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Coffee during pregnancy

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Hello ladies!

I have done some research online but I'm wondering if anyone here knows the exact reasons of why you are not supposed to drink coffee during pregnancy. I'm finding conflicting views/reasons and what I'm really wondering is if one cup of coffee in the morning is harmful what-so-ever because if it is, I won't drink any throughout this pregnancy. I've just heard so many others say they drank a morning cup all throughout their pregnancy and no ill effects were produced?


Anyone out there know the specific science as to why no java? 


I'm not going to lie, I love my coffee yummy.gif but won't be heartbroken if I can't have it for a while...well maybe a little, haha!

Thank you!

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I don't know of any specific studies to link, but I have never given up coffee during pregnancy, except during the first trimester when I've sometimes developed a smell aversion to it. I try to stick to 2 cups or less per day, but I don't worry about it much. I've read that under a certain amount of caffeine is ok, and over that amount can increase your risk of miscarriage. Hope someone will come along and be more specific smile.gif
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There was a study in Sweden (I think) that showed an increased risk of miscarriage for women who drank coffee in early pregnancy. I think I read somewhere that excessive caffeine can lead to lower birth weights and smaller head circumference.
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Thanks JennyAnydots & Scottishmommy. 

Seeing as I just started getting my bfps in last couple days and today at 13dpo I got a darker line, I should probably just start drinking decaf for the next couple months to be safe let baby be sticky! Perhaps I can have a morning cup after the first trimester has passed...Its the first baby for us so I'd rather give it up if there is ANY chance of miscarriage!

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I skipped coffee in the first trimester because that's when the miscarriage risks were found and it was pretty easy because my nausea found the very smell of it deeply offensive! Though I never hope for someone's discomfort, it did help me, so I hope you get the same "boost" in your commitment to quit.

However, once that risk had passed, I started drinking it again around week 18, and I felt sooooo good! I had clearly been adding to typical first tri fatigue by breaking my caffeine addiction cold turkey.

Now (32wks) I have a cup or two once a day and I think that's within the safety zone. I wouldn't be drinking anymore than that though.
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I heard the study about coffee increasing chances of miscarriage in the first trimester too.  I stayed away from it till the 3rd when I needed a little help keeping things regular.  I didn't drink it with my first 2 kids and DS was slightly smaller than they were, but didn't really change anything for us.

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Thanks Cynthiamoon~ starting today its decaf. I don't want to risk a single minute of this amazing journey! I've waited nearly 40 years for this moment! I also will have to establish a relationship with a midwife etc.in the next week as I'm sure I'll have loads of questions. For example - I also take this supplement by Garden of Life called Super Green Perfect Food  http://www.gardenoflife.com/Products-for-Life/Foundational-Nutrition/Perfect-Food.aspx and its probably fine to continue but I'd rather get confirmation.

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Thanks Chloe'sMama, the more I'm hearing at minimum its best to stay away for the first trimester and perhaps just a small morning cup if I'm desparate later on in preg.

I've absolutely been a coffee junkie for years and I'm sure its time I weaned off anyway.  thumbsuck.gif

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I drank coffee all through my last pregnancy, which turned out fine. I've cut back with this one only because it doesn't taste as good to me. My OB--who is otherwise pretty cautious--just told me that 1-2 cups per day is totally fine, which put my mind at ease.

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Thanks Blanca. Today I tried a double shot of DECAF esspresso.  Tasted good...definitely no boost. Haha, I'm already yawning!

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I always say there would be no Hispanic people if coffee were that bad during pregnancy LOL. In Guatemala EVERYONE drinks coffee, even kids!! I drink a little black tea or one shot of espresso a day. I didn't have it in my first trimester but I am very sensitive to caffeine so prob shouldn't have it AT ALL but oh well. :-P
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What the prev posters are saying. I couldn't tolerate coffee, decaf or reg, with nausea, but I had 1-2 cups a day when I felt ok. REGULAR coffee! I think the risk has been exaggerated.
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Dalia - haha, love it.

