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interr-interr-upting and relentlessness

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I have a 4 year old. The absolutely most exhausting thing is that she is always interrupting me. I sit for a minute she interrupts. I talk on phone. I write a list. She does play by herself sometimes. I find I let her watch way too many movies just so I get a minute to form a thought.


She is relentless about asking for things. I mean things I said yes to! She will ask a million times for me to read a story. I say wait a minute I am-doing whatever else like bathroom or talking on phone or cleaning. She will ask and ask and ask and ask. When I just keep saying wait a minute. Over and over and over.



Any thoughts?



you know what she sometimes sounds like? The bratty girl for Willi Wonka. But she isn't necessarily spoiled (much?)

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Kids learn to speak well way before they learn social rules like that. I have a 4-year-old too, and I'm dealing with the same thing. They also are still very self centered at 4. And they're learning so much so quickly that they have lots and lots of questions. I remember this with my older one and she did outgrow it. I think there are two things that help. First, just repetition - going over why you don't interrupt, reminding every single time it happens. Second, just plain old maturity.

As for your second example, maybe "I can read you a story when I finish X. If you let me be for a minute, I can finish it pretty quickly." And then when she interrupts (which I know she will LOL), "I'm not able to finish X when you interrupt me, so it's taking me longer, which means it'll take longer before I can read the story." They do get it at some point, but it takes a while before they make the connection.

But good luck. This is an everyday thing for me too. redface.gif
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We are going through this phase too! I have to lock myself in the bedroom sometimes if I am taking a phone call if DS is constantly asking me something. Most of the time, he just wants to talk to the person on the line he'll ask and I will tell him when I am done, you can talk.
If I am trying to have a conversation with DH, DS will try to get a word in. It's frustrating sometimes.
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Four year olds have a hard time waiting. Try singing "Let's think of something to do while we're waiting" from Mr. Rogers, or count how long it takes for you to complete your task. Eventually she will learn (hopefully) to do these things herself. Mostly, I think, the child simply wants to be sure you're not going to forget! It does get easier -- eventually.
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It may help to get a clock with big numbers and give a specific number the big hand needs to be on before you are going to be able to do something. I did this with my DD and I do it now in my preschool class and it is great. Specific responses like wjen I finish this drink, put my book down, the timer rings, etc... are easier for kids to understand than vague responses about soon.

At this age I also began the rule that you can't talk to me when I am in the bathroom unless you are very crying due to serious pain or bleeding. I also extended the same courtesy to my DD. I would sometimes hide out in the bathroom so I could be alone.
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If she's nagging, tell her so! It's not okay to ask a hundred times for something. I would also say something like "you need to wait patiently. If you continue to nag, you will go to time-out and there will be no story". Stick with it! My late DS was a nagger too (ASD) and it helped a lot with him.

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