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The Birth Story of Silas William

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Sorry this is so late. He's almost 6 weeks already. But I still felt like sharing...


My water broke at 12:30am on Weds April 24th. It wasn't a big pop or gush like I was used to with my other pregnancies. It just kind of leaked out, but I knew it was my water. I was sleeping on the couch so I woke up my DH and told him my water broke. He went back to bed as it was only midnight and I texted my mom who was supposed to watch my other kids, but told her I didn't need her yet. Then I called my midwife just to let her know and then tried to go back to bed as I wasn't having contractions yet. My midwife said to try to go back to sleep as well.

I was really too anxious to sleep so I really didn't get much. My DH woke up at 4am asking if he could go to work or not. Ummm NO I told him! My freaking water broke - baby is coming TODAY I told him. LOL. So he called work and then went back to bed. I still wasn't having contractions. I finally fell asleep in bed when my midwife called me at 7:30am asking how I was doing. I told her still no contractions so she wanted me to come at 10:00am to see the other midwife. We dropped the boys off at 9:30am at the sitter and headed to my midwife's office - again, still not having contractions. My midwife did a vaginal check but didn't do a test strip on the water leaking bescause by then there was so much leaking out she said it was definitely my waters. She did a cervial check and I was a 3. So since it had been 10 hrs and no contractions she gave me a couple options. 1) Go home and do some castor oil to get things going. 2) Get pitocin in L&D or 3) get hooked up to a hospital grade breastpump and do an enema. I opted to walk the hospital for an hour and then get the enema. I felt it was less medical than the pit.

I would have mild cdontractions while walking, but they would stop if I stopped walking or sat down. But by 12:30pm we decided to check into L&D as it had now been 12 hrs since my water broke. I was admitted to a room right away. As all the prepping was getting going I started having ctx on my own and all in my back. I decided to forgo the enema and see if they picked up, which they did.  My nurse said she called my midwife to come down as I was getting very active. I didn't really think it was necessary as I didn't think the baby was coming any time soon. Then the nurse had to take 4 vials of blood, while I was having contractions! Not fun. When my midwife came and checked me I was only a 4 - which left me kind of discouraged. This was around 1:30pm.
I was having horrible back labor so decided to get into the shower. I was only in there about a 1/2 hr when I started getting very restless. I didn't want to be there, or on the birthing ball, or walking...but I couldn't decide where I wanted to be. I was annoyed that the nurse had started filling up the birthing tub because I thought it was still too early, but I decided to get in anyways. Ctx slowed down a little but were still very painful in my back. I just wanted to push because I thought it would bring some relief but I could tell baby wasn't ready and I did not feel pushy. At this time I thought I might be in transition because I was getting super annoyed by the nurse - all the noise she was making setting things up and the way she wouldn't pick up her feet when she walked.
Eventually I got pushy and I was excited at first because pushing was a relief with my last two pregnancies, but it didn't turn out to be with this one. His head was positioned so wrong that it was very painful to push. Also, I got super mad at the nurse who tried to take my temperature while I was pushing! WTF?  When he started crowning I didn't want to push too much for fear of tearing, but it was hurting so bad and I just wanted him out. My DH said I let out a blood curdling scream and pushed and he was out. So I went from a 4 to a 10 in about an hour or so. Total active labor was 3 hrs.
Silas William 7 lbs 13oz, 19.5 in long born 3:34pm 4/24/13.  Here he is at birth...



and a more recent photo...



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Our babies have the same birthday! He's adorable and has so much hair!

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A fast labor and a beautiful baby! Thanks for sharing :-)

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