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Hoping - hmm no idea really, are you temping the same time daily? I found that setting my alarm earlier than I wake up and taking it gave more regular temps. Other than that some people adjust the setting...

TF - thanks so much for dropping in, I totally understand - but am still hoping for you so very much in my heart. I'm assuming negative genetics is a good thing... Hopefully you will be like Lucille, popping back in after time out with great news to share... Promise me you won't be hard on yourself - you have been doing everything right, it just wasn't babies time yet.
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Ok so ff aside I think I probably ovulated cd13 so I would be 9dpo today. I have to get groceries and know I will cave and buy a hpt. I know, I know it is WAY too early but does anyone know which brands are most sensitive?? I just can't stand it any longer and if it is neg, well it's not over til af shows so I have promised myself not to get too disheartened. Hope you are all doing well and heading towards those BFPs!! wink1.gif
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Hoping - Feel free to share your chart anytime and we can speculate with you. First Response Early Result tests are said to be the most sensitive. I've also had wonderful luck with the internet cheapie tests.


Ok, ok, I'll share a pic when I hit 3rd trimester most likely ;)


Have a great weekend guys.

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SilaMarila: I think my chart is so misleading because I didn't temp at the same time each morning, so I am disregarding this cycle on ff. Funny thing is that I had partial ferning again today on cd22. I usually have a 28 day cycle, so found this a little strange. I got my mum to test herself an no ferning so I don't know!!!!
I have a heap of af style cramping today so probably won't bother testing. Or did anyone else experience cramping before BFP?
Sorry for my rambling, just need to get things right in my head. DH is away so I can't annoy him, lol.
Maybe I will test with a FRER and see. I guess what will be will be. I will keep you posted smile.gif
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Update: FRER just gave me a stark white BFN. Not to worry, it is really too early anyway!
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Hoping - when are you testing again?
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I don't know when to test again. I am about 11dpo today.....I think. AF due in 3 days but probably still to early to test. This waiting game really sucks!
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also doctor just rang and said my iron levels are low. Would this affect chances of conception??
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Hoping - I'm not sure if low iron would hurt conception.
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I have done some reading re: iron levels and have found out that low levels can affect ttc and may be responsible for some non sticky babies. I recently had a miscarriage so it's got me wondering.
Chrissy: How are you doing anyway? I hope you are looking after yourself. I have been thinking of you as it is an awful place to be but please know there are people who care and understand. Are you still going to try again once everything settles?
AFM: AF is due Thursday. Have af cramping and sore boobs so I think this month is out. Also had 3 neg hpts this week. DH leaves Monday for 4 weeks so next month is out too but have decided just to focus on my health and diet and enjoy the kids I have. Things will happen if and when they are meant to. Having said that I will still chart next month to see if I can get a pattern.
On that note how do I link my ff chart here?? Would be nice to.have some more knowledgeable people have a look smile.gif
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Sorry ladies, I don't want to come across as whinging but I really need a rant!
I have missed the boat again this month I am sure and now at cd26 I am due for af in 2 days.DH will be away all of next month as he is in the Army. I wish there was a way of storing sperm at home for later use,lol.
It just seems everywhere I go there are pregnant women and new babies all around me. I suppose it doesn't help that I work with new mums and bubs.
Please don't get me wrong I guenuinly am happy for these people but I am just so,.so jealous! I am so ready for this baby, even have the nursery picked out and have to restrain myself from buying baby clothing and other items!
Sorry for the rant but really needed to vent to someone and DH isn't the most sensitive person smile.gif
On another note, I'm not sure if I am even ovulating. Where do I go to get this checked out? Family doctor, ob/gyn or elsewhere? Also I am scared of clomid. Anyone have any advice??
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Hi All!  I hope that things are going well for you and for those of you in the US I hope you get a good long holiday weekend! 


Sila- My lining has been surprisingly good on clomid.  This time it was 10.2.  Really not sure what's going on!  How are you feeling??


Chuord- I love how supportive you always are.  Sorry for the missed "O"pportunity...he he


Chrissy- I hope you are hanging in there.  Any more news on the results from DS's eval?


Hoping- I totally understand how you feel.  When you are ttc it seems like everyone gets preggers very easily.  Vent away...I think I can say with confidence that we have all felt or do feel the same way at one point or another. If I were you I would investigate things more fully if you feel that you are not ovulating.  How long have you been ttc?  I would make and appointment with your OB and maybe even an Reproductive Endocrinologist if you feel like there are bigger issues.  It is pretty incredible what they can do for us these days!  I will be right there with you if I get a BFN this month...I'll be out next month due to work travel...BUMMER


AFM- I am really sticking to the whole "trying not to obsess" with this cycle.  I am 9 dpo and I would have usually poas to see if the trigger was gone...nope...I think I am going to wait until at least Saturday to POAS (12dpo) and then again on Monday.  We will see if I can stick to that!  It has been kind of nice not to google every symptom.  I am pretty happy because next week the girls I do therapy with are going to Yellowstone National Park so I get a little time off!  So if I get a positive I would obviously be over the moon but if I get a negative I will go to a fundraiser and have wine!  Gotta have some options :)

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Thanks Adie, the annoying thing is that I was one of those people who fell pregnant easily. DD and DS were unplanned! I want to test again today- af due tomorrow but deep down I know it will be BFN. Just that my boobs really hurt with minimal af cramping today so maybe there is a chance....I don't know! My thyroid hormones and iron are low so maybe this is why things aren't happening?? There again we have only been actively trying for 4 months.
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Well I caved and tested... Another BFN
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Hugs Hoping!

