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Shell - There has to be 2 in there! Gender reveal parties look so fun! I have to be the first to know though :) 


Bebe - I hope the breastfeeding is going better! You have the cutest baby things! Cute patterns and clothes. Cute baby too ;)


Chuord - Stop should-ing yourself. We've all had moments where we've realized just how much we have put on hold for ttc. Wishing you the best this cycle and maybe you won't need to do any tests! But if so, I glad you have come to an agreement to get things checked out.


Happy 4th!!!

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Doc called. All well with anatomy scan. Huge sigh of relief.
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Lol thanks SKJ and sila... I'm positive most of the time wink1.gif occasionally I indulge in a small amount of should ing... All good really...

SKJ - that is awesome! That's like the last major test for little girl right? The rest is just growth checks and position for birth? Btw how many weeks are you now? Sila when's your sex scan? Getting exciting - is the vote still for a boy in your house?

Hope you ladies are enjoying your weekend wink1.gif
We've been doing tourist stuff, shopping for croc leather souvenirs and seeing the sights... Eating way too much, lol and checking out the sunsets from all the coastal vantage points.
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Hi all!! I hope you are all having a great weekend! No AF here...booo! So ready to start again!
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Adie - do you have the all clear to get to it as soon as AF appears? Yay for that!

Hugs all - I'm hoping for blanket bfp's to all this month... I'm fed up with us being on the bottom of the waiting list, and upgrading us to priority lol wink1.gif seriously I so would if I could!
Shell - how long till you get a scan?
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Adie - really hope af shows soon.

Sila - a few more days for your scan!

Shell - hope you're doing great

Indie - any news?

Chourd - how are you?!

Everyone else - updates please!!!!
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Yay!! AF came yesterday...start clomid tomorrow!  Never thought I would be so excited for AF to show her ugly face.  Praying for BFP's for everyone...Hugs to you all!

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Chourd: I always felt that way about dieting and exercise too. I think just exercise and eat healthy and bfp will come.


Sila: I really hope it's twins lol


SKJ: so glad the anatomy scan went well


Adie: I am glad you got your AF :-)


Indie: any news?


Sherry: how are you doing?


Chrissy: how are you?


 TF: what is the next step?


Everyone else : HI


AFM: well I still have no symptoms... other than these cramps that feel like af is coming!! UGH makes me very worried. I have some light brown spotting only once in a blue moon... and I wouldn't notice this, if I didn't inspect my toilet paper ( haha)

I wish I could FEEL pregnant!!

My Doctor is amazing... he was on vacation and called me to congratulate me and tell me my levels look awesome! that made me feel better ... for a day or two lol

I go in Wednesday for another beta and then a week from that I go in for my sonogram to see how many little seeds I have growing.

I will be 6 and half weeks at that point.... I wonder if I will be able to see heartbeats?

After that I will look for a ob/gyn 


Things I wish would happen to ease my mind.... I wish for morning sickness, sore boobs, fatigue... lol and for this af type cramp to stop and no more spotting... freaks me out!! Of course I will be on pins and needles till my 12 week graduation... Hurry up September

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Sorry no time for personals... Am meant to be getting my sorry self out of bed and packing for the flight home... It's been a wonderful trip, I've been able to socialize and eat dinner later than 5 pm (I couldn't for ages after the health stuff) and I'm hoping to travel home drug free too... (Stematil and travel pills for my 'normal' dizzy) I feel even more like I'm normal again...
Hugs to all, am so excited for those scans!
Also adie great you're back with us!
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Our baby is a GIRL!!! I didn't think I would be so excited about having a girl, but I am! Everything on the scan looked absolutely perfect!

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So happy for you, Sila!!!!! Girls are great!

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Congrats Sila!!!!!


Lucille - Gonna find out sex soon?

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Sila - that's awesome! I know you'd be happy either way, but it's fantastic to see you this excited! Congrats on everything being perfect!
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Sila congrats on the girl!! Girls are do much fun :-)
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Sila! Yay, yay!!! Congrats love!!!
Chourd-safe trip home!!
Love to you all!
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Congrats sila!!
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Hi everyone, please pardon my long silence. My internet has not been working very well so I can't use my laptop, and MDC won't let me put up long posts on my phone. Will have to split my posts (sorry).
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Now for personals.
Chuord, Chrissy, TF, Adiejan, and Sherry: Ladies its not over...until you win. Winning is that point where you can truly say you have overcome the pains and fears of TTC and can actually look back and smile. Now, I dont know what point it would be for you, but be rest assured that day will definitely come. #hugs#
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Bebe: such a cutie you have there! You must be overjoyed mama!
Sila: wow! Really nice that u decided to find out and also share with us. Congrats!
SKJ: whew! So good to know all is clear on ur little one mama. Hope u can really relax now?
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Ladies this must look very silly (breaking up my posts), but I have missed u ladies for so long.
AFM: I will be going for another visit to the hospital on Monday. Hoping to find out the sex then Chrissy, and tho I know hubby would be overjoyed with a boy I will be very happy either way. I am showing now. That gives me peace bcos sometimes I dont realize its real! (lol)
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