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Congratulations Shell!!! Beautiful strong test!!
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Shell - I'm mostly a lurker on this thread, but I wanted to give you a huge and heartfelt congratulations!!!! You give the rest of us IF girls hope!
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Yaaaay!!! Congrats Shell!!!
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Shell - when is your beta?
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Yyyyyyaaaaaaayyyyyyy Shell!!!!!!!! That's one heck of a test! Wow!!! Can't wait to hear more! Congratulations!!!!!!

We're flying home tonight. The drama got, well, more dramatic. Very tough week. I look forward to catching up tomorrow!
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Just had 20 week scan. Still a girl smile.gif awaiting report from doc. Not sure if I'll hear anything until my appt next week.

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Shell, I am SO freaking excited for you!!!! You deserve this, and when I read your post about the brown spotting, I just KNEW it was implantation spotting. That happened to me, too!! Oh this is amazing news. How did DH react? I'm sure there were tears, and joy and unbelievable happiness!!! Congratulations!!!
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Snuggly baby! 💗
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Shell - lol congrats on the super strong test! Can't wait to hear your beta results! Enjoy every moment if it... And yes how is dh celebrating?
SKJ - baby girl is soo adorable in that scan pic... I hope you're not stressing too much about the docs results?
Bebe - your little girl is perfect, congratulations!

Sherry - me too AF yesterday, I'm sorry this wasn't your month - I just get this feeling that it is going to happen for you... Maybe the not actively trying will help that... Look after yourself for the next few days... I'm trying to enjoy the rest of this trip without stress and then when we get back I'm going to start changing things... (Exercise and diet - mainly for dh)
Hugs everyone - great to see you hear for the fab news!
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Chuord and Sherry - I'm so sorry AF found you.


TF - Sending healing vibes your way and hoping the testing may give you some insight. 


SKJ - She looks like an actual real baby!!! 


Shell - Post your results! I can't wait to see if it's one or two.


AFM - One week until our 20wk scan (the 9th)!!! We are so so excited to find out who is in there! 

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Hi everyone... real quick cause we are heading out the door... my beta came back today 469!!! YAAAAAAAAY


Thank you everyone for the congrats... omg BEBE look at the beautiful bebe!!! SKJ that is awesome!! I want to do that.

 jpack Uh oh on the drama department


Chourd and sherry... I am so sorry :-(  Ugh I feel bad for posting my joy.


Next beta is Wednesday

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Hi ladies I am really new to this forum but from reading all your posts I feel somehow connected to you guys.
Shell: I am just so so happy for you reading through your rough and emotional journey and finally such happy news, I'll be honest I cried with happiness for you!!!!!!!
The rest of you are all so strong!! I am trying for number 3. I am only 1 cycle in though with AF due to show herself today I'm pretty sure I'm out this month!
Had BFN two days ago so just a waiting game now:-*
I really wish the best to all of you and hope those elusive BFP turn up real soon xxx
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Shell - Seriously! Just can't stop smiling when I think of you! Great beta!


SKJ - What a gorgeous baby girl!


Sila - Can't believe you're going to be 20 weeks! Eek!


Bebe - Again, gorgeous girl!


Chuord and Sherry - Hugs again my friends.


Hoping - Welcome to our family! Hope your stay is short.

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Shell - awesome beta! Never ever feel bad about sharing the good! It's what we live for, the happy stories... For me you've made this months AF a lot easier to take...

Welcome hoping wink1.gif
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Thanks, everyone! She is quite the cutie pie. She is cluster feeding since yesterday, which is exhausting. At least it gives me time to check in with you guys!! xo
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Bebe - take lots of pics. You'll be amazed at how rapidly she'll change.
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Any July 4th plans? We're going to my parents for a cook out and some fireworks.
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Hi everyone:


Bebe: I just can't get over how cute!! I just want to kiss her little feet!! lol  I want to breastfeed, but I have implants so I hope I still can.


Chourd: thank you, I just wish everyone could get a bfp all at the same time!! 


hoping: thank you, yes my journey has been a roller coaster ... I still can't believe I am pregnant!!  Welcome Welcome.gif


TF : how are you feeling? I am praying for you daily I think of you all the time.


Indie: Same goes for you lady!! I just know it is all going to work out... I mean sheesh look at me... with all the odds against me!!




SKJ: So did you ever have morning sickness? I can't wait to be over this first trimester ... I am so terrified.


jpack: Did you get home and get to relax a little?


Sila: how exciting!! we have decided to have my sister go with us and find out the sex at for us... then throw us a gender party and we will find out at the same time as everyone else.


AFM: My 2nd beta came back today it was 1750!! WOW , So I go in next Wednesday for another one, then a week and half later my sonogram to find out how many little babies we have growing.... I am so happy with my numbers, but still cannot believe I am pregnant!! really all my symptoms seemed to go away... it's crazy!! I still get cramping and I freak out in my head all the time... I can't wait till this first trimester is over so I can relax!!

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Wow shell - I've been wondering about the beta - those numbers are totally amazing! Re the cramping, how hard is it that a lot of the signs are the same as AF! I'm glad you (we lol) don't have to wait too long for that sonogram... Can't wait to find out!
Afm - I'm fin AF now, and my natural optimism is starting to resurface... I was feeling so totally over the whole process... Even worse when I realize I've (stupidly) been putting off dieting for ttc - 8 months later I could have been the perfect size by now... Oh well, one last month just trying normally and then I'm looking at tests too...

Hugs ladies!
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Shell- that is a fantastic beta!!! Totally two in there. I had lots of cramping. I was totally freaked out and thought af was just around the corner.

Chuord-glad your optimism is back. Good luck this cycle. I think it's smart that you'll be doing testing if this cycle is a no go.

Happy 4th to my American friends.
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