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Hi Chuord! Great to hear you're more confident then not. Everything I can comfortably cross is crossed for you!! Things are busy, busy, busy. Got the evaluations from school to go over before our appointment, potty training a puppy, and gearing up for the holiday season.  We didn't bd at all around o so I'm safe this month!

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Chrissy, I had to laugh when you said 'safe this month' that s how I felt with a month off - excitement about not being crazy through the TWW.

So how did the school stuff go?

All just plodding along here, 10dpo today, no spotting yet which is good at least my cycle is sorting itself out. Lol I have lost a lot of the confidence am 'hoping' rather than anything else. Also am getting cramping so probably another bust... No big deal lol just a part of the journey!

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Any plans to test soon? We have the meeting on Monday but the evaluation results are interesting.

It's nice knowing for a fact that there's no worry this month.
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So did you check out the evaluation results, and are they sort of what you expected? The whole process you have been through is as interesting as conception, and I think it's been as involved as a whole pregnancy! I'm so glad that its all worked out!
Ok any ladies that may be lurking - we'd love an update! Indie - how's work, I miss your laughter! Lucille, SKJ, sila, shell - where are you at? Sila and SKJ you have to be getting close wink1.gif how are those babies doing?
Sherry, adie - and everyone else who's been through here, anything exciting in your life?
(Apologies for any missed names - forgetful head on my phone) I'm hoping that all of you are exactly where you need to be right now and enjoying all the blessings in your life!
Oh I wanted to ask Oxford on the thunder moon thread has just been diagnosed pcos - and is dreadfully upset about her chances - do you ladies have any info for her? Any success stories or best plan of attack?
Well at least my temp went up again this morning (lol I've resurrected the thermometer as I enjoy it) testing - no not until Tuesday if no AF on Monday... I actually counted out the doubling days and 'if' starting at 1 should hit 16 by two days after AF due - I crack me up, ironically focussing on the little nightly details is keeping me relaxed - I really do need a life! I did feel some quite sharp stabbing pains around 7dpo - but at this point I'm so used to imagining twinges down there I don't hold too much store by it.
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Hi All!


Sorry I have been MIA lately!  My last IUI was a failure :(.  We are currently in the process of looking into IVF.  We had a great appointment last week and have decided to get my body back on track to take a few months off.  I am going to focus on losing weight and making healthy eggies.  Then we will probably do IVF in January.  It is really odd to be on birth control after being off for so long.  The doctor we are now seeing thinks that some of the follicles that we saw on ultrasounds for IUI were actually leftovers from other cycles...so annoyed about that.  He seems to really be on top of things so I guess we will see.  I have really been working on the diet and exercise thing and I have lost 17 lbs since last month!

This weekend has been totally nutty!  I threw a bridal shower on Sat and a baby shower today...both at my house...yikes.  I really didn't think the baby shower was going to be as hard as it was...oh but it was!!


Chuord- I think it is funny that you like temping...what do you like about it.  As for your friend from another thread...PCOS sucks...royally!  I hope to have a success story one of these days but my journey has not been great. Tell her if she is getting her follicles monitored that she MAKES them take her estradiol level to see how many eggs are actually present.  How are you?


Chrissy-How were the eval results?  Glad you have nothing to "worry" about ha ha!

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Hi Adie, your journey just gets more interesting! Someday you'll be telling that baby of yours how much love you put into making them... I've said it before, but you could bank that great upbeat attitude of yours wink1.gif thank you for the pcos info - I'll share with her right now...
I effectively had an iui this month too ( or maybe just ivi) after two days of stressed bd, my dh suggested ivf - I told him there were steps between, so we did a homegrown version lol... Of course the surgeon was in the house lol (slightly embarrassed) but all I can focus on is how much he must love me to try it that way wink1.gif
Temping - I'm not sure, I think it's because knowing my temp confirms I've O'd, and also takes the wonder and stress out of AF... Because I'm not working there's way to many hours in the day to stress over ttc, (I can be marking assignments and thinking of ttc lol) I just find that it grounds me and gives me a reality check... Today AF is due, but temp went up again... So I feel like I could still have a shot, or not lol... Also I enjoy science so assessing myself feels normal wink1.gif
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Adie - Hugs hunny. But congrats on losing 17 pounds!! I'd love to get rid of some weight. It's good to take time off every now and again and just focus on you.


