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Taking the Scenic Route to a BFP - Sping/Summer 2013

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                              Spring/Summer 2013

Hello and Welcome!

The original "Scenic Route" thread was started by Sherryvhkb and can be found here.

The Winter/Spring 2013, started by Sila, can be found http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1371422/taking-the-scenic-route-to-a-bfp-winter-spring-2013-edition.

This is a continuation.

"This is a "grad thread" of sorts for us 1st cycle on Clomid ladies.....who are no longer on our first cycle of Clomid but have enjoyed each others company and support. It is also for all those who have been lurking, following, chiming in and cheering us on. It is for a group of women all trying to get to the same place by taking the roads less traveled. We all have a journey here- some longer- some harder...we all at different times come up against obstacles and uphill climbs...and in between it all we share our fears, choices, hopes, frustrations, and accomplishments, and throw in a little bit of everyday life too." - Sherryvhkb

We have Scenic Route Grads!!

Gtree - Twin boys
Bebe - Girl
SKJ - Girl
Lucillelove -
Sila - Girl
Shell -

I'm forgetting someone!
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Thanks chrissy!
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You are forgetting sila in the grads list smile.gif
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Thank's Chrissy :-) WOW look at all those grad babies ... makes me smile and gives me hope and comfort too. 

 I know I have been MIA since my IVF failed, I  apoplogize for not being around to be supportive for you all... I am so sorry!!! I took it really hard and just wanted to forget about babies and trying to make babies and i didn't want to see or hear about babies or pregnancy... pretty selfish huh? I am sorry !!  But in me "trying" to forget I just couldn't ... I want a baby, I want my DH to experience fatherhood, I want to be pregnant and feel that life inside of me!! we did just try it naturally for a while and I stopped temping and charting, I even lost track of my cycle lol... We went on a fabulous romantic vacation to playa del carmen, Mexico for a week.....Ok let me back up a little.. about 2 weeks before we went on vacation, I  called the Fertility clinic to check in and say Hi  ( I know i am silly) but 1 week later I  had Lisa call me back (the doctors wife), She told me that her and Dr had been talking and she knew that we had discussed some options and that we were not closed off to embryo donation and that she has the perfect couple that have 2 embryos to donate. ( the dr and his wife absolutley love me and DH and tell us all the time that we are there favorite couple, and that they are not going to stop until we have a baby) (of course we still have to pay) Anyway, DH and i were on our lunch break so I put Lisa on speaker phone and we both listened to her description of the couple and the back ground history ect.. , So I told her that we are going on vacation and that I would give her a decision when we return... A little more background is My eggs are just NO GOOD and not that many ... and DH has low motility ( meaning they swim the wrong way and are slow) I am 40 and DH is 39 ... we are not getting any younger!! So the decision was made that we would DO IT!! I already feel a bond to my 2 embryos my little frozen 5 day blastocyst... I dream of them all the time :-)


I already finished with my bcp and I am on estrogen now... the fet is scheduled for june 21st asof right now... but we will see how my lining is doing. I can't wait to feel my babies grow in me and let my DH experience a pregnancy and birth of our children... maybe not biologically ours but they are already ours in our hearts... from the moment we decided to do this ... we just knew, it feels right!! I am crying as I type this and I  am blessed that these wonderful people are giving us the chance at life as we have always wanted  <3


I haven't shared with anyone because I  do not want ANY negative feed back ... this is our choice and our only chance at a baby

 ( I feel) ... I have quit my job and I am doing yoga, meditation, eating healthy taking my estrogen 2mg (working my way up to 6mg) baby asprin, Prenatal vitamins, and L-Arginine (that is supposed to support healthy uterus) and drinking a cup of red tea leaf tea every other morning ...eating LOTS of pineapple and kale... healthy foods. I am laying out by the pool so i can get a tan before the transfer lol because after that I am supposed to stay out of the heat :-)


This is our last chance... Sorry for the AAM ... i just wanted to catch everyone up

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Shell - if I wasn't in a path waiting room I'd be crying too! That is the most beautiful story! I'm so happy for you both I could bust.... Fx for your little embabies... Ooh we'll need a pic for sherry to draw them!
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ugh keep getting woke up by wrong number calling my phone. ugh ugh ugh

thx for new thread, chrissy

shell - how wonderfully exciting!!! i know donor embryos are my first choice if ivf doesn't work for us so i'm particularly excited to hear about your journey! please stay with us and keep us posted!!
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She'll- that is amazing, wonderful joyous news. I'm so happy for you & DH and the journey ahead of you. Keep up the good work in your preparation & please please keep us updated. Careful with pineapple in the LP, the core is good for implantation but there is something in pineapple that in India they eat a lot of it to cause abortion. I can't remember the details. I can't wait til the 21st!!!!!
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Shell, this is fantastic news. You sound like you are glowing! I'm so happy for you and DH. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I can't wait to follow along with your journey.
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Shell - What an amazing and wonderful thing!!! Can't wait to meet your embabies.
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Thanks for the new thread!!!

