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Sila - Hope you're feeling better soon. In the home stretch now!

Chuord - I love that you're refinding yourself. And I'm hoping you'll get your bfp and not need the doc appointment too!

Afm - Now 6 days late and never had this happen
This past Tuesday it felt like someone was trying to pinch my left ovary area off (that side is blocked off) then yesterday I had this severe cramp that hurt from the front to my back. I felt a little sick and achey. Lasted about 10 - 15 minutes and I thought for sure af was here. I normally o about cd17 and we dtd on cd18. Haven't tested today but will tomorrow if no af today.
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Keep me posted Chrissy wink1.gif I can't help it I'm still excited for you...
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I will. Walmart was out of FRER so I ended up getting 2 of the 88 cent jobs and Answer brand. Uff.

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I wish we had more of the same brands here... In general we pay more for products here than you guys - I buy lots from the states and get it shipped... Are those acceptable tests? Fx for you xxx
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I've had ok results with the Answer tests but not so much the 88 cent ones. Ds is sick and I took him to the doctors (he has a stomach virus) and stopped at walmart. Lo and behold they had frer in. I bought a pack and took one when we got home. BFN.

How are you?

Eta - been nauseous all day today.
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Hmmm still sounds promising - unless you have that tummy bug, in which case you have ALL of my sympathy..
I'm doing fine, the whole concept of focusing on improving my fitness and wellness to find me is great motivation - and if by the evening (or early afternoib lol) I'm too tired to do stuff I enjoy taking it easy... Yet to get into creative stuff though... Had a natural therapy session and healed my cervix (??! I know) apparently it was holding onto physical trauma and is the reason for the spotting and loss... Again it's bizarre - but I'm taking the leap of faith that I'm now good to go and by the time I see the fertility guy I will already be almost 3 weeks pg lol...
It will be awesome if we both get there within a month or two wink1.gif company for the long haul...
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Sounds like you're on the right path!! I have fingers crossed that this is your month! As long as it works and your cervix is happy be all for it.

I'm thinking something threw off my o. Still testing negative so I'm going to wait until next week. Have a feeling af will arrive next Tuesday or Wednesday.
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Thanks! I'm guessing that you're not temping so no idea when o actually was? Ok I will curb my enthusiasm and await proceedings... Hope ds is feeling better xx
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No temping. I can never remember to do it. After ds was born I o, more times then not, on cd17. Very rarely do I o sooner/later. This not knowing is driving me up a wall.
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I think you're doing well wink1.gif lol I'd have a trail of anxiety behind me... I can't help it I still feel excited for you!
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Keep fingers crossed, going for beta tomorrow since af is nowhere.
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I will and toes and anything else I can find...
I really hope it's great news!
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Thanks Chuord. I have a "triple threat" tomorrow. First ti find out if I have cancer on my lip ( which I doubt), then an appointment for ds for services with the Disabilities Act people, last is beta. Whew!!
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Congratulations skj! I'm so happy for you! She is beautiful. It's ok to mourn pregnancy! You worked so hard to get there in the first place it is normal to miss it.
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Good luck with your day today Chrissy - hoping it's great news all round smile.gif
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Thanks! Thought I saw a line on frer but when I took it apart there was an indent where the positive line would be. So I dunno.

Eta - beta negative
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Have you for your beta back or is the negative a guess? Wow hugs Chrissy, you're definitely having one of those weird and extra stressful ones this month!
Nothing exciting here, except at my Bowen treatment on Wednesday Ev (my other treatment lady) did heaps of corrections, and then said (she feels energy while doing it) are you sure you're not pg? Lol that sent all the crazy in my head around in circles pondering it again... I think she was picking up on last months early loss... And correcting the bits to do with that made me feel some if the symptoms again... Roll on o for me lol ...
But your lip is ok and ds appointment went well?
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Are you close to o? I imagine that made you pause for a moment when she said that. It's awesome that your getting your body healed and prepared for your soon to be baby!!

Lip is fine and appointment was informative. Have doc appointment on 12/4 if af is still wondering around without me.
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Good to hear you got mainly good results wink1.gif
O Is next Friday (ish) I'm hoping its not early as dh is away till Monday! Yes it does make me feel good to be getting my body spring cleaned lol... I'm still believing it will work this time (working on the positive thinking creating the fact wink1.gif )
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She's here! I can't believe she is actually here and that we get to keep her. We love her so much. Wishing the same for all of you!



Rooney Bliss.

Born peacefully at home Sunday 11/24 at 5:51pm after just 4hrs of labor.

7lb 7oz. 20.5 inches long.

We had a perfect home birth!

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