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Scared to believe I'm actually pregnant!

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Hi there, 


I'm brand new to this site and a wee bit scared.  I feel a little silly this being my first post I should be over the moon to have gotten a bfp at all on our first month TTC, but I'm worried that its not going to stick because my bfp's have been light since 9 dpo on FRERs and I thought by now shouldn't they be much darker as HCG is supposed to double every 48 hours???


Is this a bad sign or is it possible that because its still early (my period usually lands 13 dpo which will be tomorrow) and it might darken up a bit soon?? Anyone not get a darker bfp till later?


This is my chart on FF: [url=http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2f2804/]My Ovulation Chart[/url]


These are my BFPs attached (ps not sure how to insert hyperlinks and photos yet, sorry!)


I want so much for this to be a real BFP!  







I just got Married May 4th, and I'm going to be 40 in July.  My husband is turning 43 in August and this was literally our first month trying. I thought given my age "high risk" & a fibroid growing off my uterus about the size of a golf ball, yada yada that it was going to take us a while. I was stunned after one roll in the hay to get that bfp!


I'd welcome any and all opinions. Maybe I just need to relax but I keep getting AF low back aches last couple days on and off and a rager of a headache yesterday.  I just worry that its the Crimson Tide trying to roll its way in. :-(


Thanks very much!

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I understand feeling anxious but the lines are getting steadily darker. Considering you've only been testing for 4 days I'd take that as a wonderful sign smile.gif I would be very happy with these results. Also, cramping and headaches are normal early symptoms. Congratulations!!
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Looks like it's getting darker to me! If I were you I would stop testing and just bask in the knowledge that you are indeed preggo. Try not to worry and take care of yourself!!
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Thanks PrimordialMind & dalia! See ... I'm so paranoid I didn't think they were getting darker at all! I thought they looked the exact same level of lightness, lol! Ok I'm going to try and embrace the fact that I'm pregnant joy.gifand smile! I literally have been a nervous wreck worrying it wasn't real or getting darker representing a healthy preg!


I'm feeling my shoulders relax a little now... thank you very much!!!


Time for a nice healthy meal! I'm feeling the desire for kale, white beans, ww pasta, and spicy chicken all mixed into one garlicky yummy dish. I'm sure its too soon for cravings, lol but my body really wants the kale and beans! 


Your both awesome, thank you!

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It's never too soon for cravings LOL. That meal sounds incredible!!

Congratulations. :-) Hubby and I always get preggo on the first try.
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Congratulations and Welcome to Mothering! joy.gif

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Thank you Kamiro and dalia!!! Thats awesome for you and hubs on first try!! Night night and thank you all so much!
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So I know I was supposed to step away from the tests but I had one more and took this morning and its darker!!! 


I wanted to thank you all for helping calm me down yesterday.  biggrinbounce.gif

I slept so hard and awoke feeling more positive, then to see this get darker on expected day of my period was even better! 

I'm also so glad you told me cramping was normal because I would have thought for sure that Flo was coming but now I feel its a different sort of cramping.

Here's hoping this little noodle is a sticky sticky one!

Much gratitude to you all!


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Congrats! And welcome to Mothering!

Those all look very much like positive tests to me. And they are getting darker!
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Thanks mamazee! joy.gif

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Awesome. So glad to hear! :D Have a beautiful and healthy 9 months!

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