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Shell - I love, love, love embryo donation! It was an is also our first choice even before IFV. We have discussed starting the process again after this babe for #3/4 since we are unwilling to go through ovulation inducing drugs again. Best of luck! Can't wait to hear more!

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WOW, thank you so much for all the support!! I of course am a bawling mess after reading such positive vibes... THANK YOU


Oh wow TF i have to google that... I was told to eat a lot of pineapple after implantation even the core.


17 day's and counting ... I finally stopped bleeding yesterday so hopefully my lining is getting thick.

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Hey gang! Just wanted to make my presence known here and say hello, even though I am not going to start TTC again until late August. Taking the summer off this miserable, stressful process. (I hope one day to associate something--anything--positive with this experience, but for the last two years, it has been nothing but heartbreak and misery...).


Here to support all of you. Will check in from time to time. Hope you all have summers full of good progress and good news. I'll be watching from the sidelines and saying hello now and again :)


Shell, I understand your desire to take time off and not be here (obviously I would get that). I am wishing for the best for you!

Hi everyone else!

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Shell: Congratulations mama, hope you would be happy with twin babies!
Chuord: ur such an amazing woman and I fervently pray that you get to hold your LO very soon.
Chrissy: thanks so much for the new thread.That grad list makes me conscious that I'm growing an LO. (I tend to forget sometimes and think am just plain sick!)
Sila, SKJ, Daurelia, Adiejan, Sherry: kisses and hugs all round.
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Indie and TF: how are you doing mamas?
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Daurelia - wishing you a really happy, relaxing, peaceful and romantic couple of months away from ttc! Hope it refills all your tanks and gets you ready for your happy story... You never know you might be like Lucille.... Fx!
Lol Lucille, thank you, but I thought that about you and all the wonderful gals on here 😄. How is it going? When are you in for your next ultrasound? That'll remind you you're pg 😜... Maybe need to stick a pic on the fridge!
Chrissy - thanks for the new thread! How are you holding up? It's Wednesday here so your mums op is feeling much closer... Silly q but how do you focus any thoughts on ttc with all you have going on?
Sila, SKJ - updates please 😄 lol the nosey yenta wants to know how those gorgeous babies are doing.
TF - how are you? I'm hoping the waiting is getting easier with dh back by your side... I know you've tested + but when are you in for official checks? One of my good friends had an ISCI i think transfer a few days out from yours.. I'm hoping hers is sticky too (her son is ivf and just turned 2)
Shell - hugs you silly mama - of course we would be in love with your babies.... Please keep us posted, you're like a pioneer in our little group - and who knows how many of us will be following in your footsteps xxx

Sherry - hugs mama, hoping you are being kind to yourself and taking the time to regroup and work out what you need right now. Thinking of you and sending happy silly energy.
Indie - ditto to you, hoping you are keeping yourself above water through the processes...

Afm - a few days ago I gave dh two options, lol to continue as we are with me trying to entice him at appropriate times or for me to give him my ff calendar and he gets to initiate every other day... At first he joked, so I asked him if he really wanted kids... At which point he got more serious and went for option 2... Here's hoping it happens that way!
My nutso tip for the day is when out and about to randomly catch a strangers eye and smile at them till they return it... (Just not crazy people etc.) it's amazing the endorphins rush you get from making their day better.
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Daurelia: I am so for your loss.... Breaks from the ttc game does help!! It really help us put things in perspective as to just what was important to us.


Lucille: thank you haha I am very ready for twins!! I can't wait!!


So I thought my bleeding had stop but it didn't UGH.  I start 4 mg of estrogen starting tomorrow.

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Oh I forgot to add, the nurse at my docs had worked at an infertility clinic for several years, I was talking to her about my 'blackmores brain fish oil' that is higher in DHA and she said its one of the first supplements that they give the women ttc (DHA)... It helps with my migraines too... In case anyone wants to add something else to the list of sups!
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Shell - TF is right. Too much pineapple can act as a blood thinner.


Daurelia - Thanks for popping in! I hope the next few months are relaxing!


Lucille - You are almost at the 12wk point momma! 


Chuord - I'm so glad your DH is on board with a "plan"!


TF - Is today beta day?


No really exciting updates here. We have an appointment with our midwife on Saturday. I'm feeling better now that I'm done with the PIO. So much more clear headed and less zombie like. I weaned off that and onto vaginal progesterone so now I'm weaning off that. Baby is apparently as big as a softball now! We will find out the sex in another month!

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Wow sila - softball size already! So exciting... Do you have any intuition re sex?
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