Chuord - Hugs to you, too! Hang in there.


Hi ladies!!!


AFM - IEP went wonderfully. DS will now get occupational and physical therapy at school. Talked to the special ed teacher about implementing some sort of music therapy in with his time with her. Also got testing accomadations for him. (My spelling sucks tonight)

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Adie - sorry I was too busy obsessing - like Chrissy I'm well jealous of the weight loss - go you!

Chrissy - fantastic news re DS! Almost better than you could have hoped for 12 months ago - am I right in thinking now that this is finalized you will also have more free time? I know you've put so much time into sorting this out recently... A celebration is in order!
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Hi ladies - I'm totally out this month now... Have decided its probably low progesterone and am going to try some cream...
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Been following you on the other thread, Chuord. Major hugs to you.
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Just thought I'd pop in and say hello, I'm sad that I haven't seen a bfp on here.... Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone!! My cousin who is 39 just did ivf and just found out she is pregnant. :-) . Baby and I are doing great, he is very active little guy...very active!! I'm going to beg my doctor to try and let me have him vaginally, I really want to experience it, and plus I really don't want to wait 6 weeks to heal!.... Thought I would check to say hi to everyone. Love to everyone
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Thanks Chrissy xxx
Great to hear from you shell wink1.gif also great to see you planning forward to birth already... How far along are you?
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Thanks chourd , I'm 24 weeks.... December 3, I will start my third trimester... . Time flys by so fast!!!
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Hi Ladies. I know I've been MIA forever. Thought I'd drop in with an update.

Sasha was born on 11/12/13 at 5:49pm. She was 7lbs 1oz and 19.5" long. Here's my birth story:

My MIL got to town late on Monday night (11/11). After she got in, Maia woke up and ended up needing to sleep in our room due to all the excitement of grandma. I put on my hypnobabies track and tried to fall asleep. I kept feeling like tomorrow was going to be a big day and I needed to sleep but couldn't. My cat also started acting weird too. It was a very restless night. I woke up feeling crampy, but that had been happening on and off for a week or so.

After dropping Maia at school, I headed to my 39 week check-up. I went into the doctor's office at 11 or so. He took one look at me and said I didn't look like I felt well and that today was the day. I was feeling fine at the time. He checked me and I was 3.5cm and nearly 100% effaced. The week before I was 1.5cm. I'm not sure if he swept my membranes or not. The exam didn't really hurt and he didn't mention it before or after. After the exam, he wanted me to go over to the hospital to be monitored in triage for an hour to see how things were progressing and he'd come back to check me later. Then, he asked how I felt about him breaking my bag of water. I didn't want him to, but in my experience if I just sort of deferred the question, it seemed to work. So, I said I wasn't sure and he said I had time to decide. As he was leaving the room, my water broke all over the table. It was brown with meconium. At that point, he wanted me to go to L&D. So, I waddled over two blocks to the hospital while I was gushing fluid. I got to the L&D room around noon. At first, I was not happy with being at the hospital instead of home for early labor. but, after all the losses, I did like hearing her heartbeat on the monitor constantly. Plus, I was left alone to labor with just the nurse, my MIL DH and my doula. I started getting small contractions every 6 minutes or so. I couldn't feel them much at all. I hung out talking to everyone in the room. It was a very different experience than with Maia b/c by the time I was in L&D, I was having intense contractions.

