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Bebe - Tell that little girl she needs to get a move on. There's a ton of people waiting to meet her!! As for work, I have no idea.


Chuord - lol I wonder which of us will break first?!

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Shell, thanks!! We're so excited, too. Thanks for your feedback on work . . . I know, part-time might make it so much more bearable even if it doubles the time. I'm still going to keep a lookout for transfer opportunities. Who knows, might get lucky!


Chrissy, I will tell her! :)

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Indie, hey, where are you in your cycle?! Thinking of you!

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Part time!!! For sure...at 4 months when you go back she will just be getting to be fun. Having those two extra days will be so worth it!!!
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Also. I think I o'd today...we are going to have a steady stream of tests all being a day or two apart. I'm ready to test today!
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Sherry, I know . . . I hate to think about missing out on all the fun stuff!! Our finances will take a real hit, but at this point I'm caring much less. By the way, if I ever mention signing any sort of contract in the future, I'll pay you to fly here and smack me!!!


Can't wait for all the upcoming testing!!!

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Bebe - so exciting! Hmm I'm with the others personally I'd go part time, it's kinder to you and baby girl - and you're doubling the length of time in which to transfer lol... Re finances, it's easier to tighten the belt when you're not so thinly stretched you resort to take out every other night.. I hope you find a happy solution for you...
Sherry yay for joining the o club! Lol hmmm Chrissy you're 2 days ahead of me so if I crack first that will be really pathetic 😝 - but highly possible! I'll have to take tests with me to Darwin... End of cycle is 3 days into the trip.
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Hi my friends,


Let's see if I can catch up...


Toothfairy - Sending lots and lots of love your way. We are here for you come rain or shine (but SO hoping for shine... you deserve some shine, dammit)


Bebe - EEK! You are so close! How wonderful that you have had a long, healthy pregnancy! As for work, I originally thought you should go ahead and do full time for that one remaining year. My thought process: you would be so in love and busy with your little girl that a year would fly by (and I'm guessing that year includes vacation time?) and then you would be DONE DONE DONE with that crazy woman and with student loans pain off... man, what a HUGE relief. But then I read everyone else's response and it makes so much sense to go part time, too! I'm afraid I'm no help now, I'm as confused as you! :)


Shell - You are SO close. I'm so sorry about the PIO shots... you're freaking me out! It sounds horrible.


Skj - I hope your work trip is going well. You must be exhausted. I'm so impressed and encouraged that you can be both smart and pregnant at the same time :) Your bump was gorgeous. Loved the strategically placed phone :)


Sila - Saucy! You're bump is starting to grow, too! Looking forward to gender confirmation! 


Chrissy/Chuord/Sherry - is there a O party going on? Hoping everyone got great bd coverage and we get some new bfps soon!


Chuord - I'm also on IG. I followed you. I'm the one with a thousand pictures of dogs and cats :)


Chrissy - how's your mom healing?


Sherry - You know I'm never letting go of you even if you decide to move on!


Jpack - Your work drama was CRAZY. I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself... I'm glad you are enjoying teaching and I hope that PNW air was just what you needed to get your bfp :)


I hope I didn't miss anyone. I've been reading along and so my updates are from memory. 


AFM - I may or may not be CD1 today. Thought for sure I was this a.m. but it's tapered off.  I have had the longest cycle I've ever had... 30 days. That's a record for me. I did opks and got a positive on cd 11 but now I'm thinking I must have had more than one surge and O'd later? Or a crazy long lp. Tested and it was always negative so don't think it was a cp. Anyway, I'm going in for ultrasound and blood work tomorrow. And if that comes back ok I will be starting clomid and then fsh and praying I get two eggs. This cycle will be a lot like an IUI. way less monitoring. Hoping that means way less stress! We'll see!

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Great to see you indie! Hugs on the journey and fx on the two eggs... Missing you heaps - off to IG now ...
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Indie - Hope you get the okay tomorrow. Thinking of you! Hugs.

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Good luck shell! Enjoy your day.
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Sending prayers all goes well & smoothly today Shelly. Xoxo
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Having an obsessive kind of day....anyone else out there?
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Me. Doing my best to stay occupied.
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Lucky for me I've been sleeping lol... Fx it's going well...
Has anyone got anything fun planned for the weekend?
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Chuord - No plans really.


Keep telling myself that I need to hold off until Sunday then I can test my heart out. lol Already firgure it's gonna be bfn.

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Hang in there Chrissy. I never can....but trying is good.

Shelly? Thinking of you. I hope everything went well.
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Shell, Indie - update?
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Hi everyone , everything went great!! Here is a picture of my babies!! just laying in bed relaxing ... Test on july 1st

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Congratulations, Shell! That's fantastic! Wahoo!!! Looking forward to Sherry's interpretation!
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