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Chrissy thanks for the hair update! I'm so glad you have your zen, though I think it's all you - I mean after the whole ordeal with mum this month has to be calmer right?

Ladies thanks for all the feedback on the breast size changes, some of you made me laugh so much with the way you described the process! I'll explain why I'm interested... I was always a b/c cup - no matter whether 10kg heavier or lighter... (Mum and sis are well endowed) then I cut the bad fats out of my diet (margarine and fake stuff) increased my intake of 'natural' fats and then my bras didn't fit, I got new ones (thought they shrunk in the wash) and had a heart attack when the lady took one look and told me I was a dd! (We muscle tested - kiniesiology to confirm how it happened) anyway lol they still get in the way... Luckily they're not that big as I'm a 36... So last month with the whatever it was they got heavy and larger - just like you said SKJ... I'm just hoping one size is it, when it happens.
Anyway, just wanted to explain why... Hmm re coverage -3, -1 I think so hopefully better.

TF how are you doing lady?
Shell - what treats are you indulging this week?
Jpack I love that you are so revitalized from teaching
Sherry - how far from your house is that wood? I'm hoping to move to acreage in the city if we stay here - I need space between the blocks lol.
Adie - how are you?
Indie - hugs and serenity to you
Lucille - update please? Hope you are well?
Sila and SKJ - still so excited for you both, and that you are so close together timing wise!
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Day 3 of the progesterone injections and I have the worst heartburn fromit !! Ugh has this happened to any of you?

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Hi everyone.

Shelly I will try the sweetest thing! I think we will be 2ww together. You have a bit more invested than I do. I think I will be thinking more about yours.

Chrissy. I realize how much I have become a part of my surroundings there. I find it especially full filling to manage the wood go heat the house. It is grounding to slow down enough to know each tree that makes you warm....I may end up an off the grid hippie chic naturalist. If only I could have goats and chickens!

Chourd....it is more or less surrounding the house. 20 feet or so. The front is a very steep incline. I am trying to cut it back or tame it a bit around the house.It will be a years long and satisfying project to make it an enchanted place. 9 acres.

I don't know if you instagram but I have many pictures under the same name as here. I have also become photo addicted. I think it is in part to bring so solitary. I am excited for you this month. It sounds like your timing (and your plan) were perfect!!

AFM In Brooklyn. It is loud...it seems extra loud the first day back. I should o sometime this week. But...I feel like it is just a sad epilogue to my whole story.

Have a great day everyone!
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Oh and TF.....you lurker....any symptoms? Where else but here could you have a dozen plus people that you've never met all hoping so hard that you vomit?
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Sherry I am loading Instagram right now so I can find you... 9 acres of nature - I'm so (not jealous) but in awe of that, lol I could go hippie too, except the hygiene and cash flow part... Oh and dh's paranoia about 4-5 star sleeping accommodation 😜 you should see the place we've been given in Darwin (ok major tourist season there and school holidays so anything is a bonus) it's clean revamped etc... He's focussing on all the bad stuff lol such a pain!
I hope we have better coverage - at least its better than last month. How far from o are you? Have you added any sups to the mix? I really want this one to work for you... I tried maca powder (and have it to dh) it really increased our desires and I just felt more fertile...
I agree TF - what's going on? And everyone else...
Shell - I have had non pg related indigestion... Some advice I got was don't drink much water either half an hour before or 1 hour after a main meal... Apparently it waters fown the stomach acid then your stomach produces more and you get overload... Although its not changing the cause it might help the problem? Lol have you wondered if it might be from nervous excitement? How many sleeps now mama?
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Happy thought for today xx
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I'm still here- trying (unsuccessfully) to stay sane. I don't really have an update. I have no idea what is going on dizzy.gif


Sila- beautiful bump picture! I have boob envy... to like anyone with nice boobs, I think of it as small boob syndrome!


Shell- Never did PIO but I did get heartburn right around implantation, it is the worst... If you drink milk I found that helps.


