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TF - I wish I had some answers for you. I googled, but like you said, there aren't many people with betas that late. AND, it's hard to say b/c this is your first one. I looked at betabase. It has 31 reports of betas between 493 and 759. There are 24 reports of betas lower than that.

I know when I was going through my two beta hells, there were a few stories of people with low betas that went on to have healthy babies. I never got above 300 with either of my losses. Both of them happened right around 25 DPO.

I really, really hope this is just a lazy bean that's taking his sweet time. Do you have a repeat beta lined up?
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(((((((((((((HUGS TF)))))))))))))))))
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I'm really really sorry you are in limbo TF. I hate that for you. What was your P4? Like you said, my 17dpo beta was higher than that, and my losses that started around 25dpo I never had gotten betas so I'm absolutely no help. But I'm here for you. It shouldn't have to happen to anyone once, let alone again. I hope you find some clarity soon. Are you scheduled for another beta or an u/s?


In other news, my P4 was 37.3 and it looks like my body has finally decided to make enough progesterone for this baby. I'm am thankful I went with my gut and continued supplementing with the PIO for as long as I did.

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TF: I am so sorry you are having to go through such worry. I did want to share this website with you, in case you hadn't found it already, shows what a big range there can be in early betas. I know that unrealistic hope isn't likely to be appreciated, but I am still really hoping for you that it turns out okay. (((hugs))) http://www.betabase.info/showBasicChart.php?type=Single

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TF - huge hugs, but please hang onto hope, and try if you can do anything to destress? Blonhart on the tww thread (months ago) didn't get a positive hpt till 4 weeks (28 dpo) she's on her way to a healthy baby... Like SKJ said some babies just produce less... When I was late and getting nothing I googled anything I could... It turned out there were more people with successful pg from very late bfp's than I thought... Although carefully created your baby may be no different... I know it's such a rough road, but if you can keep holding hope and love for your baby... I know the rest of us are... (Hugs)
Let me know if there's anything I can do xx

Sila congrats on your p4!
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TF : So you said 25 DPO .... Does that mean 25 days past you transfer?  I wonder if that would make a difference.... I think a beta of 625 sounds good...  I think you everythink is going to be good with the baby, Positive thoughts

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Sorry for the HORRIFIC grammer, I have hada bad migraine all day!! But I wanted you to keep your spirits up!! I mean apparently that little bean STUCK !! Grow baby Grow

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Shell - hugs on the migraine!!!! Take care of you xxx
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Hugs TF!!! I'm so sorry you are in beta hell! Sending lots of love your way!!!
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TF- geez, beta hell is the absolute pits! I'm so, so sorry you're going through it!!

Hi to all! Sila great update! Shell, so excited for you! More later!

I am following along- I'm sorry I've been so out of the loop- teaching is taking a ludicrous amount of time and energy, and there's a little added drama, but over all continues to go really well. Busy, busy, busy...

I've really pushed ttc into the back corners of my brain, but it's a little hard when my cycle has been so ridiculous: cd 20 and no o yet. Patchy ewcm and variable but neg opks. Kinda too busy for much bd, though.. So...! wink1.gif
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Hi Jpack - so glad you're teaching gig is still blowing your mind fun 😜... Hugs on he annoying cycle but
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How is everyone?!
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Sila- YAY for the good progesterone! That is wonderful and I'm so glad you stuck to your gut and kept supplementing. 


jpack- Sounds like this is the break you needed and deserved. Hope the extra drama isn't taking away from your being an amazing teacher and all the fun things to do while you are away. 


Shell- You're only 9 days from transfer now, single digits! Praying for you and the embies waiting for you.


primaljoy- Thank you for the betabase link. I thought betabase had been taken down so I never went looking for it. It is nice to see there is success with low betas, now I just need to be one of them!


SKJ- Hopefully the bean is just lazy in its hcg development. Its funny, the other people I know that had low betas both had girls, but all the studies show it is boys that are slow. I will be thrilled to death either way... Thanks for your googling skills!


