 11/20 by o date, last u/s, and lmp (34 days).  But if she's bigger, would they move the date up more?  She said the next scan would give the accurate dd. I mean, it's just not possible to have conceived a week earlier than we did, so why change dd a week or two up?  I'm going to read about bigger babies & gd more, even though she said with my smaller frame and not having it before I shouldn't be at risk.  

     I mentioned I was pretty sure I was having bh's, and we went over that my whole uterus tightens then stops then starts a bit later, and they stop if I hydrate and lay down.  I notice them days that I do a lot and on my feet a lot.  She said we might have to "baby" this pregnancy a little bit and to really listen to my body and stop when I notice them.  Though people do feel them earlier with each pregnancy too.  I feel like a sissy about the whole thing.  But I didn't notice bh's until closer to 7m with ds2.   Still not feeling movement.  One odd thing, is I asked her about the anterior placenta, but the reports says posterior!  So we don't know if it was a typo or not on the techs part.  Will find out the end of the month.  I was feeling movement by this time w/ ds2 and our loss though even earlier.  She tried w/ the fetascope even though we didn't think she'd hear the hb and we were right.  But with uterus growing so much, I'm assuming baby is fine :)

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