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Yay Adie!!
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Shell- I hope things are still going well!!


Lucille- Congrats on your little boy!!


Sila-Where are you going in Montana?  I just love it there!


Chuord- I'm glad that the relaxation the cycle has been feeling good.


Jpack- Where are you in things right now?  Sorry if I missed it!


Chrissy- I hope your party goes well tomorrow!

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Adie- We're in staying in Great Falls, but camping and visiting near by areas as well. Fun to visit, never in a million years would I live here by choice :) Good luck with the IUI!!! 

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Sila- I feel the same way! Gorgeous to visit...not to live! We went fishing in Dillon, MT last month. It was so peaceful! I hope you have so much fun!!
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So, here's an AAM: looks like the NYC trip wasn't necessary, bfn on a FRER 11dpo. I'll stop the crinone tomorrow. On cd3 I go in for baselines, and will start bcps if I get the all clear. Then lupron after two weeks. So that's that.
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Hugs Jpack

Adie - was your iui this past Saturday?
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Sorry Jpack!! Hugs to you!
Chrissy- yes mamm! Did the IUI on sat but couldn't quite muster the strength for bd that night haha! I'm trying to take it easy...not going to temp. Just want these 2 weeks to go fast! How was your party?
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Hugs Jpack, hoping it changes before AF...

Adie - fx for you lady!

Afm - back in Darwin with dh... Chilled and loving the relaxed people and good based lifestyle... Lol planning a diet when I get home! No ttc news at all but really enjoying the break wink1.gif
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Jpack: I am sorry the New York trip was a bust ... I am so excited for your ivf cycle!! Is this your first one? I absolutely hated being on bcp, they made me so bitchy!! Dh was happy when I stopped taking those lol.


Chourd: I am glad your enjoying your break :-)  I was craving a glass of red wine the other night! lol


Adie: FX on the IUI, this girl at my fertility clinic got pregnant with twins on a clomid IUI.


Chrissy: did you have a good party?


Indie, Sherry, Tf : I am hoping you are all doing well... I miss you guy's, but I know how it is to need a break.


bebe: how is the mastitis? I am sure it's all better now. I bet your having a blast with the little one.


Sila: I love the mountains. I could live there for sure!! lol Texas is too Hot!!


Afm: I stayed up all night reading through all the old scenic route post's ... I was in tears and laughing too, What a roller coaster of emotion. It made me realize how strong you wonderful women are!! Much Love xoxo

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Be back with personals later. Party was great. Ds had a wonderful time playing in the water and even went for his very first boat ride!! Now he keeps wanting to go back again.
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I'm very worried, i am 7 weeks and 2 days today, and i have no symptoms..breast stopped hurting, no nausea, not even queasy! I'm still spotting brown and that seemed to be a lot more today...it's there every time i wipe. I've felt a little crampy the last 2 days, and haven't been able to sleep much either. I'm scheduled for my ultra sound tomorrow...but I'm terrified!!
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Major, massive and tons of hugs, Shell. I'm sure everything will be okay..
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Hi everyone. Hugs shell hang in there. I was just reading through and chuckling about your up all night reading the old threads and how very pregnant that sounds...you sound very pregnant. Deep breath.
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Hi Sherry!

Shell - update?

Afm - frer has evap lines now?
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!!!! Breaking news!!!!

Ds has an appointment Saturday for the autism testing.
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Thank you sherry, miss you!!

Chrissy my dd went though similar testing, but she was diagnosed adhd bi polar.... She is 13 now and has outgrown the bi polar.... My friends son has autism (not sure what type.. Can't think at this time) but with special diet and hard work he outgrew his meds and is at the of his class. Good luck i hippie everything goes ok.....
Afm sorry about my misspelled words and grammar mistakes, I'm on my phone and my head is killing me!! The doctor appointment went great... Baby is measuring at 7 weeks 3 days and hb is 140.... my doctor is amazing, he told me not to freak out anymore, if I'm stressing just come in and we will do a ultra sound, :-) no appointment needed!! I'm going to try and stress less and just wait for my weekly appointment. ... Can't believe how unbelievable stressed I've been...i need to have some faith!! I've had a migraine all day!! Sherry, Chrissy thanks for replying to me during my freak out!! I really needed some friendly advice :-)
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Shell- I'm so glad the u/s went well and you have such a great doc! I loved Sherry's post to you it made me laugh! I agree you sound very preggers!

Chrissy- glad the party went well! What type of testing? A full psych battery...ados
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Sorry posted that a bit too quickly...on my phone!

Chrissy- just wondered if you know what tests...an ados is most frequently used but now with the new DSM 5...if he is anywhere on the spectrum he'll be diagnosed with some helpful qualifiers. Far more helpful in my opinion than aspergers or nld
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Shell - So glad your appointment went great. I'd say to stop stressing but it's always easier said then done.


Adie and Shell - I don't know what testing he'll have. He's already seeing a therapist for adhd. I was told that some of the testing is paperwork for me and Doc will spend time with DS watching him play and how he interacts.


AFM - DH saw a second line so now I'm stressing. I don't have enough progesterone to make it until 14 weeks or so. I have enough for 1 month. I doubt any ob here will give me a script for it as they won't even test progesterone. Now I'm stressing like an idiot. Ugh!

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Wait Chrissy! BFP??
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