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Sweet new baby girl

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I'll try to sum up my day as best as I can wink1.gif. Being that this is number 5, and I never have my babes early, I in no way thought I'd be snuggling this one already!! I woke with a mighty ctx yesterday morning that shocked me. Waited a while had another...hmm. After 5 or 6 well spaced ones I decided to shower because I just knew they would stop. When they didn't I decided to make some RRL tea. Shortly thereafter my ctx were pretty much stopped. So, I made some bacon for when hubby and the other girls came in from their camp out. Within a few minutes my cat came into my kitchen...in labor...wow! After she birthed her first kitten I started contracting again. I shortly started to think I may really be in labor. Called the midwife around 8:40 to say she may need to come over. About an hour later she showed up and she and my husband began setting up the birth pool. At about 12:27 our new DD was born into Mommy's arms smothered in vernix and just as perfect as she could be. I pushed 3 times...her water broke with the first, then her head came with the second, and her body with the third! She was 21" long and 7lb 6oz. No name yet but she is a great nurser smile.gif
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I'm reading this while in early labor, and oh, what a sweet story. And what a sweet, sweet picture! Congratulations!

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Oh so sweet!  Beautiful baby!  Congratulations!  Great story!  Do you suppose the cat hormones spread?  You give me hope that I could actually go into labor before 40 weeks...this is my fifth too and it's never happened before.  Where do I find myself a cat in labor?  LOL!

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She's beautiful!  I'm so glad everything went so smoothly.  I think it's pretty funny that your cat gave birth at the same time.  I guess it was the day to give birth at your house!  smile.gif

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Oh, what a wonderful story smile.gif and she is just lovely ❤
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wow, how awesome. Talking about birthing day at your house. Congratulations!!!!

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Oh tears!  Gorgeous baby, Mama, enjoy your little nurser!

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Congratulations! What a beautiful baby. Love the story. :)

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What a beautiful baby!!! Congrats!!
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Hey mama!  You practically wrote my birth story!  joy.gif Congrats on such a sweety and way to go for big families!!

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Congratulations!! luxlove.gif

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What a great beginning, congratulations!

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Congrats! She's adorable. 

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What a lovely story and glowing picture! Congratulations!

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That's so ironic with the kitty! Congrats Mommy!

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Congratulations! Kittens to boot :)

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Aww, I love the bit about the cat going into labor too. Congrats to both of you!

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