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Yay! Great news!!! Breath a big sigh!
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Hooray Chrissy! I'm so, so happy for your family.
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God is good!! Very Good news Chrissy!!

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Thank you, ladies. One down now more people to go.
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Shell - Haha that's what I meant about asking your Dr. They have no idea about a lot of alternative stuff like pineapple. If it's any help, I stopped all the craziness the cycle we got preggo. Just prenatals.


TF - Yes, I also strongly feel it's a boy. I'm just hesitant to be so sure until I know for sure :) I'm glad you are enjoying your vaca! Your symptoms sound "normal" to me! I don't want you to suffer either. Especially if you are growing 2! You will need all the energy you have.


Chrissy - Fabulous news! Hoping recovery goes quickly!


SKJ - I hadn't had much nausea for almost 2 weeks then this week it's been back...I almost threw up in Costco on Wed...today has been much better thank goodness. With DS I would have random days of nausea every once and a while until he was born...


Happy Weekend to everyone!

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Chrissy- what a relief! So glad to hear she's out.
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so happy to hear it, chrissy!! ❤❤❤
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Yaya Chrissy! Hugs for all the waiting and unknown that you've been through... I hope your family has a fab weekend now!

TF - am looking forward to Monday! Glad you're having a relaxing time... I actually think you sound more relaxed this time - which can only be good... Keep up the zen mama! Re the beads, the notes etc made me cry - happy tears to be included in such a wonderful group 😄

Hi everyone else! Hope you're all well? Sila I'm guessing aside from the annoyance you found that little burst of sickness reassuring right? Can you feel the baby kicking yet? (In my mins you and SKJ are so close lol though I know there's a few weeks in reality)

Shell - when do you go in to be checked for timing?

Sherry - how are you doing?
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TF - Can't wait for Monday!!


Everyone - I am so sorry I've been just focusing on my Mom and haven't had the oomph to do personals. When I'm rested up I'll pop on here and get back into the swing of things.

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Hi Everyone! Great to see a new thread. I'm feeling a sense of new starts all around! I am sorry I have been so absent. I have been trying to distract myself since I can't really try again for a bit.

Chourd- I am so sorry for your loss. Even an early loss is still a loss!! Hugs your way!

TF- I am so thrilled for you!!!! Praying with all my might that things go well!!

Chrissy- good luck with your mom! Lots of positive energy coming your way!

Shell-what an incredible story! I hope everything goes well with the transfer!

Skj- so incredible that you get to feel your little girl!! I hope I get that chance someday.

Indie- how are you?!

Daurelia-I hope your time off gives you what you need! Hugs to you!

Sila- I loved your little one's rational...makes perfect sense haha!

Lucille- hugs to you...hope things are going well!
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Just a quick update.


We saw our midwife today and I really do love her so much. Baby seems to be doing well! We listened with the doppler for a very short time and the heart rate was 150's-160's. Baby was moving all over trying to get away from it. We shouldn't have to use the doppler again until labor. Baby should be big enough to hear with the fetascope next time we see her. She showed DS a cool picture of how big the baby is right now and how big my uterus is. No wonder I can feel it moving! It's even bigger than I thought! My uterus is right on track just a couple fingers below my belly button. I've officially gained 4lbs and am at the starting weight I was with DS. Our next appt is July 6 and I'll schedule our anatomy scan for a few days after that! I'm really feeling so stress free and relaxed about everything and so very grateful. 

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Sila - what a wonderfully awesome update!!
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I totally agree! Sila that is awesome! Even better that you can finally enjoy pg stress free!
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Yay baby sila!!! Love good news!
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Good luck today TF!!!
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Thinking of you, TF!!
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682 at 25dpo... Not high enough to feel confident but low enough to leave me in limbo. Not twins for sure...
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Hugs tf. Getting retested?
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Oh TF I'm so sorry you are in limbo. I hope time speeds up and you are able to get some answers soon. I'm sending growing, healthy baby thoughts.
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Basically everything I've seen on google indicates that 682 at this stage is terrible. I've not seen anything positive about such a low beta at 25 dpo. Not that many people have betas done this late but even the 14-18dpo betas are usually higher than this. I feel like I'm floundering. How could this happen to us twice?
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