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Another Country Bumkin!

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She's finally here and we are ecstatic!


Woke with ctx that got into a pretty steady rhythm by 8am (1/2 hr a part) Called midwife @10:00

Ctx got  more intense, started filling tub, got in at 12:40.

IMMEDIATELY hit transition. Water broke, head right there, 3 or 4 good pushes and Trilly was born! 1:08pm on cellphone clock.


Husband caught her, daughter video taped, Mom held cell phone with en-route midwife on speaker listening.

I wouldn't say I was unassisted because I was surrounded by help but Trilly was too fast for the midwife.


Everyone was extra pleased that we've finished off our growing family with a little girl after 4 boys in a row.

Bets were collected, toasts made, the boys wouldn't leave my side and my daughter couldn't stop crying.


Now we are resting, she's nursing like a pro and I'm nursing my sore bum.irked.gif


Life is goodjoy.gif

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Beautiful! This was a high name for us if we had a girl also- I LOVE the name and have only heard it once before. Glad everyone is safe and healthy
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It's a name I've not heard before but very pretty, reminds me of a flower....which I just googled before posting & I see that it is the background of your birth announcement, lol. Congratulations!

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Congratulations!!! So happy for you Bumkins!! She has lots of hair! Love it. Enjoy the baby cuddles! smile.gif
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Congrats and thanks for sharing! She looks so much like you!
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Wow!  Fantastic.  Congratulations mama and family. luxlove.gif

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Beautiful!  Congratulations!!!

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Great birth. Congrats! :)

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Oh, Bumkin. What a great birth. And I LOVE her name! Rest well and enjoy your family time. :) 

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Aww, this brought tears to my eyes, CONGRATULATIONS again, mama!!  Just perfect <3

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Those pictures are so sweet, congrats mama!

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Congrats BumkinsMum!  She's beautiful!!  Soooo glad everything went safely and smoothly without the midwife there!!  

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Congratulations on the baby girl!  She looks great and you look very happy.  I hope you are healing well and enjoying your time together.   energy.gif

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Congrats!! She is beautiful!
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Beautiful baby girl! What a fantastic flock you have, Bumkins!

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Congratulations! Glad it went so well! Heal up and enjoy the new babe!
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Thanks everyone for the well wishes!  We are so very smitten with our newest bumkin.  She is so quiet and peaceful it just melts my heart. love.gif


It was so worth it. 














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She is beautiful! I want my little one in my arms so bad now. Love the pictures!
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So beautiful! And look at all of that hair!!
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