Fingers crossed for you, Adie!
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Hello everyone!


It's been a long time. Those of you who are my friend on instagram saw that my hubs and I went to Croatia this summer. It was so awesome! You may also remember that I started a new job in June.


Chrissy, I'm very, very sorry about your loss. Everyone else, I'm sad that most of us are still here...


Jpack, I totally respect your choice to delay. We took the summer off for my new job, and it was the right call. I couldn't handle the stress of both, and I was really excited about work and wanted to do well.


I just got caught up reading everything. I do like the thread being here for when we need it for support, but like toothfairy I have been trying to put less mental energy into TTC- it's too painful for me. 


I realized recently that I am very, very happy in my life in all ways except for TTC. I have amazing friends, a challenging & inspiring job, lots of hobbies and interests, financial stability, a wonderful & fulfilling marriage to someone I love so much. etcetera. But any time I stand still for a minute and think about my inability to have children, I die inside. Whenever there is a pregnancy announcement (increasingly many of them), I feel like garbage.

So I'm not sure what to do about this. If I just don't think about it and keep busy, I'm happy. But is that a healthy way of coping? I'm not sure.


I met with my RE. I think she's a bit discouraged that the things we've tried thus far have not worked-- kind of scary that even my brilliant & reknowned RE can't figure out what is wrong with me. But she respects that I want to keep doing this kind of stuff for a little while (toying with progesterone/estradiol), because I'm not ready to think about more aggressive things. I'm also on the young side (31... and a half) and so I feel I have time to try treatments I'm more comfortable with.


We are also doing an endometrial biopsy during my next luteal phase- anyone have that done? is it painful? I'm looking forward to the results of that because maybe then I'll get some answers. Clearly my luteal phase is the problem.


Anyway. Hope all is well with everyone. Thinking of all of you.

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Thanks Adie! Lol I've always been impressed at how upbeat you are, and you've had your share of lumps in the road... I'm totally with you - testing in general seems to have lost its appeal... Seems better to wait and save the energy for either a bfp or the contraband!
Hoping - hang in there, as adie said we e all felt that way... You mentioned thyroid level issues - I've read that will definitely affect ttc, go to your dove and get your levels sorted - it might make a big dif. Although the low iron shouldn't stop ttc you still need to ensure correct supplements otherwise if you do get pg you will have even less with baby drawing on the limited supply.
Daurelia - lovely to hear from you! So glad everything outside ttc is going so well... I also like the fact your re is puzzled - I think that means she's a doc that likes to find the solution no matter the journey... Fx on that biopsy!
Chrissy - how was the start of school?

Afm - have been madly finishing a quilt for an exhibition, it's nothing exciting but made from CanTeen (cancer teenage support group) bandanas, I want to show the quilting world how useful they are and support them... After the show I need to give it to canteen with a finished pattern so they can use it as they choose... Also I think AF is arriving today - a day or two earlier... So maybe vitex is working
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Sorry for the aam here but...we just got results from dh sperm analysis from this iui and he started at 320 million with 54% motility and ended up (after spinning and "red bull for sperm") at 209 million and 82% motility!!! Swim kiddos swim!! Pretty excited that I had about 5 follies and he had lots of good spermies...hopefully they do their thing wink1.gif
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Thank you Chrissie and Chourd, I just feel so impatient at times!
Chourd my AF is due today so we may be cycle buddies. Having said that DH is going to be away but I will put my energies into hoping for you this is your month! Really I wish it could be everyone's month!!!!
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Adie - woohoo! That's great news! Fx for it working!
Hoping - you're welcome lol... Thank you that is so sweet - I would totally accept a month where we all got pg! Hard as it is I've found if you don't get too excited its easier to maintain the zen... All the emotion (I was like that the first few months) is really exhausting, and you tend to go down (if the cycle is a bust) as much as you get excited thinking you are pg... Lol men have no idea the emotional roller coaster we go on, their hormones are so stable... But we need that changing cycle so I'll take it.
Btw I have been taking vitex for a month now, changes I noticed before AF, less sore boobs, less cramping with AF, no or little emotional neediness the few days before AF, and AF has been the one time per month I've been definitely getting a 3 day migraine... I had a mild one last night - will see if that was all... Overall it's worth trying I think. (It's meant to help fertility too)
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