Katie 8681 thank you. 


I think I'm just on high alert because of my almost 40 status. Everyone tells you you are automaically high risk over 35 and so I just want to do everything right so I can make it through that first trimester with a sticky bambino! energy.gif

I'm probably being hyper vigilient but if it eases my mind and I can relax an enjoy first tri, w/out coffee and worry then I'm quite certain I'll pick it back up during my 2nd/3rd tri.  I haven't had any aversions yet but its still super early. The hpt's just started to darken and make me feel like I'm really preggers!

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I totally understand and I avoided in the first tri as well. I only drink it now because I have these headaches just about everyday and the caffeine helps.

I am 38 and will be 39 when the baby comes. They totally treat me like I'm the damn crypt keeper at my OB's office LOL. I should ask them "where's my teeth?" and bring a walker in next time from the way they act!!! Anyway, 40 is the new 30 so that's what I'm going on. Good luck with your pregnancy!!!
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Dalia, you rock AND you're funny! Thank you.

So when are you due? Congrats to you as well! 

Yeah honestly I'm probably more healthy in last couple years then I ever was. I eat organic, non GMO, uber healthy no refined flours or sugars etc. and had 3 mos of acupuncture prior to getting pg so I feel  like I'm more ready now than ever. I can't wait to tell my OBG(oozing with sarcasm) that I want a midwife/doula. She was really weird about the acupuncture and the minute I say midwife she may get all weird on me. She'll probably try to scare me by saying I'm high risk and how risky that is of me yada yada but its the way I've always wanted and hoped for so hopefully it will all work out that way.

Hope your preg overall has been wonderful!

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Thanks! I'm due Oct. 19th. :-) I'm surprised your OBG was weird about acupuncture! I think among the alternative modalities that is the most accepted by mainstream docs. Oh well, don't listen to any negativity. Listen to your instincts. :-)
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Not a coffee drinker but through the first trimester of my last pregnancy they only way I could eat anything was to have an ICECOLD coca cola with my food. In fact I crave coke (the pop!) during pregnancy and for the first two years post partum. After that time I cannot STAND the stuff!

My second baby was not small either and neither was her head. I completely understand staying away from certain things but the caffeine didn't affect her smile.gif

If you can stay away though it doesn't hurt smile.gif but I wouldn't feel bad if I caved once in awhile either smile.gif
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It's not really the coffee that't bad, it's the caffeine. I remember learning in school that the physical structure of the caffeine molecule allows the possibility for it to slip between places on the DNA strand and cause mutations. That would make sense why pregnant women should avoid too much caffeine in the first trimester. A DNA mutation in early pregnancy could easily cause the baby to develop abnormally, leading to miscarriage.
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Dalia - def on listening to instincts! 

Delightedbutterfly - funny, I rarely (prob been a year or two??) drink CocaCola but reading your post just made me salivate for one, lol!

Dejagerw - interesting, and makes sense.  Glad I stopped today. I hope I haven't already done any mutating!!  I've been drinking am/pm cup since ovulation.

I feel I'm fine but def glad to know the science as to the why to staying away from it for first tri. Thanks!

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I stopped any caffeine for the first 6 months because of all the studies I had read about miscarriage etc and I also had such bad vomiting that just the smell of it would send me running for the bathroom. At about 24 or 25 weeks ( I am now 34 weeks;due mid july) the insomnia kicked in and I realized the smell wasn't bothering me as much. Having been adamant not to drink it my whole pregnancy..I was so frigin tired every morning I decided to start drinking it again. So Ive been mixing decaf and regular together and just have one cup a day...when im really super tired Ill have a full caffeine one. I find the mixing the decaf and regular tricked me into feeling I was getting the little up in the morning with the right taste but not a huge jolt for the babe..haha!  I feel like its safer after the 1st or 2nd trimester to start again but only up to 2 cups or less. 

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