AFM- Alright I have an update for you all. I started getting some pain yesterday on my left side in the area of my fallopian tube/ovary around 10 am. When it still hadn't gone away by 2 I started freaking out that it is probably ectopic and that is why my hcg is so low. So I called my RE to see if they could see me tomorrow (today) or I should call my OB or go to the ER. They set me up for an ultrasound at 1030 this morning and said if anything gets worse to go straight to the ER. So as it turns out there is one perfectly measuring gestational sac/fetal pole/yolk sac right in the center of my uterus and nice and high. No sign of a second baby which when I really think of it makes me so sad but I'm so grateful for this one I just keep praying that second baby found it's big sister in heaven. So, there was no evidence of anything in my tubes and what is likely causing the pain is an approx 2 inch (my estimation based on how big follicles usually look on u/s) corpus luteum cyst on the left side... baffling because both of my follicles were on the right side & there is absolutely nothing going on in my right ovary. So somehow they must have missed a follicle on the left on all those ultrasounds... I have no idea how it happened but there it is. So likely my ovary was up high and moved down low yesterday so that is the pain I was feeling. There is still a dull pressure in my pelvis where I assume it is sitting now, pushing on something. The only other excitement is a small sub chorionic hematoma above the gestational sac. I believe that showed I have an anterior placenta, based on the position of the hematoma but what do I know, they said it was caused by implantation and not by all the activities I did last week. Likely it will resolve on its own but has the normal higher m/c risk (like I need that). Also, my numbers aren't doubling every 48 hours (did we expect them to... uncooperative babies I make). I wish I had stuck to my gut and asked them not to tell me the number, just if it was rising but alas, I did not so now I have that added worry that our m/c didn't double and how is this different. It is different though... I'm keeping a positive attitude that this baby is just fine and after the u/s showing everything perfect the hcg doesn't even matter. So I declined further blood testing and pushed our next scan out to 2 weeks instead of 1 like they wanted. That is when our first scan was supposed to be anyway & after that I'm traveling and won't get checked until around 10 weeks. DH is away so my cousin came down to go with me today. It was nice to have someone there just in case. Anyway, I'm feeling fine, tired from anxiety over all of this and having insomnia something terrible but otherwise not too many symptoms. All that likely because my hcg is still so low. We'll see anyway. Thanks to you all for your support and prayers through all of this. 

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TF - thanks for the update... I like you am taking the positive definites out of the scan rather than the 'maybe' issues... A perfectly formed centrally located egg sac is just wonderful - hang onto that positivity, it's doing well for you so far!
I'm sending love to the baby whose time it is to walk with you, and prayers and love to the one that wasn't quite ready... Keep up the brilliant attitude mama xxx

Chrissy - how is all the healing going with mum? When's ds next appointment... And most importantly how are you doing now the suspense is over?

Hugs to everyone else - nothing new here lol (a few days out from o...)
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Tf- I think things are looking spot on. I looked back at my scans. At 5w2-3d, they saw a gest sac, yolk sac and teeny fetal pole. Three days later, they saw the exact same thing, but there was appropriate growth. We saw the heart beat at 6w 3d. From what I've read, hcg is a poor indicator of viability once you've seen the pg on u/s. so, I think you are going to be one of those low hcg success stories. One study I read said that if your hcg is above 1000, you should see a gest sac. Above 7200, you should see a yolk sac. I'm not sure what your hcg was today, but I'm guessing you are not above 7200 AND you saw the yolk sac. That seems fantastic to me.

I'm seriously impressed by your strength and faith. I think it's so awesome that you are waiting for your next scan and aren't doing any more labs. I could never be as brave and trusting as you.

I'm also so so sorry for the loss of the second embryo. It's hard to have such a range of emotions all at once. Thinking healthy growing baby thoughts for your little fighter. I'm feeling good about things for you!

Afm- had my appt yesterday. We heard the little monkey on the Doppler. I had the afp test to check for neural tube defects and it came back negative. I have my anatomy scan on July 1. I just found out I need to start doing twice a day lovenox. I'm not sure how I will manage. I'm running out of "real estate" as it is.
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SKJ - it must always be reassuring to hear that heartbeat! So why are they changing your dosage of lovenox? Is it standard?
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Chuord- the ob consulted with the high risk docs on my case. Apparently there is a new study showing that the liver processes the lovenox faster than thought. So, the second dose is needed to keep the levels up. I'm sure I'm butchering the explanation, but it was something like that.
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Ski - I'm so impressed with the care and attention your on is giving you - he was a great find!
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TF - Glad to see your ticker back :)

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toothfairy - what a roller coaster, i swear! but all sounds pretty darn perfect right now! i know it would be great to see a doubling beta but you are well within the "good" range and that's the exciting part :) hope you are getting some much needed rest and recovery from all of the anxiety.


skj - hope you find more "real estate"... that made me laugh. your poor belly! so glad baby girl is doing so well and one by one all those hurdles are getting cleared! 


jpack - glad teaching is going well... but now i want to hear about the drama! :)


shell - how are you?? getting every closer to transfer!


sila - i agree! it's nice to see toothfairy's ticker back in her signature!


adi, sherry, chuord... hope you ladies are doing well


afm - 11dpo. no spotting yet. probably due to being on low dose progesterone and estrogen. still rubbing on androgel daily until I get AF. then it's go time once again... 

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