Around 2, my doctor came to check me and to see if I had a fore bag of water. I didn't and I was only a 4, so not much progress. After that was done, I started listening to my hypnobabies track while sitting on the ball and leaning forward on to the bed. Contractions started to pick up, but were easily manageable. After it was done, I laid on the bed and listened to it again. About 10 minutes in, I decided to labor in the shower. It was fantastic. I was in there for probably an hour or so. The HR monitor kept loosing the signal, so a new nurse came in to try to fix it. It totally messed up my flow. I ended up getting out of the shower and went back to leaning over the bed. Things picked up a lot at that point. I started to have intense contractions and felt like vomitting. I had a few dry heaves and then felt like i needed to go to the bathroom, but sitting on the toilet felt awful. then, the resident came in to check me. At this point, it was 5:20 and when he checked me, I was only a 6. I started crying and begging for an epidural. I kept thinking that i couldn't endure contractions like I'd been having to get me to a 10. I went back to the bathroom and had 2 or 3 really intense contractions as my doula tried to talk me down. The anesthesiologist was waiting on blood work since I am on blood thinners. so, I would have to wait a bit to get the epidural. At that point, I started to feel like I needed to push. My doula asked for me to be checked again. 7 minutes (527) after the last check, i was 9cm. I felt like pushing with every contraction, but the resident told me I shouldn't b/c I still have cervix left. My doula told me to listen to my body, so I pushed as needed and it felt so good. When I was in the bed, baby's heartrate kept dropping unless i was on my side. All of a sudden I really felt the need to push, but no one was paying attention to me, so my DH had to yell to get the nurses attention. turns out they were trying to wait for my doctor to get there. He got there and I heard him say something about decels and needing to move quickly. He had me sitting upright in the bed with my feel pressing against the stirrups. I pushed for 30 seconds and she was born at 5:49. so, I went from a 6 to baby out in 29 minutes. The anesthesiologist had come in when I was a 9 and I said I'd changed my mind and didn't want the epidural anymore. That felt good.

When Sasha was born, they immediately clamped and cut the cord and handed her off to the peds team b/c of the meconium. She was blue and the cord was wrapped around her neck. She didn't cry, which was good b/c of the meconium, but she was not responding well. Her first APGAR was a 2. She was put on oxygen, but when they checked down her throat, all was clear. They were stumped, but she eventually got going. Her second APGAR was only a 5, but her third was a 9. It was a scary 20 minutes, but she's been doing great every since. We got home yesterday morning. She's nursing great and weighed 6lbs 12 oz on Wednesday night. She's the calmest baby so far. I've been having to wake her to nurse her. she didn't cry until late Monday night and hasn't cried much since then.

I'm still in shock that I have a real live baby in my hands. I've been feeling weepy and sad about no longer being pregnant and knowing that this difficult chapter of my life is now behind me. It's hard to really believe. My reaction caught me off guard. I thought I'd just be happy, but I feel a weird sense of loss. I've been feeling sad that I won't see my doc as much any more. It's really weird. Hormones are tricky things.

I so hope that I get to read each of your birth stories soon.
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Congratulations SKJ! And thanks for sharing, as I read through it it felt like you didn't really have to compromise at all on how you wanted it to go despite being in hospital - I'm so glad!
The photos are adorable, what a happy group if children... Please keep up your multi vits, there are a few studies where low potassium or magnesium can cause the huge hormonal fluctuations post birth... Btw lol you can always go back for another round of baby if you miss the IF treatment so much wink1.gif
Congrats again on a job very well done

Shell - wow 24 weeks! You're right time flies!
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Loved the story skj!!! Congratulations... I'm so happy for you. She is beautiful :-)
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Congrats again, SKJ. I know the weird feeling of missing your doc and just being pg. Now even more stress and worry will take over. Be good to yourself!

Shell - Holy moses! 24 weeks! Doesn't seem like it.

Chuord - how are you, dear?

Afm - af is 5 days late but I have negative tests. No clue what's going on. Any ideas? Lol
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Congratulations SKJ!!! Sasha is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your birth story with us! 11/12/13 is a cool birthday.


38.5 wks here and I have the flu :( Because I wasn't already feeling uncomfortable...


Still feeling like I've got at least 2 more weeks until I meet my baby!

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Sila - hugs on the flu - hope you get over it before the baby decides to come... You are sooo close smile.gif

Chrissy - I'm well thank you wink1.gif as you know I have a fertility appointment in about a month (I'm expecting this cycle to be a bfp lol and make it a moot point wink1.gif ) otherwise just working on my fitness and trying to refind me, with the health issues then all this focus on dh and ttc I forgot how to be me and do what I love... Rediscovery is going to be a fun ride wink1.gif
I'm a bit excited for you... But cautious, 5 days late - are you actually in the running this month? If so I'd just hold on and wait... Remember blonhart had a normal pg and didn't get a bfp till two weeks after AF - apparently some women keep it more in their system than pee... Fingers are all crossed for you
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