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goat meat recipes

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We made goat for dinner, our first time trying our first goat raised and butchered on our farm. And... it was good! I picked out goat chops, marinated them in lemon, soy and honey. Then made a satay sauce to go over of butter and onion with curry, soy, lemon, salsa, brown sugar and peanut butter fried together, served over hot. Fried the chops 5 minutes each side- and served with taters. I was pleased to learn that yes, sam, I DO like goat meat


What other goat meat recipes do you like? 

AND I made too much of the satay sauce- can I safely can that combo of ingredients... or maybe I would be better off freezing it?

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I don't have any recipes for you, but I wanted to ask if your goat tastes like lamb?  The first time I had goat, I liked it.  But now when I've purchased it at our food coop, it is just too much like lamb for me, very strong tasting.

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We roasted one of our goats for Christmas/Solstice one year and it was pretty good.  But even better were the leftovers... we threw a bunch of the leftover meat into the crockpot with potatoes, carrots and a marsala seasoning than an Indian friend of ours made up for us.  It was soooooooo yummy!  We threw some chopped spinach into our bowls and ladled the hot stew over the leaves to wilt them.  I would imagine you could just use any marsala (she said this was her favorite mixture for old goats, which was our case smile.gif).


We did goat ribs once and they turned out a little dry, but I think the alleged 'Grill Master' of the evening had never cooked goat before and just overdid it a little.  I think if we were to do them again I would marinate them in yogurt first though, just to be on the safe side!


We used ground goat quite a lot, just like ground beef.  We did chiles, meatloaves/balls, goatherds pie...


If we still had ground goat in the freezer there are two recipes I would like to try.  One is a curried slider recipe that I have been making with ground turkey thigh, but I've been meaning to try with lamb.  The other is another lamb recipe, one that another Indian friend made for us.  She said the name (at least what her family calls it) translates roughly to 'lamb penises'!  But really it is just ground lamb seasoned with spices and mint molded around kebab sticks. 


I would freeze the sauce you made.  It sounds yummy!  Hope these ideas can be of some use!  Let me know if you try any.

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I have never had lamb before either, so I can not say. I have heard folks say that it does not taste like lamb, more like venison.  I have been raised on venison, and did not find it similar to venison imo.... it had its own flavor- not sure what to compare it to.  I did not think it was a strong gamey flavor though, it was mild imo


I will have to look up a marsala recipe- thank you!

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