Sherry- I'm so touched by your thoughts out on the woods. I carry a little cross that I got last Lent that says Be Still and know that I am God. Somehow your note reminded me of that. It is so nice to have quiet sometimes and just feel life and all the wondrous gifts around us. You are so special to me  eyesroll.gif


chuord- Your coverage this month sounds perfect. I'm so glad you were able to get back to some romance & reconnect with DH. That is funny about his idea of hotels. 


SKJ- Is it weird that I feel so much better knowing your boobs haven't blown up immediately with pregnancy... Your bump picture is adorable too, I can't wait to see it in person!!


I have instragram too!! Friend me! You can find my screen name liking all of sherry's photos!

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On instagram, too. Under mindlesspoison.
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I need HELP!!! I have to stick myself in the butt with that HORRIBLE NEEDLE!!! I am on day 4 and I have lumps and I am so sore... I just sit on the dang heating pad all day... It does not hurt when i first do it, only the next day is horrible greensad.gif I counted 91 day's I have to do this... that is 91 shots!!! I don't know if my hiney can take this :-/ any thoughts?

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Shell - Terrible right!? You are following all the tips I gave right (sounds like it)? Keep massaging the area as much as you can (I know it can get so painful even to the touch!). You are switching butt cheeks each day right? I did a lot of googling but didn't really find anything else helpful. I don't know what to tell you other than I've been there and it was no fun. Knowing it was helping the baby really helped me, I hope soon those babies will be growing inside you and give you the strength you need to keep going! I made and you can too.


TF - I will happily share some boob(s) with you! Big boobs are sometimes not as fun as everyone makes them out to be. Small boobs seem in these days!


I'm on IG too if you aren't already following me. My SN is the same as my email address.

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Oh shell that's awful. All Silas suggestions are spot on. Inject as slow as possible. Give it a long gentle massage. I used to have some people come in and I would do them. When I worked in an admin setting I did a secretaries for her. She would even come over on weekends. Is there anyone who can assist? If it gets really bad ask about your thigh. It is an even bigger muscle but a lot of people are squeamish about it. I would do it!! You just stab yourself while sitting. You can take your time injecting and massaging. Perhaps your doc would OK that. Also are you bent over for the injection? That stretches that muscle out. Good luck. I just remembered.you stitched your own thumb!!!! Haha. I'm sure you could handle the thigh.
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Chord. Nice thought for the day. Glad you found me on IG. I am doing the modified shower friendly hippie thing..
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Thanks sherry! I'm on as chuord if anyone wants to link... I don't know all your emails etc...

TF lol you can have my share too - I was very happy with my c cups... Strange isn't it, I thought them small at the time - now I miss them... Anyway until tomorrow!
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Shell, that sounds so, so terrible! I'm so sorry for your pain! I don't have any advice or experience, but you're one tough cookie!

On the tts mine are dd, only got ginormous in the first month or so of bfeeding. And the were HUGE but kinda receded after those first months.

Good grief, I almost tested today!! 5dpo! What is wrong with me?! Some one needs to smack some sense into me!
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Jpack lol I'm 4dpo and I want to test already too... Not sure if that makes you any saner or I need a slap too 😜

Shell - hugs on the pain lady... Just keep thinking on those babies - it's bound to help... Two more sleeps to go xxx
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Sorry for the melt down haha I seriously start crying 30 minutes before I have to do the injection.

Sila: Thank you for all your help... i have done EVERYTHING you told me to do and it still is the worst feeling ever! You are one strong woman!! and yes, as soon as I have my babies in me this will make it much better...

Sherry: This is worse than stitching up the thumb :-( I haven't let DH do it to me yet , cause he is a jabber... but i might do the bending over thing and letting him do it. Thank you

Chourd: I am really trying to behave with the treats lol But I am having these horrible night cravings for pop tarts, and I am going to enjoy a glass of red wine and bubble bath tonight :-)

TF: you can have some of my boobs too lol I can't wait to get a lift and reduction as soon as I am well enough to do so after the babies are born :-)

JP: you might think I am crazy, but i am NOT allowing myself to buy and test's ... I am going to enjoy the 2ww as being pregnant... If I can handle it.


