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Congrats sweetie! She is gorgeous. Enjoy her!
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Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!

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Sila, she is beautiful!! Congratulations :-)
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Congrats sila! She is soo cute... I'm happy you thoroughly enjoyed the experience smile.gif enjoy welcoming her to your family xxx
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Thank you ladies :)

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Loving all of these gorgeous baby pics!  Congrats ladies!!


Sorry I have kind of been MIA lately...I have been following along on my phone but absolutely hate to post on it!


I am still in my little waiting period trying to prepare for IVF.  We go in for our pre-IVF consult next week.  Do any of you that have experience with IVF have any advice?  I am currently gluten free, dairy free, etc.  I have also lost almost 30 lbs!!  I am so motivated to do everything I can to make this work.


Love to you all!

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Hope it continues to go to plan adie - I'm do impressed you are being that rigorous with your diet! Does it have that much affect on the baby? My lady said to do the same, I've given up dairy (except for butter) and am GF with the odd lapse...
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She is beautiful Sila. What a happy birth story. Congrats.


Adie- Try to stay centered, meditate… yoga… sleep. Whatever you do to 'relax'. Not that I think relaxing affects the outcome, moreso that IVF takes away a lot of your control and makes your days very regimented. Anything you can do to keep yourself feeling like you during this time. The meds and affects are out of your control. Trust your doctors, advocate for yourself if you think you need something you aren't getting. Drink lots of gatorade and protein after retrieval. The days drag on… pick a movie/tv series, puzzles, books to stay distracted. Good Luck!


My thoughts and good wishes are still with you all :grouphug

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Hi tootfairy!! Great to 'see' you smile.gif hope you are happy whatever is happening with you xxx
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Thanks Toothfairy!  I am going to try to relax!  I have so many control issues as it is I feel like sometimes this infertility thing is my test in life because I absolutely can do nothing to control it!  I hope you are doing ok!  I think about you often and wonder where you are on this difficult path.


Chuord- Thanks for your always positive and supportive words!  Yes the weight thing is a big issue with TTC.  The sad part is I hadn't realized how much weight I have put on through this whole process.  I am an emotional eater!  I am feeling a lot better and know that every little bit of weight loss helps...that is a good motivator!


Everyone else- Hi and happy thanksgivingish...I am so thankful for all of you!

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Thank you toothfairy!!!


Congrats on the weight loss Adie! Quite an accomplishment.

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Thanks for explaining adie, I understand now that the diet changes are for weight loss wink1.gif I'm still totally impressed by your dedication... Like I said I've been going gluten free and dairy free (mainly) for my sinuses and to help with both getting pg and holding it... It's very interesting how people arrive at these conclusions... Re the weight, I'm really impressed, I've been trying to lose 5 pesky kgs and although I'm not increasing going down is not happening either - you are super focused!
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Hi All!


Chuord- I also got a list of foods that are Inflammatory and anti-inflammatory for fertility.  I can send it along if you would like! How are you??


Chrissy- are you there love?


Everyone else- I sure hope you are doing well and surviving the beginning of the holiday season!


AFM- I am currently in active preparation for my IVF cycle.  It will start at some point next week.  I am trying to stay strong but I'm incredibly scared. We will be doing mini-IVF. Has anyone done this type before? I am so confused with all of the meds, dates, times, praying I can keep it all straight! Adding to all of this I found out my sister who is only 18mo younger than me and who had been drinking almost everyday and smoking at least a pack a day is now pg.  I was having a hard time at first but soon regrouped and realized that I cannot compare...it only makes me feel like sh!*!!


Love to you all

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Adie - thanks for offering wink1.gif I'll let you know if this cycle is a bust, I might try and get the list off the re on Tuesday... If not I'll let you know... I think it's so pro active it's fantastic!
Re ivf, I'm sure there have been others but tootfairy is the one I've seen experience ivf... Tootfairy are you still with us? How are you?

I'm 13dpo and am feeling more pg than before... Waiting to see what happens...
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Oh Chuord!!! I am really really hoping you are!
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Thanks adie smile.gif I am having some spotting greensad.gif so just waiting waiting...
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Chourd - not out til you're out.

Adie - good luck with the ivf!!
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Thanks Chrissy smile.gif how are you?
You can feel and believe you are pg but those nasty single lines lol...
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Hi Chrissy!! How are you?
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Background story: I have extremely irregular periods. Always have. I will go 8+ moths without a period and AF will finally show up for a couple days then the same cycle happens. I will have a normal cycle with birth control of course. So I have been off birth control for 10months. We have been trying. Months go by and still AF or BFP. Nov. we went to a fertility doctor. He put me on Provera to start AF and Clomid to O. Nov. 18th- AF. Dec. 2nd- O. I took a HPT 7DPO and got a BFN.

So that leads up to today. I'm 14DPO. I tested this morning and still got a BFN. I called the doctor like I was suppose to after my 2WW and his nurse said that he wanted to do a blood test just to make sure since it is the most accurate and depending on the results either schedule a pregnancy app or start Provera and Clomid round 2. What are the chances that I could get my BFP on the blood test? I feel like we did everything right. The doctor said our only problem was that I wasn't ovulating. I understand it could be positive if my levels weren't high enough before. I've just been really upset all day because I really thought my BFP was today. Opinions please?

Thank you,
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