So how is everyone doing?? any news? how are all the preggo mommy's?


AFM: My A** is killing me!! haha I mean seriously this is horrible!!!! I guess it is all going to be worth it when my babies are safely growing in my uterus. (haha that sounds so funny) I am so secrectly stressed and worried and keep trying to tell myself that this is it!! this is GOING to work, and I will have our babies in Feb, (if twins) march (if singleton)... I want this and I don't want to worry cause it is our last chance :-( . I am scared of being a failure... there I said it!! I said what I am not suppose to say. Ok now I can move forward and be positive.. I also am not going to buy any test, I want to enjoy being pregnant for 2 weeks without all the stress of those 2 little lines... I will probably poas the day of my blood test, just cause I wouldn't want the phone call to take me unexpected off guard.... other than having major anxiety, insomnia nd a sore bottom... I am really excited!!


Question: What is the best kind of Hot tea to drink after et? recipes??

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Shell - Bummer about your butt.

Jpack - Only on 6dpo and I wanted to test yesterday. Holding out for 10dpo.
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Lol we've all started synching o! 😝 We so aren't going to last without poas....
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Hi, everyone!! Well, here I am, 3 days past my due date and just waiting, waiting, waiting! I fully expected to go a week late, so I'm not too stressed about it at all, but it is funny to walk around knowing that things could start up at any time (or my water could break in the middle of grocery shopping!). Becoming a mother is a crazy thing!


Shell, I am sooooo beyond excited for your FET in TWO DAYS!! As for the shots in the tush, I say bend over, ask hubby to count to five, and you zone out on a mental image of your baby the whole time. Giving them to yourself is super hard and nerve-wracking! Sending you good thoughts for the transfer!!!!


Sila: You have the cutest bump ever! So how long now until you find out the gender???


SKJ: You have an adorable bump, too! At this point I can't believe mine was ever that small!


TF: I am eagerly awaiting your next update! I am keeping every finger and toe crossed, and sending you every good wish that the next update is one that gives you total security that everything is A-OK! You are one tough cookie, girl. Hang in there!


Chrissy, look at you rocking the pink hair!


Jpack, chuord - can't wait for DPO10 for you to test!


Sherry, still thinking of you and can't wait to hear how this cycle goes for you.


AFM, I'm feeling good! So much anticipation!! 


I could use your opinion on my job situation (yes, I am still in the middle of what I consider a "job situation" -- it's never-freaking-ending) . . .


So, I'm taking a 4-month maternity leave. As you know, my job SUCKS -- horrible boss, terrible behaviors all around me, just totally awful all around and completely inappropriate. But alas, because of my stupid government contract, I have to go back! I am faced with the following decision:


1) Go back 3 days per week and double my contract from 1 year to 2 years but get to spend two extra days per week with my babe. This is great for the part-time schedule, but awful for doubling the time I'm stuck at this horrible place. There is little chance of being able to transfer elsewhere (well, little chance might be a slight exaggeration, but it's certainly not something I can count on). Also, if I switch to a part-time contract, there is no switching back, so I'm stuck it in for 2 years no matter what. How lovely to have a part-time schedule though!


2) Go back full-time, suck it up, have a terrible year, and be done with it in one single year. Bah. How awful to be away from baby 5 days per week, especially in such an awful place. But, then it's done and I'm free from it forever. 


Thoughts?? What would you do? I should also note that what makes my job difficult is that I do not have flexibility. It's not like when I used to have a corporate job and could stroll in when I did and leave when I needed . . . in my role now, I can't leave my house a minute later than 7:45 and can't get home a minute earlier than 5:15 at the earliest. So . . . that makes full-time hard, too.

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Bebe: So EXCITED for you!!! you must do pictures right away!! haha... as for the job, Ugh I feel your pain, I would probably do the part time... the baby will only be 2 when you are finished and you won't miss so much of the most very important "first" everything.... i just hate that you have to go back to that awful place!! maybe only being there 3 day's a week will make it more bearable.


GOOD LUCK!!! I can't wait to see baby bebe and hear all about it. blowkiss.gif

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